Saraswatichandra 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir giving Anushka the medicines and returning her the engagement ring saying if she can’t share her problem, then this does not mean anything. She cries and asks him not to do this. Kabir leaves. Danny asks her to be strong and trust them. Danny says I will make him realize that he is wrong. Vidyachatur says how can Kabir break engagement like this. Kumud comes and hears them talking about Anushka. He says this decision is not right as Kabir broke the engagement, Kumud says what, did he break his engagement.

Guniyal says yes. Kumud says I think he is angry and should leave him alone, we know he loves Anushka. Kumud asks about Saras. Vidyachatur says he might be in his room. She says he is not in the house, I looked everywhere. Badimaa says did he go anywhere. He was telling me he is not getting his memory and how will he stay in other’s house, I explained him and thought he will understand. Kumud panics. She asks Yash to come with her and they will find him. They leave. They see on the road.

Kumud looks for Saras showing his pic to people. Yash drives and Kumud cries bring worried. Yash smiles and brings her to Saras. Kumud runs to Saras and asks is this the way to come out of home like this, you know we all were worried. Saras says I m sorry, you don’t worry. Kumud says that’s your family, I m your wife. Saras says what are you saying, I don’t remember this, how can I live with you. She says as you loved me before seeing me. Our union was impossible, but we were together, Pramad used to hurt me and you felt the pain you forgot your identity for me, we have fought with everyone, but being together. Be it Ghuman, Pramad and Prashant. Only love is true, everything is a lie.

He says maybe this is right what you are saying, but seriously I don’t remember anything, I don’t want to trouble anyone, so I want to go. She says our pain is same, we will be together as we are made for each other. He says what if you were on my place, what would you do, if you felt you were a cause of my life, would you not go far. She thinks of her words and says no, I won’t as I trust our love. Saras smiles. She says lets go home Saras. He thinks I had to make you realize this we can’t be apart. Mora piya…………… plays…………….. He holds her hand and he calls Yash. He asks him to take him to the car. Saras and Yash shake hands and smile.

Badimaa says I hope it happens as Saras thought. Vidyachatur says yes, I m sure. Anushka asks Avinash to go and play outside. Avi asks Kabir to play with him and Kabir says lets go. Everyone see Saras coming home. Badimaa asks where did you go, we were worried. Saras says I went out to have a walk. Badimaa says but your leg pain. Saras says its better. Everyone smile. Kumud says I will just come. Badimaa stops Saras and asks where did he go. Saras says acting, I have started acting well. Badimaa says I know you act well. Vidyachatyr says come, sit and talk. Badimaa asks him to walk well.

Kumud thinks Saras has made her realize the truth of their relation, to be together and be strong. I will tell everyone that I decided to be with Saras forever as I m out of my fears and regret. Badimaa talks to Anushka and Saras addresses her as Maai. Badimaa says stop it, I m not your Maai. Saras says sorry. Kabir throws the ball and it hits Badimaa. Saras gets worried and runs to her asking is she fine. Kumud sees this that Saras is doing a drama. Yash says she will punish you if she knows this. Vidyachatur laughs and says you know Tez Dhaar, she can’t get to know this. Badimaa asks till when will this continue of this memory lost drama, Kumud is hurt and her heart is breaking.

Saras says I understand, but she is reliving the moments we spent, and she has realized what she thought is wrong, trust me, our mission will surely succeed. Kumud cries hearing this. Vidyachatur says you act so well, we feel sometimes you really lost your memory. Kabir says yes, I m Saras’ acting fan. Badimaa says when Kumud knows this, then see. Badimaa turns and sees Kumud. Everyone get tensed. Saras starts his acting and everyone supports him.

Kumud comes to them and says its time for your medicines. She asks did you take it. Saras says no, not yet, I have to take now, where is my room. Kumud says that way. Saras says fine and goes. Kabir and Danny have a talk. Danny asks Kabir not to avoid problems, as we also do mistakes and everyone should get another chance, Anushka too, she loves you, she lied as she was helpless, her feelings are genuine. Kabir says I also felt it, but there is nothing like this, all that was a cheat. Danny says Kusum and I also have such problems, but love means forgiving, if you loved her, leave your anger and try to understand her, else it might be late. Danny leaves.

Anushka tells Avi that she got a leave and he says he can spend time with Kabir. She says she has to talk to her dad. She gets his call and he asks about Avinash not being in hostel and went to relative, is everything fine. She says yes, he is with me and he came for rakshabandhan. Avi took talks to his dad and tells about Kabir and he is a superhero who has……… Kabir signs him not to say anything. Avi ends the call. Kabir comes and hears him talking. Kabir asks Avi to come and says don’t let your dad know what happened, else he will be worried. Avi and Kabir go to play. Anushka looks on.

Ghuman continues her drama in the lockup. Ghuman hurts the lady constable and she sees blood on her head. She says mad woman, you will go to mental hospital now. Ghuman laughs acting mad.

Kumud gets hurt and acts like her hand got burnt by the hot water. Saras shows his concern and says show me your hand. She says she won’t show, who is he to her. He says I m your husband and sees her hand and stunned to see its not burnt. Kumud gets angry blowing her hairs and asks does a husband jokes like this with his wife. Saras looks on tensed feeling he is caught.

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