Saraswatichandra 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 15th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Budhidhan requesting Saras. Saras gets tensed but agrees. Alak says what will be going to happen there. Budhidhan and Alak leaves. Saras thinks he promised to him but how ill he go there. How will he face Vidyachatur, Guniyal and Badimaa. Saras worries.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumari and Kusum talk with Kumud and asks her how she is there. They joke with Kumud. Kumud is quiet. Badimaa sends them outside saying I have to talk to Kumud. Kumud pretends to be happy. Badimaa looks at her. Kumud does not look into her eyes. Badimaa says don’t hide your pain infront of me. She says tell me everything. Kumud cries and says Pramad drinks wine. Pramad is with Umesh drinking wine.

Badimaa says what we heard was right. Badimaa gets worried. Kumud

says now as you have asked me, then be courageous to listen everything. Kumud says Pramad did not accept me as his wife. She says he did not wish to marry me, he was forced to marry me. She says Pramad thinks I m a burden on him. Badimaa is shocked and asks is there anyone else in his life. Kumud says he don’t want to accept me, whats the difference is there is someone else. Kumud cries and hugs Badimaa. Badimaa pacifies her and says I won’t be able to see the pain in your eyes, why did you hide it from us, why did you not come here, we will not send you with him. Badimaa says you won’t live in that hell. Kumud asks why, why cannot I face it. Kumud says I want to go back to make the hell a heaven. Kumud says maybe my patience and love can change Pramad. She says do you think that no one can love me. First Saras cheated me, and now Pramad. Badimaa says no, Saras did not deserve you, not even Pramad.

Kumud says Pramad’s proposal came for me before Saras, if he is my fate, I want to accept it. I will try to make my destiny better. Badimaa cries and says what should I say. Today, you have explained me such a big thing. Its all fate, but whats written we can change it. Badimaa says I wish I could have changed Kumari’s father, then my Kumari would be living with her parents at her house. Badimaa says you want to give a chance to Pramad, I m with you. Kumud asks her not to tell this to her parents. Badimaa says is there anything else you want to tell this. Kumud thinks how can I tell you that Saras is there with me. Kusum and Kumari come back. Badimaa and Kumud starts pretending to be happy infront of them.

Badimaa leaves Kumud with the girls and leaves. Pramad smiles getting to know something from Umesh and drinks further. He says Saraswatichandra and laughs.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras is tensed in his room. Kalika comes to him and says it looks your are tired, can I help you like I help Pramad. Kalika smiles seeing him. She says you worry a lot about Kumud, who is she to you? Saras looks at her and says go from here. Kalika says you have to go to Kumud’s house. He gets angry and asks her to leave. Kalika says you are going right, say my wishes to Kumud and give my love to Pramad. She leaves.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud comes to her room and thinks about her mum’s words. Guniyal once told her to accept Pramad completely. Kumud thinks what she told to Badimaa that she will accept Pramad. Pramad is drunk and comes home. He enters the house through the window and walks in a drunken state. He calls Kumud loudly.

Pramad asks Kumud to come out. Kumud comes running and asks are you drunk. He says shut up, don’t question me, answer to me. She says speak slowly, everyone will wake up. He says I did not do anything, you should fear as you did a wrong thing. She asks what. He says you behave like a ideal woman, but you did not tell me about your lover Saraswatichandra. Kumud is shocked. Pramad laughs. Kumud cries and says please…… Pramad says its all acting. Everyone comes out and sees Pramad drunk. Pramad says all dram and falls. Everyone are shocked to see him.

Saras is on the way to Kumud’s house and thinks how he once went to her house earlier. He thinks of Vidyachatur’s words and how he gave Kumud’s hand to him. The driver says we reached Ratnagiri. Saras thinks he cannot go there, else Kumud will get into a problem. Saras reaches the house and gets out of the car. The driver leaves him there and goes. Saras walks towards the gate and ……….

Saras is in the lake where his mum died and promises that he will complete Kumud’s and Pramad’s relation.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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