Saraswatichandra 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 14th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum talking to Pramad. He says keep Kumud with you if you want. Kumud stares at him. Chandrika pulls his leg. Everyone laughs. Kumud asks where is Badimaa. Badimaa comes there and smiles seeing Kumud. Badimaa pulls Pramad’s ear and says let be do this rasam. Kumud looks on. Pramad controls himself. She asks him why did you bring Kumud so late. He smiles and says I asked her to come here but she did not listen to me. He says go and pull her ears also so that she can listen to me. Vidyachatur asks everyone to let Pramad sit and talk. Kumari and Kusum plan to talk to him. Vidyachatur asks them to let Pramad rest. Guniyal says now Kumud is Budhidhan’s bahu. They tease Kumud. Kusum makes Kumud sit beside Pramad. Guniyal and Badimaa are happy to see Kumud.


and Kusum talk to Pramad. Chandrika says Kumud is looking beautiful. She asks did Pramad buy this saree for you. Kumud smiles and says yes, its his choice. Pramad looks on. Kumud goes to meet Badimaa.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan’s house:

Saras is with Alak in the office. Alak gets the poetry written by Kumud. Saras sees it and thinks how this paper came here. Alak asks what is this. He says its Kumud’s. She says did Kumud write this. He says yes. Alak reads it. She says this is a poem, are you sure Kumud wrote this. He says yes. Kalika asks how do you know she wrote it. Alak asks again. Saras says yes, she was saying this to Sid and I heard her and saw her writing. He says my papers were there, so maybe I took her paper also along with them. Alak asks what does this mean. Alak says Pramad…. So I did not want this patphere to happen, if he does something there infront of her parents, what will they think of us. Saras says you are worried about your image, don’t you care about Kumud, why won’t you do anything for her. Alak says what can I do, I told my parents not to get Pramad married, but dad did not listen. Budhidhan comes there and asks what is this. He reads it.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Badimaa:

Kumud comes to Badimaa. Badimaa asks her to stop and Kumud comes to her taking small steps. Guniyal says they started again. Vidyachatur thinks is it true what we heard about Pramad. Badimaa asks were you not happy. Kumud moves backwards. Badimaa says did you miss us and became sad and now you are happy seeing us. Kumud smiles and comes forward. Badimaa says tell me the truth that is Pramad a good guy. Kumud stops for a while and smiles and steps forward. Badimaa doubts her. She thinks this is a partial answer. Kumud hugs Badimaa. Badimaa says what else do we want, if you are happy. Badimaa says tell me without hiding anything.

Scene shifts to Pramad:

Pramad is getting bored with Kumari and Kusum. He thinks of wine. Vidyachatur tells the girls that they are tiring Pramad. Pramad says I will go around the village and come. Vidyachatur says I will take you. Kusum and Kumari says we will take you bu Yash’s mum calls gthem to work in the kitchen. Pramad says I will go and bring cold drinks for everyone.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan:

Budhidhan tells Saras that he is worried about Kumud. He says you might be thinking why I got Pramad married to Kumud. I thought maybe Kumud can change him, but it did not happen. He says Alak is right. He says we both families are not such that they trust us. He says let them come back then I will talk to Kumud. If she says that she is having trouble with Pramad, then I will talk to Pramad. Now, Pramad to his inlaws, if he does something there, then it will be diffciult to maintain relations. We have to think about this.

Scene shifts to Pramad:

Pramad asks someone where he could get the beer. Someone comes there and keeps their hand on him. Pramad is shocked.
Umesh comes there and says you cannot fight with anyone in my area. Pramad introduces himself as Budhidhan’s son. Pramad scolds him. Umesh apologizes to him and says are you Kumud’s husband. Pramad says yes and asks where can I get wine. Umesh says you will get it. Pramad goes with him.

Budhidhan talks to Vidyachatur and asks him did Kumud and Pramad reach. He says yes. Budhidhan says I m sending someone for Pramad’s and Kumud’s safety. He says can the guy stay at your house. Vidyachatur says yes sure. Budhidhan names Saras. Saras and Alak are shocked. Budhidhan says he will reach our house today itself. Saras says what did you do, it will create more problems. Alak agrees with Saras. Budhidhan says I know what Pramad can do. He says I have thought that Saras will go. Saras think how will I go there and face them. Budhidhan requests him that a father is requesting you for my son. Saras holds his hands.

Kumud and Pramad have an argument. Pramad asks Kumud about Saraswatichandra.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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