Saraswatichandra 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras thinking about Kumud. Kumud is locked in the room and crying. Both of them are incomplete without each other. Saras thinks of her words, and how she has put hot diya in her hands and how she left home that day. He talks to his photo and hugs it. He says I can’t live without you. Its morning, Danny is upset thinking about him and Kusum. Ghuman comes to him with a file and tea. She asks him to read the file.

He asks whats this. She says check it. Danny sees it and is shocked. He says this is….. She says Vidyachatur’s haveli’s papers which are on my name. She thinks she will take the haveli and bring them on road, thanks Kabir. Danny asks how is it on your name. Ghuman tells him that Vidyachatur took big loan from Laxminandan and he did not pay it. She says now when the relations got weak and they did not keep our respect, its good if we tell this to her.

Vidyachatur asks inspector to find Kumud. Kabir pacifies him. Badimaa says Saras will bring her back. Yash’s mum says Kumud did not harm anyone, don’t worry, she will come back. Kalika thinks now even she is taking Kumud’s side. Ghuman comes there with Danny and that file. Everyone look at her. Badimaa asks why did you come here again, to put what blame on our daughters. Ghuman says its my house. She says I m Laxminandan’s wife and I m not related to you all as Danny broke his relation with Kusum, she says now legally this haveli is only ours. Everyone are shocked.

Saras and Majnu wait for Kumud at the park. Majnu asks where is the police. Saras says around us. The goons brings a girl there in a car. Samru brings the girl to Saras. She is under the ghunghat. The inspector sees the girl. Samru asks Saras to meet the girl in their presence. Majnu says don’t waste time, we have given Sunanda enough money. Vidyachatur talks to Ghuman and says don’t tell any nonsense about this haveli. Ghuman says you know everything, did you think your loan will be forgiven in friendship. She says I brought the property papers with me, maybe it will remind you.

Saras holds the girls’s hand thinking she is Kumud and understands its not Kumud by her touch. The inspector comes there and holds Samru. He says we got information that this girl is Saras’s wife whom you have kidnapped. Samru says that man is mad. The inspector says show us her face. They are shocked to see its not Kumud, but Kajal. The inspector saays she is not the one, who is she.

Vidyachatur says these papers are false, I have the original papers. She says now this haveli’s owners are us. She says I made you stay here for so many days but you all have insulted me like 20 years ago. He says I remember everything, but I regret that I could not show your reality to my friend, maybe today he could understand. Danny gets hurt by the taunts. Vidyachatur says women like you can take advantage of your husband’s illness. He says you have made us helpless, this is our haveli, I won’t let you look at it, take this fake papers and leave from here. Ghuman says you won’t be able to do anything, show me the original papers, I will leave, but if you can’t show, then you will have to leave from here with your family.

Kalika thinks Ghuman is great. The inspector asks Samru about Kumud. Samru lies. Kajal says I know this people, I came here to meet Sheikh. The inspector asks did they bring you by force. She says no, I came here by my wish. The inspector warns Sheikh/Saras and leaves. Majnu asks Samru what is this joke and where is Kumud. Samru says Sunanda will answer you. Vidyachatur opens his cupboard and checks for the file. He does not get the file. Kusum comes and asks did you get the papers. He says no, the papers are not here. She also looks for the papers.

He gets tensed and tells Badimaa that the papers are not here. Guniyal says I will check upstairs. They don’t get the papers and come to Ghuman. Yash’s mum says show them the papers and shut their mouth. He says I know this is your drama, you stole the real papers and made this fake papers, as you have seen me bending for relations, but now I will not care. Ghuman shouts on him and says now you are in my house, I m asking you to take your belongings and leave. Everyone are shocked. Ghuman says will you go or shall I call police. He talks to Danny and sees that he is supporting his mum. Danny says mum is right, you have to leave from here as this house is not yours. Kusum cries.

Danny says till you get a new house, you all can stay here. Ghuman is shocked and looks at Danny angrily. Saras comes to meet Sunanda with Majnu. Majnu asks Sunanda why did you cheat us, by sending Kajal instead of Kumud. Sunanda says yes, I cheated. Majnu says then why did you promise me. Sunanda says I did not know police is coming there. She doubts on Saras too.

Ghuman and Kabir have a talk. Ghuman says I m waiting to know your wish.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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