Saraswatichandra 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Saras what will we do now. He says the options, that he can take Khushi with them, or to her home, but can’t leave alone, as she can do suicide. She says if their love is true, we should try to unite them, as we also went through this, but we had our families but she is alone, we have to support her. He says he would have done so if he was alone, but she is with him. She says we will do this together. He says your surprise is pending. Shbe says Khushi should get her love and her baby should be fine, that would give me happiness. He says great and now we have another challenge. She says we will do it. He hugs her and smiles. Its morning, Saras asks Khushi to get ready as they will make her meet her love.

Khushi asks them not to get involved in this, as its very risky. He says they faced a lot. She says my love did not have strength, else he would have come to meet me. Kumud asks does he know you are pregnant. Khushi says yes. Saras says maybe someone caught him. Kumud says you know him well, will he leave you. Khushi says no, he loves children, but its different to take the child’s responsibility. Saraas says we will find him. She asks how, he is not taking the call. He says he will go his home and talk. Kumud says no, only I will go, as his dad saw you. She says nothing will happen to me, if anything happens I will call you, let me go please. Saras agrees.

Vijay’s family is shown and they talk about Khushi and Vijay. Vijay’s Mama Vikrant says lets get Vijay married as he will be fine, else it will be a problem. Vijay’s mum gets worried. Kumud comes and says she has to meet Vijay. Vikrant asks how do you know him. Vijay’s mum asks her to sit. Vikrant says I have seen the world, everyone who comes at the door is not a guest. I did not see you before, how do you know him. Kumud thinks he is doubting on me. She says she is Vijay’s college friend and she has an important work with him. His mum says fine, sit, you meet him.

Vikrant says why are you letting her meet him, if Rudra knows it. Vijay’s mum says open the door. Saras tells Khushi don’t know Kumud met him or not. She says if Rudra doubts on her, don’t know what will he do. He says don’t worry, she will call me if anything wrong happens. She says you both love each other a lot. Very few people get love for love, you are lucky. Saras says we met you, it has a reason, I m sure you will get your love. She says maybe, I lost all hopes and today you are helping me. She says I will always remember you both. Saras says we too. Saras thinks Kumud should have called by now.

Vijay is tied to his bed by the ropes. His mum frees his hands. Vikrant says this is not right. She tells Vijay to meet his college friend. She asks Kumud to come inside the room. Vijay does not identify her and is puzzled. She acts like being his friend and smiles. His mum says you both talk, lets go Vikrant. He says I will stay here, I don’t trust her. She leaves. Kumud says its a good house. Vijay asks what work she has. She says she wants his help for the project and shows Khushi’s ring. He is stunned and thinks it’s the ring I gave to Khushi. Khushi tells Saras that there is something wrong. He says I will go and see. She says you can’t go, Vijay’s dad saw you, he is dangerous and can do anything, and even my mum.

Kumud asks Vijay to help her. Vijay asks Vikrant to go as they have to talk about project. He leaves. Kumud shuts the door and talks to Vijay. She says my name is Kumud. Khushi tells about her mum. Saras says she is your mum, she can be annoyed but will forgive you. She says no, you don’t know her, her respect and enemies are more important to her than me. Her mum walks in. Khushi says she will kill me if she knows I m pregnant. The lady says you said it right. Saras and Kumud look at her. Khushi says Maa. Amba brings a big knife type weapon. Khushi stands behind Saras.

Saras asks what are you doing. Kumud tells everything to Vijay. He says I was going and wanted to go far with Khushi, don’t know how my dad came to know and he locked me here, I m thinking how is she but I m helpless, how can she do suicide attempt with the baby. She says we have to go anyway. He says yes, but you tell me if I do this, it will be a big fight. Amba thinks Saras is Vijay. Khushi says he saved my life, my accident happened yesterday. Amba says she will see him later and asks how did she hide this sin from her. She says when anyone gives birth in the village, the baby is brought to her for blessings, and she runs the hospitals. She is about to hit Khushi and Saras holds her hand asking how can she beat her, she is his daughter.

Amba says move from my way, only the one who agrees to me is alive here, I m sarpanch and police here. She says she can make her daughter cry, but she can’t cry, she will kill everyone who plays with her respect, Vijay, his family and Saras too, but she will start with Khushi. He says she is your blood, how can you kill her, I know she did a mistake, you have full right to be angry on her, but not take her life, please she is your daughter, forgive her. Amba says a mum can forgive her, but not Amba Devi, is I leave her, I can’t lose my respect, she has to abort the child. Saras and Khushi are shocked. Khushi says no, I won’t let anything happen to my child. Amba says either abort the baby or die, tell me will you abort the baby or not. Saras says she will do as you say. He looks at Khushi. He says Khushi will do this. Amba nods fine.

Vijay and Kumud run from the room and his mum comes with tea and snacks. She is shocked to see them missing. She calls out Vikrant. He says they run away, I told you I don’t trust that girl.

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