Saraswatichandra 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khushi telling about her suicide attempt. Kumud and Saras look at each other. Saras says you know you are becoming a mu, even then. Khushi nods yes. The doctor asks her to share what happened. Khushi says she thought a lot about her and this baby, she did not had guts, but no other way, if she gives the child birth, they will kill the baby. Kumud says why will anyone kill your baby. Khushi says as she is being a mum without marriage. She says she met Vijay in college few months before. The FB scene shows Vijay and Khushi’s love story. Their love grew and soon time passed and they went ahead in their relation and she became pregnant with his child.

Khushi tells about her and Vijay’s love breaking. She says he is Rudra Pratap’s son and I m Amba’s daughter, they have old hatred and they did not accept our love. I decided to leave home and was waiting for Vijay, but he did not come. She says his phone was also off, maybe he got scared of his family, but I could not go back my home and I can’t even do abortion now. My mum will kill me if she knows, what can I do now, you say. Kumud says I understand, you don’t have any right to kill yourself and this baby, try to talk to your family. Khushi says they will kill us but not accept us, I m away since much time, how can I go back now.

Saras says if you both love each other, no one can separate us, but Vijay has to support you. Khushi says but he is not with me. He says he will talk to Vijay, don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says don’t know he is alive or not. He says you saved Kumud’s life, it’s a big favor, I will talk to him, promise me you won’t do this again. Kumud says the child is innocent, don’t punish him. Saras says we will drop her home. The doctor asks him to let Kumud be here and rest. Saras asks Kumud to stay here and he will drop Khushi and talk to Vijay. Kumud asks Khushi not to lose hope.

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Saras and Khushi talk. She says Vijay won’t come now, he would have called me alteast. He says dial his number now. She says but. He says please call and gives his phone. She calls Vijay. He takes the phone and asks can he talk to Vijay. He says I m with Khushi now, I know your families have hatred, it does not mean you run leaving Khushi, when she is pregnant with your child. He says I know you are going through tough time, but right man is one who supports loved ones in hard times. He says Khushi needs you, you come here and gives address. He says I m coming. Saras says he is coming. Khushi smiles.

Saras waits for Vijay. A car comes. Khushi asks Saras to hide as he is………… Saras asks what happened. The car stops and a man comes to Saras along with his goons. He asks did you call. Saras says you. He says Rudra Pratap Rathore. Saras says I called, but where is Vijay. Rudra says you don’t know no one questions me here, only answer is given to me, and asks the doctor. Khushi hides. He says I think you are new here and don’t know me, its fine, I give a chance to everyone, I will give you too. He asks you called about that girl, tell her that if she takes my son’s name again, she will lose the child and her life too.

He says and the one who helps her will die too. Saras says you are elder so I m respecting you, else I can answer you for this warning. The doctor says come with me, don’t prolong the talk. Saras says what am I doing, he is threatening. Rudra says enough, you are on your feet as you are not from here. He says you called me a Gunda, this is my insult, leave from here as soon as possible. Saras says if I don’t go then. Rudra points gun at him. He says you came for roaming, have food, see the greenery and leave. He asks the doctor to explain him and leaves.

Badimaa says she is worried for Saras and Kumud and asks them to call them. Saraswati asks her to have food. Danny says their phone is out of coverage. Saras and Kumud talk about doing something. Kumud says they are so dangerous. Khushi says they will kill me and my baby, maybe they killed Vijay, if not they will kill now, they will kill you both too. She cries. Kumud asks her to calm down, trust us, we will find some way. She says maybe Vijay did not run, he is caught by them. Kumud gets Badimaa’s call and says they are far. Badimaa asks how is the journey. Kumud says very nice. She asks is everything fine, is there anything. Kumud says no, everything is fine.

Badimaa asks where are you now. Saras takes the phone and says we came to have food at a hotel and asks why is her voice coming like this, is everything fine there. Badimaa says yes, all fine here. We had food and were talking. I m fine, don’t worry about me, you guys enjoy. Saras says network is weak here, I will call later. Badimaa says fine, take care. He ends the call and says I think we should stay here at night and lets decide what to do in morning. Khushi says my family might be finding me. Kumud asks her to rest now. The doctor says you guys take rest and call me if you need any help. He leaves.

Kumud says we will do this together. He says but your surprise is left. She says I want Khushi and her child to be fine and she should get her love. He says now it’s a challenge for us. She says we will do this. He hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Saraswatichandra is ending on Sep 21st.. and yeh hai mohobatein is gonna take its place…but yeh hai mohobatein is also gonna come at 11

    1. YHM is shifiting this slot and next week SC ends.

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