Saraswatichandra 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Saras to take Kabir and go. Kabir says no Saras, take Kumud and go. Kumud says take Kabir with you, fulfill your mum’s dream. Kabir says no Saras, my death was destined, after all I did all this, can I become a good son and brother, you will take Kumud, now. Kumud says no take Kabir. Kalika tells Danny that Ghuman asked her to do all this as she does not want you and Kusum to unite. She asks me to make Kusum hate you and you both separate and this marriage breaks, so I did this, I was not doing it, but was made to do this. Everyone are shocked. Yash slaps Kalika getting angry and she falls. Yash’s mum is also angry on her. Yash says come, get out of my house. Kalika says I was not doing this, she made me go this. He throws her out of the house. She says open the door, I will not do this again, please.

Saras frees Kabir first while Kumud looks on. Kabir says what are you saying, take Kumud, you are doing a big mistake. Saras says go from here, get up. Kabir says I won’t go anywhere. Saras lifts him and says go out. Kabir says what did you do Bhai, now the bomb will activate. The bomb activates. Kumud asks Saras to leave with Kabir. Saras says listen to me, I can’t go leaving you. He asks Kabir to find something sharp. Kumud cries and says go Saras. Saras says we will live together and if we have to die, we will die together. Kabir brings something. Kumud asks Saras to go. Saras looks at the bomb and Kabir says be careful.

Saras tries to stop the bomb. He is tensed to cut the wire. Danny is in shock. Yash apologizes to Danny for what Kalika did. He says I m sorry, we all blamed you and you heard all. Kalika says Yash open the door, I m ready to apologize to everyone, where will I go, I m your wife, I have no one without you. Kusum opens the door. Kalika says I did a big mistake Kusum, I will touch your feet and apologize. Kusum moves back. Kalika says Yash, forgive me please. I know I did a big sin, I m sorry. She asks Yash’s mum to forgive her. She apologizes to everyone and says don’t make me go out of house. Kusum says you satyed for two mins outside the house and you are folding hands, now think what was Danny going through when everyone was blaming him, tell us how are you feeling now.

Kusum says I knew this is your drama, I knew you were lying, even if you bring 100 witnesses, I would have not believed you, I trust my Danny, I wanted you to tell the truth so I did this. Kabir asks Saras to cut the wire. Saras says Jai Mata Di and closes his eyes. He cuts the wire and the bomb stops. Kabir and Kumud smiles. Saras is relieved. Kabir hugs Saras. Saras hugs Kumud. Kabir cries. They free Kumud from the chair. Kumud happily cries. She gets up and hugs Saras. The brothers have a stare. Kabir says I always knew we are brothers, but knew the meaning today, forgive me Bhaiya. Saras hugs him. Kabir cries and says that woman did wrong with us, we can’t forget it. Saras says don’t worry, her sins pot is full, we will make her pay for it.

Kumud and Saras come to a church to pray and thank the Lord. They pray. Saras thinks it was Kumud’s trust and support that he found his brother, thanks. They sit in the car and leave taking Kabir. Saras and Kumud smile. The driver asks you said you came to meet your family, is he the one. Saras says yes. The driver asks where to go. Saras says home and holds Kumud’s hand. They fly back to Ratnagiri. Danny comes to the room and closes the door. He thinks of Kalika’s words and is shattered thinking how can a mother make her son’s image of a rapist just to end his marriage. Kusum comes in. Danny hugs her and says she is my mum.

He cries and says she can make fake papers, can lie to me, but how can put such a bad blame on me to make me away from my wife. How can she do this. Everyone see Danny breaking down and feel bad for him. Badimaa says I can’t see this, think when Danny comes to know Ghuman’s sins, about Kabir…. Vidyachatur says Lord should not give any son such pain, poor Danny, Saras has his mum in his heart but for Danny, mum’s relation has broken. Badimaa says Ghuman’s every relation has faced this, be it her son. Ghuman laughs keeping Menka captive. She says I m feeling so happy tonight, as everything is celebrating my victory. She says Kabir and Saras would have died there and Kusum gone from Danny’s life. She gets Kalika’s call.

She laughs and says why is she calling me, now I don’t know you, I got what I want. She then gets Danny’s call. Danny asks where are you, I want to meet you. Ghuman says I m out for some work, I will come home in morning then we will talk. She thinks plan have worked. She smiles and says I know you want to talk about what Danny, I m really sorry, I can’t help you. Menka looks at Ghuman. Kusum asks Danny do you think you are doing right, think again. Vidyachatur says be calm, she is your mum, maybe after your anger cools, you regret. Guniyal says think what can be done, so think. Danny says I have thought to talk to her. I was quiet as Saras asked me to, but what she did today, she has to answer, let anything happen.

Ghuman takes a glass of cold water and asks Menka will she have. She says sorry, Kabir is dead so you won’t have anything. She gets Kalika’s call again. She answers it. She says I know Kalika, the work is done. Kalika says no, its all over, I told Danny that you made me do this. Ghuman asks what do you mean. Kalika says I told the truth to everyone, Kusum was taking me to hospital for tests, so I told them. Ghuman says useless, don’t you have sense, how can you do this, its my mistake, I trusted you knowing you are a fool. She says remember Kalika, you have to pay for this mistake, not only money and much more. Kalika says Ghuman ji, I did this because you asked me, my husband kicked me out, they are waiting for Saras and Kumud then they will decide, I m in outside’s room, this is happening because of you. Ghuman says no, its because of your foolishness, you deserve this. Ghuman ends the call and says so Danny wanted to talk to me.

Desai house: Saras tells Kabir that Ghuman wanted to take you away from mum and dad, but fate did not support her, Ghuman will be punished. Danny hears this. Everyone look at Danny.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Hey I think Kumari and Kabir should romance now.

    1. 3 brothers with 3 sisters? Weird

  2. Hey Luv I too was thinking about the same story line but let’s look forward for the thing that’s gonna happen. And today’s episode was awesome eagerly waiting to watch the precap.Thanks Amena for the fastest update.

  3. Poor danny !hey everyone must thank Amena for the fastest updates Yaar.

  4. Kabir and kumari will work 3 brothers and 3 sisters

  5. Once gumaan gets punished i think this epi will end soon 🙁

    1. babes this epi is ending

  6. the story is going well…..but poor danny…….. iam also think that kabir go to marry the third one kumari…………….but where is kumari……….???????????

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