Saraswatichandra 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant coming to meet Kumud and Saras. She welcomes him. He sees the black dots on her neck and stares. He talks to her and says I came to talk to you about electricity bill. She says I will inform you when it comes, come and have tea. Prashant smiles and gets in. She is about to slip and he warns her to be careful. She asks him to sit. Prashant looks around the house and then looks at her asking what she used to do. Kumud says she used to teach in Ratnagiri’s school.

He says then you will be bored here. She says why, there is so much to do at home. He asks do you love cooking. She says yes. He asks what can you make. She says everything. He asks do you know Rava Kheer. She says yes I will give you when I make it, sit I will bring tea. He sits in the living room and sees her bangles on the table. He smiles. (Why do bad men get after good girls!!) Anushka taunts Kabir and he says don’t trouble me. She says I will do it, the game started now. Kabir holds her against the wall and gives her an angry look. He says don’t threaten me else………. She asks else? He looks at her and gets closer. She says aunty and pushes him, she goes in her room and locks the door. He says open the door.

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Saras comes home and sees Prashant. He greets him and sits to talk. He asks how are you. Prashant says I m fine. Kumud says its good you came, we will have tea together. Saras says she makes good tea. Prashant says I have appointment with my dentist, will have tea later and leaves.

Saras says he said he has some urgent work and left. She brings tea. He praises her. He says Prashant looks a good human being. She asks him about his meeting. Saras says great. Kabir says what does she think she is, and removes his tshirt. He takes out water from the well and puts on himself. Anushka laughs seeing him. Danny comes and says so you did this. She says he started and I ended it. She says he sacred me being a ghost so I took revenge. Danny says I don’t know how to react, are you kids, solve this soon.

Anushka teases Kabir and laughs. She asks is the water cold. He puts a bucket of water on her and she fumes. He leaves. Kumud says please bring a bulb for the lamp. Saras says fine, tomorrow. She asks will we be in dark to tonight. He says we will have candle light dinner. She says go, it will take 5mins. He says I m tired, I will bring tomorrow. She goes. He sprays water on his face and she sees the lamp on. He says I brought the bulb and shows like he is sweating. He says I changed the bulb. She says Saras……….. He says actually I brought the balcony bulb and fixed it here.

She says then it will be dark there. He says does it matter, we have to be here. She says we can’t delay work. The bell rings. He says don’t know who came now. She opens the door. A man from car agency come and says Saras called for the test drive. She sees the pic and says its small car, but he wanted a big car. Saras says yes, but you wanted a small one and your choice matters. Another man comes and says Kumud called me to test drive for SUV. Kumud says your choice can’t be wrong ever Saras. Saras smiles and says we are sorry to waste your time, we need a small car.

Kumud stops him and tells Saras that you said you will agree to me, we want a big car. The man asks will you take test drive. Kumud says sure and they go. Everyone laugh knowing about Kabir and Anushka’s fight. Anushka comes and talks to them. Kabir looks at her. She says before I forget, take this, I saw this damaged in kitchen, so I brought this. Guniyal praises her. Kabir thinks I think they all are together.

Saras asks is this final. Kumud says don’t ssay it again. He says SUV final and laughs. He says we are tired, lets sleep now, the bedroom is clean, I was thinking, I don’t have any problem to sleep in balcony. She says we will arrange the cupboard and then sleep. He says yes Mam. She smiles and keeps the clothes in the cupboard. She looks for a dupatta and says I remember I have kept it in this bag. Prashant is shown holding the dupatta and feeling love for it. (Another Mad man!!) He smiles seeing it and touches it.

Anushka brings medicines for Vidyachatur, and says it does not matter Yash brings it or me. Badimaa praises her and says you understand us and our needs. Yash’s mum says I praise people less but I like you, you will keep everyone happy when you get married. Guniyal says yes, she will be a good bahu, the man will be lucky to marry you. Anushka says she is not ready for marriage. Guniyal says think again. I will gift you if you are ready. Kabir thinks its their plan to trap him. Anushka says no, marriage is not possible. Guniyal asks why. Anushka says my mum tried to convince me and failed. She leaves.

Kumud and Saras have a talk. She says I did not talk to family today. He says I m here and still you are missing them. She says parents are always missed. Vidyachatur and Guniyal miss Saras and Kumud. She says I know everyone are missing them. Kumud messages them and they are happy reading it. Badimaa sys it means they are awake. Kumud is happy to get their call.Vidyachatur says I called you getting your message, we all are missing you. Kumud talks to Guniyal and asks how is everyone there. Guniyal says fine and asks about Saras. Badimaa takes the phone and asks Kumud to keep the phone on speaker.

Badimaa tells them about Kabir and Anushka’s silly fight. Kumud and Saras hearing this story about ghost and itching powder. Vidyachatur says we were also shocked to know Kabir can do this, but its good he is still kid at heart. Saras says thanks to Anushka, Kabor became naughty. Everyone smile.

Prashant asks Kumud what happened. Kumud says I came out and the door got locked by air. Do you have key. He says no, I will call the keymaker, you till then come with me to my home. She says I will be here. He says please come with me.

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