Saraswatichandra 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone waiting for Anushka, Danny, Kabir and Avinash. Kumud asks Vidyachatur not to worry, as they will come. He says that man is very dangerous. Guniyal says they did not even call. He says I will call police, but Kumud stops him saying it might be proved wrong move. Yash says yes, lets wait. Danny says welcome the new guest. They bring Avinash and everyone is happy seeing him. Avinash looks very tensed. They ask is he fine. Anushka says he is still scared. He asks what happened there, are you all fine. Kabir says yes, we got Anushka, but lost Rohit. Vidyachatur says police will catch him, its good Avi came home. Guniyal says see he is looking so tired, he might be hungry. Anushka says all of them are ours and says this is Vidya uncle. He says this is right time, as its rakhsha bandhan today.

Everyone welcome Avinash in the family. Danny teases Kabir for making Avinash have chocs as he is his brother in law now. Danny asks about Kusum. Kumud says she went to temple. Vidyachatur makes Avinash smile and asks him does he like jalebis. He says even I like it and ask Guniyal not to say no today. Everyone smile. Kumud asks Anushka to take Avinash to the room and he will bring rakhi and the aarti plate. Anushka comes to Saras to tie him rakhi as he regarded her as younger sister. She says you have forgiven my mistakes and what did I give you in return. Saras says you don’t need to give anything, what happened was not in your hands.

He sees Avinash and says you did this being helpless. He says I regarded you my younger sister and she can’t give elder brother anything, its duty of the brother to give her. He blesses her. She says I will tie the first rakhi to you and hugs Saras. Kumud comes and smiles. Saras looks at her. Anushka says I regarded him my brother from today. Saras says you told me by my love, so I felt we are brother and sister. Kumud says so I brought two rakhis. Anushka does the tilak and aarti. She ties the rakhi to Saras and makes him have the laddoo. Saras thanks her and says you will get your gift. Anushka says thanks Bhaiya and hugs him.

She calls Avinash for his turn now. She does all rituals with him now. Everyone smile seeing them. She makes Avinash have the whole laddoo and laughs. He touches her feet and she hugs him. She says sorry for bringing you here late. He says see your brother is so strong, its ok. Everyone smile. Danny says now you are part of this family, who did you like us. Avi says you guys are very ccool. Anushka says lets go, let Saras rest now. Saras and Danny sign each other. Danny says we will talk to them till you keep food ready. Everyone leave.

Danny and Kabir tell Saras about saving Avinash but they lost Rohit. Kabir says if he caught him, we would have known who is behind him. Saras says there is someone behind him, he is not our enemy, he does not know us, someone hired him to do all this. Danny says but who. Rohit comes to some woman in jail and says sorry, I can’t do this work, I m going out for few days as it will be a problem for both of us, if they catch me, we both will not be saved. Its Ghuman in the lockup. She fumes and says I was mad to trust you, I planned this and you ruined it by your foolishness. Get out. Rohit leaves.

She says I won’t go back till my revenge is not completed, till I don’t give them unending pain. She thinks about Danny going against her because of Saras, Kumud and Kabir. She thinks how Menka gave statement against her and got her arrested. She shouts in anger. Saras says we have to be alert till we get to know who is doing this. He says we have to find Rohit. Danny says we informed police, I hope we know something soon. Kabir says don’t know whats their next plan. Danny says I hope this time they don’t hurt Anushka. Saras says we have to be careful and protect Kumud and Anushka, we three have to do this, no one in the family should be hurt.

Ghuman is taunted by her inmate. She calls Ghuman mad. Ghuman throws the water pot at her. She says you called me mad, how dare you, don’t come near me, else I will kill you, you don’t know who am I. Ghuman Vyas, Laxminandan Vyas’ wife, owner of Vyas empire, I m the queen. She laughs and the women get scared seeing her. Ghuman sees the lady constable and asks her to open the door, she has to go home. Ghuman acts like mad. The constable says it looks like she really went mad. Ghuman cries acting weird.

Everyone talk about Kabir’s marriage. Yash’s mum says we should do it in simple way. Badimaa says yes she is right. Guniyal says fine, I will get a mahurat from pandit ji. Kabir says no need Kaki, I don’t think its needed now. They ask but why. Kabir says I don’t think this marriage can happen now. They get worried. Kabir says Kaka, I can’t make relation in helplessness. Danny says you and Anushka love each other. Kabir says no, I don’t think she loves me. Danny says your anger is right, but how can you tell this. Kabir says she would have told me. Danny defends Anushka and says she came back for you.

Kabir says yes, but now she is making me think this, the two things important for marriage are love and trust, if they are not between us, then what marriage. He sees Anushka hearing everything and leaves. She thinks yes, I could not tell you the truth, but my love is true and will always be true.

Kumud flies a kit and slips. Saras holds her and they have an eyelock. She asks does he remember anything. He says yes. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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