Saraswatichandra 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 12th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Majnu telling Sunanda that the girl listens her heart and she will not stay here for long. He says Sheikh wants to meet that girl. He gives her money for every meeting. Sunanda is happy getting the money and smiles. She says fine you can meet but our men will be with you. Majnu asks whats the reason. Sunanda thinks the Sheikh should not go. She says we trust you, but not on that girl. She asks Samru to go with Sheikh and Majnu. Ghuman waits for Kabir’s call. Kabir calls her and says half work is done. She asks did anyone doubt. He says if anyone see me, even then they won;t doubt on me, no one saw me. She says I will wait for good news and you. Kabir says then I won’t be late. Ghuman smiles and ends the call.

Kumud removes her earrings. Samru says Sheikh came to meet you, behave well with him. Saras looks at Kumud. Kumud says I don’t want to meet anyone. Majnu says your voice has touched his soul. Kumud says don’t come closer. Majnu says he came to praise you. Kumud shows a piece of glass and says don’t come closer, no one can touch me except my Saras. Saras goes near her and holds her hand. He takes the piece of glass and brings tears in his eyes. Kumud identifies him partly by his touch and looking at him. They hold hands. Saras cries. She leaves his hand suddenly and looks at her hand. Saras looks at her. She then understands he is Saras and smiles. She faints.

Majnu asks Samru to get water. Saras gets worried and says Kumud. She gets up and says Saras. She cries and they have a sweet hug. She holds his hand. He says I came Kumud. She says I was waiting for you. Majnu says they are coming. Samru comes and sees Kumud fine. Kumud says I m fine. Samru apologizes to Sheikh and says now you will have to leave. Saras and Kumud have an eyelock. Saras leaves looking at her. Kumud’s heart comes out seeing him leave. Samru locks her again. She smiles happily and thanks Lord for sending Saras to her. She looks at the smiley.

Kusum waters the plants. Danny comes to her house and stands at the door. He was then leaving in anger and turns to see her. Kusum runs to him and says now I know everything, let me explain, I want you to think again, you saw half truth. He says maybe you are mistaken. Sunanda is happy and welcomes Sheikh. She says we are lucky that people like you came here. Majnu gives her more money and she asks what is his wish now. Majnu says he wants to spend some time with that girl and hear two three songs by her. Sunanda says just now you met her, let her rest now. Majnu says he wants to take that girl out. Sunanda says no, you have meet her here only. Majnu says what do you about our Sheikh, he is different. Majnu gives her more money.

Sunanda says we can say you not, but not to this, but we have one condition, some men will be with you. Saras says fine, tomorrow 11 am, I would like to meet that girl. She says fine, come to park, that girl will reach there on time. Jugnu looks on. Kabir brings the file and shows it to Menka. He says why are you so tensed. She says its not so simple as you think, why are you doing this, are you forgetting your aim being with Ghuman. Kabir says no, I have to take revenge of every wound, just one last work of Ghuman, then she will do what I want. Menka looks at her surprised.

Sunanda talks to Jugnu and asks him to have juice and calm down. Jugnu says you are cheating me now, you made her sing and now you are sending her with Sheikh, she is only mine. She says what will you do making her your wife, she gave me Rs 2 lakhs in one day. He says I will not let her go with that Sheikh. She says fine, bring 50 lakhs and take her. He says but you said 20 lakhs. She says she is diamond, Sheikh made her price double. She asks her to control his anger. He says I m honest so I m angry. She says I m giving you a chance. He says fine, I will bring 50 lakhs for that girl. Sunanda is happy and laughs. Kajal gets angry and jealous seeing Kumud getting importance.

Kabir comes to meet Ghuman. She brings the file and says take this good news. She asks is it that file. He says yes, we have to show this file to everyone and hide the another one. She says if you got caught, anything would have happened, you took big risk. She says you won’t be able to forget me. She says now ask what you want. He says not now, your dream is not fulfilled, the day when I see the happiness of victory, then I will ask, I don’t know you will agree or not. She says you still doubt on me, you told once that the whom I trust I can give him anything. She says you can test me. She leaves. Kabir thinks good, as I have to come to take everything from you.

Saras calls the inspector and tells him that he found Kumud, she will be brought to the park tomorrow to meet the Sheikh, this is the chance to save my wife, as your men to come in civil dress, else Sunanda’s goons will doubt. He ends the call and looks at Kumud’s earrings. He says sorry Kumud, I did not make you free today, but we will be together tomorrow, just one night between us.

Majnu tells Saras that Kumud will come, but where is the police. Kumud is brought there in ghunghat. Saras looks

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