Saraswatichandra 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras hugging Kumud. He says Kumud, everyone wants us to spend time together. Everyie smile. Saras sits on his knees and says he wants to take her out, will she come. He forwards his hand and she holds it saying yes. She hugs him and asks where are we going. He says he will tell later and takes permission from elders. Vidyachatur says yes, but come back soon. They bless Saras and Kumud. Danny says leave fast else I will come along. Saras says no and takes their permission again. They wave bye to them. Saras and Kumud leave in the jeep. Danny asks Saraswati what happened. She says nothing, I always wanted my Chandra to get a good girl, and today I feel Saras is very happy with Kumud.

Vidyachatur says pray that they come home safely. Badimaa says they will face problems together. Yash’s mum says they will bring good fate for each other. Saras and Kumud are on the way. Kumud says she did not know he will give such a good surprise. He says you will get many in next 60-70 years, I will take you on long drive. She says will you be able drive. He says our children will drive. He says you will get what you ask for. She says I m feeling hungry. He says lets go and have food. Danny says he is thiking to go out with Kusum. Vidyachatur says fine, but after Kumud and Saras come back. Danny goes to talk to Kusum.

Vidyachatur sees Badimaa and Saraswati tensed. Badimaa thinks why is her heart worried. Saraswati thinks she feels something is going to happen. They both pray for Saras and Kumud. Saras brings Kumud to the Dhaba and says its very good, I had food earlier. He orders the food. He says get mineral water bottle. Kumud says have Desi water. Saras says right. He smiles seeing her. She asks where is your focus. He says on you, you are looking gorgeous. She sees the big glass. They have the butter milk and like it. They laugh seeing it above their lips. He cleans and shows her one. She cleans it and he laughs.

She says shut up. The chef comes and makes them wear the white hats. Saras makes Kumud wear it. He says lets take a pic and takes a selfie. Badimaa is worried and says she feels something is going to happen. Saraswati comes to her and says she is feeling tensed, she is worried for Saras and Kumud, I m feeling like something bad is going to happen. Badimaa is stunned and says my heart is also worried, whenever they went out, don’t know something bad always happen. Saraswati says even this time… Badimaa says no, talk good. Kumud and Saras leave in the jeep again.

Badimaa and Saraswati pray for them. They chant Om bhoor……………Saras says we are reaching now. Kumud asks where are you taking me. Everyone join Badimaa and chant. A chandelier is about to fall on them and comes downwards. Badimaa says she will face the trouble, but nothing should happen to Saras and Kumud. A girl comes infront of the jeep and Kumud shouts Saras. Badimaa sees the chandelier falling down and pushes Saraswati. Badimaa gets hurt by it and everyone get worried. Kumud falls off the jeep and Saras hits the jeep to the tree getting hurt. Vidyachatur asks Danny to call the doctor.

Badimaa asks Saraswati not to let the diya blow off. Kumud gets up and a car speeds towards her. Saras turns and sees Kumud. The girl pushes Kumud and saves her. The girl falls. Saras runs to Kumud and asks is she fine. Kumud cries and hugs him. They see the girl. Kumud says we should take her. Saras says yes and sees a car coming. He says be with her, I will stop a car. The man agrees to help them. Saras says we have to take her to hospital. The man says she is Khushi, Amba’s daughter. The hospital is far, I m a doctor, lets take her nearby, come with me in my car.

The doctor treats Badimaa and says wound is deep. She gives the medicines and leaves. Vidyachatur gets upset. Badimaa asks did he talk to Saras and Kumud. He says no, I tried but can’t connect. Danny asks her not to worry, as they will be fine. Badimaa says till I talk to them, I can’t be in peace. Kumud and Saras have a talk. He says its his mistake. The doctor asks them to come inside. Saras asks how is Khudhi now. The doctor says fine, and the baby is fine too. Kumud says baby. The doctor says she is three months pregnant, she told me. Kumud says if anything happened to her, we…… The doctor says she will come to senses in some time, you can go, I will leave her home. Kumud says no, we will wait here.

Saras says we will drop her home. The doctor treats Kumud’s wounds. Khushi gets conscious and asks for water. Kumud gives her water and makes her drink it. Kumud asks is she fine. She says yes, and asks about her. Kumud says I don’t know how to say apologize. Khushi says no need. Saras says its my mistake, you saved my wife’s life, if anything happened to you, I would have not forgiven myself. Khushi cries and says she wanted to commit suicide. They get stunned.

A man comes and argues with Saras asking did he call him. He says his name Rudra Pratap Rathore. Saras looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A new twist .. i hope it does not end with somebody dying :((

  2. Ae pongappa chumma tragedy la kadhai a ottama..konjam sandhosham um theva…!!!!sry fo usin tamil..

  3. what about kabir and anushka

  4. Copy cat kahenke dusra naam nhi milla kya

  5. :((( last bit of SC to save. sad its going off air

    these people reported :(((((

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