Saraswatichandra 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa talking to Saraswati and asking her to make Saras get mukti as he is living only his promises not his life. Guniyal comes and asks Badimaa why did this happen with Kumud. Badimaa says whatever happened is for the good, sometimes accidents shows the importance of relations. Guniyal says you are right, the doctor has lost hope but Kumud is fine. Badimaa asks Kumud are you looking for him. Kumud signs yes. Badimaa says but he is not coming, why, you want him to come. She says since he lost his mum, he is afraid and he went to live with the promise made to you. Kumud asks is this accident a bad sign. Badimaa says no, call him and make him realize what the Lord wants, it wants you both to be together.

Kumud calls Saras. He does not take up her call. Kumari comes and asks Kumud do you like this room, we decorated it so that you feel like home. Kumud asks her to send Yash, Kalika and Yash’s mum inside. Kumari goes to call him. Kumud thinks this accident has cleared darkness. Saras tells Danny that I was the one to be targeted, and Kumud came in between, only Pramad can do this. Danny tells him about the police, he says I will take care of everything. Saras says its important to meet the police now and leaves. Danny thinks why is Saras avoiding Kumud.

Yash’s mum shows her positive idea and asks Kumud not to be in such state again. Kalika sheds come crocodile tears. Kumud talks in support of Kalika as she has given her blood. She asks Yash’s mum to accept Kalika as her bahu. She says give her a place in our house, if can’t in hearts. Kumud stops Kalika and says I m giving you a second chance but I don’t trust you, I hope this is not your plan. Kalika says no, I will keep up my promise. She asks Kumud to take rest and leaves. She thinks I will take care of everything till Kumud rests.

Saras talks to the inspector and says we have to find him. Saras thinks of the accident and sees the same car there. He says this is the car, I know whose car is this. He says its Pramad’s car. Saras gets angry.

The next morning, Kumud asks Kusum about Saras. Kusum says he did not tell me anything. Kumud says is he annoyed with me. Kusum says I don’t know, I told you I did not talk to him. Kumud asks Guniyal why is Kusum behaving like this. Guniyal says nothing, she is nervous seeing you like this. Guniyal asks Kumud to call Saras. Saras comes to Pramad’ house with the police. Saras gets Kumud’s call and he does not take the call. Saras sees blood on Pramad’s house and says even he got much hurt, but he won’t be caught so easily. Saras says I want to see Pramad like Kumud was in the hospital, battling life. Kumari calls Saras and gives the phone to Kumud. Saras says I will talk later and cuts the call.

Kumud thinks why do you do like this, even when I m not well. Kumari meets Saras and asks him why he did like that, Kumud is not well. He gets worried and runs to her. He sees her fine and becomes calm. Kumud stops him and says go, as you won’t listen to me. He says whats this joke, Kumari tols me that you…. She says yes, you did not come to talk to me, maybe I don’t have a space in your heart, maybe you don’t worry about me. He says stop it, you don’t have the right to speak against yourself. She says then give me my right, give me my anklet back.

Saras says its not yours. She says you gave me that. He says I took it back. She says why, it has your mum’s blessings which I got, I know you gave me when…. He says then you know why I took it back, I can’t go against my words. She says I know, I hear you saying. He says how did you listen. She says I hear you saying about your promises that you will always keep loving me, keep up your promises and your third promise that you will always be away from me. She says don’t punish yourself, I can’t stay away from you, look at me Saras. She says why did you come back if you had to go away. He says the fate made me realize that we can’t be together. She says the Lord has sent me back to explain me that the death can’t make us apart, why should we be apart. My body left me, but still I heard your words and you said that you will keep your every promise, when I open my eyes, I will find you, I can’t breathe without you, I will die if I stay without you, punish
me and yourself.

She cries. Music plays…. She looks at him and forwards her hand. Kuch na Kahe…. Bas Chup Rahe…. plays…. Saras is adamant. She waits for him. He looks at her and then goes to her. He holds her hand and she smiles. He hugs her with much love at last. She says did you see, I started living that you came to me. He says enough and realizes his mistake.

Kumud comes home. Everyone are happy and welcome her by aarti and tilak. Kalika says come Kumud, everyone is welcoming you. Guniyal thanks the Lord for this day. Saras is happy. Kalika says I have cleaned Kumud’s room. Vidyachatur says whenever Kumud got ill, she took only my support. He takes her to her room.

Everyone are around Kumud. Vidaychatur says you should have stayed at the hospital for few days more. Saras says she can change anyone’s decision. Saras says she does emotional blackmail. Vidyachatur says I always want you to be infront of my eyes. She hugs him. Vidyachatur tells Saras you also come and hugs both of them. He says Kumud came back to me because of you. Kalika looks at Kusum. Chandrika comes and tells everyone about a proposal came for Kusum. Kalika sees Kusum upset and smiles while Kusum is looking at Saras.

Kalika tells Kusum that Saras will be always with Kumud. Saras beats Pramad. Kumud says I want to get rid of Pramad forever.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. thank u so much for tat lovely scene…………… plzzzzzzzzzzzz console saras to b wit her alwaysssssssssss…………….. i think he is almost consoled…………and kalika shud not use his promise and mke a play…………

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