Saraswatichandra 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud cleaning the house and dancing being much happy. Saras helps her. Saras helps her. He asks where to hang this painting. She says this wall. He uses a hammer to dig a nail. Prashant comes and says one min. Anushka is happy to teach Kabir a lesson. She has some powder and smiles. Kabir talks to Mr. Mehra on phone and says all samples are ready. She wears gloves and says you started the game and I will end it. She takes the powder in her hands and puts it in his tshirt. Kabir walks towards his room. She hears him and hides.

He sees his tshirt fallen on the ground and thinks how. He looks around. He goes to have a bath. Prashant says I m sorry, can you avoid this wall. Saras says yes, we will hang this somewhere else. Prashant says thanks, I m going to buy things, if you need anything, I can bring. Kumud says no, we have everything. Prashant leaves. Saras says why did he ask us not to hang it here. Kumud says don’t know. She asks him to hang it in room. Saras does it.

He smiles seeing the house set up and says now lets rest. He lies on the sofa and she smiles beating him with a cushion. She says get up, there is lots of work. He asks what. She says we have to take Mata ji’s blessings, where to keep the idol. He says room. She says no, in hall. They start arguing. Saras says lets do a toss. She says fine. They toss and Saras wins cheating. She beats him says cheater, what do you think I m. He says fine, we will do where you say, I want a big smart TV for me. She says you won’t be at home, and I don’t watch tv, why to buy big tv.

He says I have to watch cricket matches on big tv. She says fine, waste your money. She says ok, I will buy washing machine and microwave. He says I need a sofa cum bed so that I can sleep when you fight. She scolds him. He says its my mistake, I fight with you, but I need it to sleep. She says fine, buy it. He says I was thinking to have a SUV car. She says we are two people, why to take big car. He says when Ratnagiri people come, we need a big car. She says they won’t come together, we should take a small car. They argue. He says I want a eight seater car.

Kabir wears the tshirt and Anushka looks on. She smiles as she has put the itching powder. Kabir starts itching and says why is it itching all of a sudden. She laughs. He turns and sees her. She comes to him laughing. He says so you did this. She says I did not do anything, this did it, and shows him the itching powder. He says are you not ashamed to do this. She says were you not ashamed when you came in my room being a ghost, you felt I will run away. He says shut up and itches. He removes the tshirt and throws it.

Guniyal comes and asks Kabir when did you come. She says wear the tshirt, aunty came. Kabir says its hot so. She says fine, are you fine. He says its hot. Anushka teases him. Badimaa comes and says you both are here, come to have food. Kabir says I will just come. Anushka says come with us now. Badimaa says yes, we can talk. Kabir says I will come later. Anushka insists and smiles. Kabir wears the same tshirt again. She says yes and laughs.

Kumud asks Saras what to do about food and finds him not at home. She gets worried and calls him. He comes from behind her. She screams and he gets shocked. He says I went to have snacks and told you. He says I brought veg food, lets have it. She says I will wash my hands and come. He says I will make you eat by my hands. Saras is about to make her eat but the bell rings. He says I will see, wait I will come back and make you eat. A man comes and says do you want newspaper, as you are new here. Saras says yes, but come tomorrow.

He resumes to make her eat and again the bell rings. He says wait, you don’t eat, I will make you eat. The man says I m cable man, do you want cable. Saras says yes, come tomorrow. He comes back and makes her eat, the bell rings again. They shout no one is at home come tomorrow and laugh. He says eat it fast and the bell rings again. He says Kumud, you don’t eat, I will make you eat. She gets angry and says you sit here, I will see, don’t eat. She goes to check.

Kumud opens the door and a maid Sangeeta comes, asking for Rs 3000 as pay. Kumud says we did not call anyone. She says a house can’t run without me. She sees Saras and smiles asking do you stay here. He says I m her husband. She asks can I come from tomorrow. Kumud says we don’t need you. Saras says keep her, she will help you. Kumud looks at him angrily and says we don’t need her. The maid leaves. At Desai house, everyone have lunch together. Kabir does itching. Vidyachatur asks what happened. Kabir says no. Anushka teases him and laughs.

Badimaa says use powder. Kabir says no, thanks. Yash’s mum says use neem. Vidyachatur says we bath daily. Everyone laughs. Yash asks Danny about his meeting. Danny says went on fine. He asks Kabir whats the problem. Kabir says nothing, I will just come, I will change the tshirt. Anushka says I finished and goes after him. Saras says eat this now, his phone rings. Kumud gets upset. He says you don’t eat, I will make you eat. He answers the call. He says now? Fine, I will come. Kumud asks what happened. He says I have to go now. He says eat this now. She says no, I don’t want. He says don’t be angry. She makes him eat. He smiles and hugs her thanking and saying sorry. He leaves.

A man comes and says Saras called for a test drive. She says you said you will buy big car, but this is small car. Another man comes for SUV test drive. Saras is surprised as Kumud says your choice can’t be wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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