Saraswatichandra 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras saying Danny why can’t he say he is going to meet Kusum. Everyone is stunned and smile. Danny says this is not right, what you are doing with Bhabhi. Badimaa says why are you doing this with my daughter. Vidyachatur says doctor said we have to bring Kumud out of this trauma, else it can be dangerous for her. Saras tells about his acting, and he has to do this to bring her out of this trauma, else she can’t be away from me and not even I can. The FB scene shows everyone talking to Saras in the ICU when he got conscious.

Saras says he is fine and asked for Kumud. Guniyal says you take rest. Saras asks again. Badimaa says she….. Saras says Maai, swear on me and tell me where is Kumud. Why did she not come here. Is she fine? Badimaa says she feels all this happened because of her, so she is adamant she won’t come infront of you. Saras asks why. Vidyachatur says you talk to her. Saras says I know her more than myself, she is very stubborn, she took the blame on her, she will not come infront of me. Badimaa says what to do now. Saras says I know what to do.

The current scene shows Badimaa saying its your mum Saraswati’s blessings that you survived after falling from so much height. Saras says you are right, its her and yours blessings, but I have to do this for Kumud, I have to make sure to her that nothing wrong can happen in my life because of her. He says we will always be together. Badimaa says I have faith, you will get her rid of her fears. Vidyachatur says don’t worry, we all are with you. We wish to see you both together like before, without any fear or regret.

Saras promises that he will bring smile on her face back. He says she will realize that fate also wants us to be together and will never get apart. He asks them not to worry, as their Saras is back. Saras smiles. Kumud is crying. Anushka gives her water and says Kusum is bringing boiled milk for you. She says you know how much Saras loves you, his state is not normal now. She says don’t know what does Lord want, I wanted to go far from Saras, maybe this is why fate made me away from him.

Anushka says Lord has given you a chance to relive your life. Kumud smiles and says you are right, I will make Saras revive all our love memories, if this is his second birth, he will love only Kumud. Anushka smiles. Its morning, Saras sees Kumud and starts acting s if he is hurt. She asks do you want anything. He says clothes. She says she will help. He says no, why did you come again. She says I did not come here to stay, I brought this laptop for you, as you will be bored being alone.

He says I don’t want. He acts and she holds his hand. He thinks if she gets closer, then he can’t act. She makes him sit on the bed and asks will you listen to any story, maybe your anger can get calm. He asks do you think am I a small kid. She says not kids’s story, but a guy and girl’s love story. She shows him some points of their love story. He thinks and asks is this the end or beginning, that the guy refused to marry the girl. She says its starting, and its special.

He questions. She says some details of their starting love story and says that guy had tons of attitude. Saras makes face. He asks did the guy meet her before. She says no. He says so he said no. She praises the girl and says people called her Tez Dhaar. He says talking about girl or knife. She says girl. He asks then what did she reply. She challenged him to come and refuse infront of her dad. He says then this would have not happened. She asks why. He says they did not meet each other, he was from Dubai and girl from small village.

She says will you hear the story or not. He says yes. She says yes, and says girl loved her family and village a lot, she taught kids at school, wrote poetry, she was other name of happiness. He asks then what, when did Saras come Ratnagiri. She says I did not say guy’s name was Saras, how did you know. He says you said Saras came from Dubai, else how would I know, ok tell me what happened then. She says the girl decided not to show her face. She says think what happened between them. He thinks he got saved. She thinks did she really take Saras’ name or did he getting some links.

He says I know what happened, they fell in love, our love is complete and we will be together even if there are many problems. I love you so much. Anushka cries seeing Avinash’s pic. She says I m sorry Avi, I m not with you on Rakshabandhan day. She waits for Rohit’s call who permits her to meet him today. Rohit calls her and she says fine, I will come there, trust me I did not tell anyone. He ends the call. She wipes her tears to leave.

Anushka comes to meet Rohit. He says you will free him just after one more work. He asks her to go and meet him, but no smartness. She sees Avinash tied and infront of the goons. She hugs him. Avinash asks her to free him as he does not like to be in this place anymore. He is afraid of them. Danny and Kabir come there. Danny says we will take you now. Rohit is shocked and looks at them. He says Anushka you cheated me. Kabir says talk to us. Danny asks him why is he doing it, what rivalry he has with them. Danny and Kabir beat the goons and Rohit too.

Anushka protects Avinash. She frees his hands. Danny asks Rohit for whom is he doing it. Rohit says I will say and runs. The goons also run with him. Danny asks Anushka not to cry and asks Avinash is he fine. Anushka looks at Kabir.

Rohit comes to some woman in jail and says sorry, I can’t do this work, I m going out for few days as it will be a problem for both of us, if they catch me, we both will not be saved.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. oh so romantic naughty saras luv ur acting luv u so much 🙂 😉

  2. thank god tht SARAS n his family is actually acting in front of kumud 🙂 I thought tht SARAS has really his memory 🙂

  3. sorry “lost” his memory :p not write the word :p

  4. guman is the ‘woman in jail’.

    she hates Kumud ….

  5. who the hell is that man in the picture doent even know him

  6. harshitha reddy

    yaar ghumaan again i guess…………oh my poor danny hezz nt gonna digest dis dis tym…………..plzz kill ghumaan………..nd juzz show cute scenes of dansum samud nd anubir……….

  7. Is it gjumaan

    I really hateeeees her

  8. I think this is the last chapter of this show,, they gonna show guman taking revange and then end the show,

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