Saraswatichandra 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras holding a goon and asking Sunanda where is Kumud, tell me else I will kill him. Sunanda smiles and says fine kill him, then she will die there. She asks him to be smart and leave him. She says your lovely wife is with me, but alive, don’t try to take her, else………. She says if you hurt my men, then your wife will also be hurt and you won’t be able to hear her scream, we have kept her with love, go silently, and we will keep her fine. She asks Samru to show the way to Saras. Kabir walks in Vidyachatur’s room and takes the keys. Vidyachatur and Guniyal are sleeping. He opens their cupboard and checks some files. He gets a file and keeps the keys back. He leaves. Guniyal gets up and looks around. She goes to sleep.

Sunanda comes to Kumud

and says there is good news. She says Saras came again, but our goons stopped him and treated him well. Kumud asks where is he, what did you do with him. Sunanda says this is love, he was also dying to meet you. Kumud asks where is he. Sunanda says we let him go, but where will he go leaving you, if he comes back again then……. Kumud says you will have to pay a big price. Sunanda says he said the same, we will not do anything to him but you will wera the ghungroos today.Sunanda says if you don’t listen to me today, then understand he will be lost before you, lets see you love whom, your wish or husband’s life. Kumud cries. Sunanda says did you understand, till you dance, Saras will be fine, be ready with this. She leaves.

Kumud gets worried. Saras is upset thinking what to do now. Saras tells Majnu he does not understand what to do now, if he go again, Kumud’s life will be at risk and if he does not go then….. Majnu says everything will be fine, keep hope. Its morning, Vidyachatur says Saras is not reachable, Danny also left Kusum here, whats going on. Guniyal says lets go to temple, we will get some peace. He asks Badimaa to come with them. Badimaa says no, I will wait at home for any news from Kumud and Saras. They leave. Majnu gives Saraas his phone after charging it. Badimaa thinks to call Saras. She calls him.

Saras gets her call. He talks to her. Badimaa asks him are you fine. Saras says yes. She asks about Kumud. He says yes, I found out about her. He tells her everything. Badimaa is shocked. He says don’t worry, I will bring Kumud. She says I will tell everyone and we all are coming there. He says no, these people are dangerous. She says you won’t go there alone, we can’t leave you, they can do anything, we are coming with police. He says no, Kumud came here to find about Ghuman. Badimaa says Ghuman? He says yes, Danny won’t bear that Ghuman did dance, if he knows, don’t know how he will react, don’t tell him anything. He says we will find that secret once we get Kumud. She asks him how will he do all this alone. He says I have your blessings. He asks how is Danny. Badimaa does not tell him thinking Saras will be more worried knowing about Danny.

She says Danny is fine, you take care and keep calling, we all are worried. She ends the call. Majnu asks what did you think now. he says we would have gone there as guests if they did not see you. Saras gets the idea and takes him. Dancer Kusum brings the clothes for Kumud and asks her to get ready, she asks what will you do now. Kumud cries. She leaves. Kumud looks at the clothes and turns.

Sunanda welcomes the guests. She tells them about the new girl. Sunanda sends Kajal to bring Kumud. Kumud comes and everyone clap seeing her in ghunghat. Saras comes there dressed in Sheikh’s clothes with Majnu. Saras looks at Kumud. Kumud sings Man mohana……………. kanha suno na……………. Sunanda is shocked. Jugnu also hears her and smiles. Sunanda asks Kajal why is kumud singing a bhajan, did you not teach her anything, the guests did not come to hear this. Sunanda looks at Saras. Kumud cries and does salaam. Saras claps. Everyone claps for her. Kumud is taken inside.

Lalit praises Kumud. Jugnu says I said I m doing the arrangements of money, could you not wait for one day. Sunanda says can’t you see, her price is increasing. She talks to Saras and says it looks like this new girl won your heart. Saras signs Majnu to talk on his behalf. Majnu says that girl won his heart. He says it does not look that the girl came by her wish. Sunanda says now she is here, maybe this her fate. Majnu says her eyes show she listen to her heart and she will not stay here for much days. Saras looks at Sunanda.

Menka asks Kabir did he forget his aim being with Ghuman. Kabir says no, I have to take revenge, just one thing left for her, then she will do what I want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guman’s dance was a secret to who???? Didn’t the writers bother to watch the early episodes of the show????

  2. Boring and stupid.

  3. Yes even Danny knows his mom used dance. I remember Pramad telling him and danny getting angry.

  4. I think Danny is not nandhu’s son

    1. I hope that is the sectret. Danny is stupid like his mom.

  5. I think Danny is not nandhu’s son..Ghuman trapped nandhu sayin that she is pregent …it’s a guess

  6. Lol stupid drama

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