Saraswatichandra 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud entering the house and they are shocked to see the decorations. Kumud asks whats happening. Kusum asks where she was and takes Kumud. Everyone are seen busy with the work. Vidyachatur tells Kumud’s mother that the day have come that Kumud’s proposal is getting fixed and Saras would become his son-in-law. Kumari says then he will be her official jija ji. Saras looks speechless. Ghuman smiles.

Kumari tells Saras that today they are going to make their relation concrete infront of many guests. Saras gets shocked. Kumari leaves. Saras moves forward to talk to Ghuman and Vidyachatur comes in between saying did he like his surprise. He says this is Ghuman’s plan. Saras looks at her.

Ghuman says she knew whats good for Saras. Yash’s mother gives respect to Ghuman.
Saras asks Kumud’s mother where she knew everything and if she knew, why didn’t she stop. She says it is not easy. Saras says sorry. She says he has to understand his real responsibilities then he will mean sorry. He would have not written letter to Kumud, not told his parents. Because of Kumud and you, this house is going to pay a lot.

Saras goes to Ghuman and asks her also about the same thing. Why she did this? Ghuman says she has seen some chemistry between them so she thought it is a yes from Saras’s side and his heart has changed.
Ghuman pretends as if she did not know anything. Saras says he didn’t change, he was going to tell everyone.

Ghuman acts infront of Saras. Saras gets angry on her saying that she need not do anything now, he will take care of everything. Ghuman asks her to keep in mind about the friendship of his dad and Vidyachatur.

Kumud says she can’t hide the truth from her father.
Vidyachatur angrily calls Kumud, as Ghuman has told him everything. Saras thinks why Ghuman told Vidyachatur. He says he was like her friend and she cheated him by hiding such a big thing. Kumud says she was not willing to hide. Saras says he was also going to tell him.
Vidyachatur is shattered because of them both. He asks why she has hidden. Kumud says that she could not see his heart broken and shatter his dreams.

Vidyachatur says he has seen more world than her. Badimaa, Kumud’s mother and all others come there.
Vidyachatur becomes over emotional and feels very sad. Kumud cries with him. Kumud’s mother intervenes saying they wanted to tell but the situation was like this. He gets much more shocked that even his wife knew about it and she helped Kumud in hiding the talk.

He feels that his wife and daughter does not trust him so they hid it from him. He feels devastated. Kumud says that she trusts him the most and she apologises to him. He shouts that she has to see him like this as this is the truth. He does not want to listen anything else.
Kumud cries a lot. Vidyachatur leaves. Kumud tries to stop him while crying. Saras looks on as Ghuman smiles.

Kumari and Kusum try to calm down Kumud giving her hope. Saras tells he will explain to her father and he will forgive her. Kumud says he will not forgive her and cries. She says he will never forget that she lied to him. She has lost his trust today. He says see i have given you pain thats why I said no to you.

Kumud’s mother also cries and Vidyachatur will not forgive her but what would she do, how could she tell him that his dreams will be shattered and Saras has said No to Kumud. She has broken his faith.
Kusum says it is not her mistake. He will forgive when his anger becomes down. She says maybe he will forgive Kumud, but not her. Chandrika says they will talk to Vidyachatur.

Badimaa comes to Kumud while Saras is standing there. Badimaa says Saras is not looking Saraswati’s son but Laxminandan’s son. He does not know the pain of heart. He should not hurt Kumud like that.
Kumud cries sitting there. Kumud’s mother scolds Saras as he should not show more bad day than this to Kumud. She says he has written the letter, right? He keeps quiet. He came here without informing Laxminandan. He is responsible for Kumud’s situation. She asks him to go. He answers yes.

Kumud hugs her mother and cries. Ghuman is celebrating her victory over Kumud and Saras. Badimaa comes there. Ghuman reminds her of twenty years ago. Guests leave and they got insulted. Ghuman wanted this. Badimaa asks her not to worry about Kumud. Badimaa says her she will be shattered if she try to hurt her family.

Saras walks out of the house. Kumud keeps on crying. Saras runs on the road. He stops somewhere and thinks he never wanted to hurt Kumud and talks to his mother to show him some way.

Ghuman says Saras lets go back. If they stay further, Kumud will get more hurt. Saras thinks while Kumari is stunned to hear this…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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