Saraswatichandra 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud saying she did not have any option, she was afraid. Saras says you did not leave Maa. Kumud says she wanted to make Maa fine. Saraswati says you passed in this test and asks what would you have done if I did not become fine, would you leave Chandra. Kumud says my love can’t be bigger than Maa’s love. Everyone smile. Saraswati says your happiness is my happiness. Kumud says Saras troubles me a lot. Saras says me, and says Kumud is a fightercock. Danny defends Kumud. Kumud thanks Danny. Saras asks Danny to tell the truth. Kumud says if I complain about Saras, it will be night. Saras says you are lying, did you forget my gifts, surprises, even I cooked for her. Kumud says so what.

Kumud says ask him not to fight, I have headache. Saraswati says my bahu loves you a lot, she was giving her suhaag to make me fine, tell me if its not love. Saras says he also loves her a lot. Saraswati says whats it to just say, she proved her love, now you also do something. Kumud says yes. Saras says fine, I will do what you say. Saraswati says I just want you to keep my bahu very happy, do something that no one did for anyone till now. Saras asks what. Saraswati says think and tell us in morning. Kumud says lets go and rest. They leave. Saras asks everyone for an idea. Vidyachatur asks him to think all night and they laugh.

Danny says all the best. Saras asks Badimaa to give any idea, as he knows she loves him a lot. She says I m feeling sleepy, so mind is not working, you think. They all leave. Saras says think now, else tomorrow will be a bad day. Saraswati talks to Vidyachatur and says Lord has brought me back to my family. He says yes, and he is calling Nandu but can’t connect. He says its Nandu’s call. She gets annoyed. Vidyachatur says Bhabhi is fine, talk to her. She signs no and cries. He says its time to unite relations now, he have missed you a lot, I know he did big mistakes, but you can’t forget relations, fight, scold him, but talk to him.

She takes the phone and asks how is he. Saras smiles standing in the window. Kumud comes to him and asks what are you seeing. He holds her hand and says happiness came in our house after long, I m in peace seeing Maa fine. She says you always felt she is with you, and now she is back. He says did he not win her heart anytime. She says many times. They smile. She says but Maa gave you challenge and she was looking happy, so I supported her. He says fine, I think you are insecure, I love Maa a lot and you too, your place is in danger now, are you afraid that you will be alone. She says you know Maa is in my team, so your place is in danger, you should be afraid. He says tell me what to do. She says Maa said surprise, good night. He says surprise?

Its morning, Danny does pushups and Yash counts. Badimaa talks to Saraswati. Saras comes and sees everyone happy. Badimaa, Saraswati and Vidyachatur play like in childhood. Saras says he is in problem, don’t anyone care for me. They say no. Saras says don’t joke, give me any idea to win Kumud’s heart. Badimaa asks him to think. Saras asks Danny to give any idea. Danny says yes, I will think. He says he has solid idea. Saras says tell me. Danny says I thought that you take her to London on trip. Saras says is this your idea, I know Kumud will not like this. Yash says he has an idea, you gift her a necklace.

Guniyal says Kumud won’t like money or jewellery, her heart wants love. Saras says don’t fight, I want an idea. Danny says take her to movie and dinner. Saras says I did this. Vidyachatur says fine, make something for her. Saras says he made Gajar ka halwa for her. Saraswati says get a beautiful saree for her. Saras says its all done. I have to do something that I win her heart, something very special. They ask him to think and resume their game. Saras says why would I ask you all if I could think, what to do.

Saras asks where is Kumud, Yash says in garden. Saras says he has a good plan. Everyone ask what. Saras says she will hear it. He gets pain in his stomach and Badimaa cares for him. Danny hugs Saraswati. Badimaa beats him saying don’t I love you. Danny runs. Danny falls and gets hurt. Everyone get worried. Danny laughs and runs again. Badimaa gets tired. Kumud comes and asks what happened, and goes to get water. Badimaa asks whats the plan. Saras says you are unwell, no plan now. She says she is fine. She forgot she got old. She asks the plan. Saras tells them the plan.

Saras talks to Kumud ad blindfolds her saying about the surprise. She asks whats all this. He says it’s the surprise, come. He takes her out and opens the ribbon. She smiles seeing the balloons in the jeep. He makes her sit. Yash asks her sit and drives. Saras sings and dances on the song Itti si hasi………………. He gives her flowers. Everyone join Saras and Kumud smiles. Saras gives her balloons named Kumud and Saras. She too sings with him. Everyone give her family pic frames. Saras hugs Kumud.

Saras and Kumud are on a date. They take selfie.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I m waiting for laxminandan and saraswati to unite and see ghuman getting divorced and shattered

  2. arey wow wow saras ur suprise is asusual amazing man.and i dont get y always saras anything for kumud.even kumud can do anything special for saras right guys.but koi baath nayi saras u rocks.and kumud for god sake plz change ur outfit yaar.u should look nice beside plz change ur dressing style yaar.

  3. I think showing the scene where saras felt pain in his stomach was not pointless !!! I beleive they are making the viewers ready for his death ..

  4. kanika solanki

    Yes amy is right it is not pointless bt plz dont die saras plz bt also dont end the show …….

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