Saraswatichandra 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud seeing Mumbai city. They see a library and Kumud is happy. They leave to go somewhere else. She says you know I was afraid to come here, we came two days back and this city looks ours. She says Saras, we are for each other. She says I can walk all life holding your hand. He says till I have your hand in my hand, everything will be fine. They stand at the sea shore. More piya………….plays………… They come to the flat getting the NOC. Saras says yes, we had our date too in Mumbai. Danny says internet came, I will mail pics and marriage certificate. Saras says I got it.

Danny says you should have told me, I was trying since morning. Saras says I forgot. I took Kumud on first date in Mumbai, it was fun. He says I mailed you pics, show it to everyone. Danny says remember us, bye. Saras and Kumud knock the door and Prashant opens the door. Saras says I m sorry for coming late. Prashant says no, I m sorry to meet you late, come in. Saras says no, we don’t want to trouble you. We got the NOC. Prashant gives him the keys. Saras and Kumud smile and thank him.

Prashant gives him the bags. Kumud thanks him. Prashant says you are welcome and gives some odd expressions. He says let me know if you have any problem or need anything. Saras and Kumud leave. Prashant looks at Kumud and thinks something. He shuts the door. Scene at Desai House: Everyone see the Mumbai pics in Danny’s phone and likes the pics. Yash’s mum asks who took the pic when they are in the pic. Danny says its selfie. Yash explains them the pic that you can take. Danny shows them taking a pic. Yash’s mum is happy.

Yash asks where is Kabir. Danny says I did not see him, his phone is also not connecting, don’t know where he went. Danny asks Anushka did she see Kabir. She says no, that’s why my mood is fine. Danny says where did he go. Anushka comes in her room and is relaxed. She goes to change. Saras asks Kumud to open the door. She says no, you do. He says you have made me like this, now you have to manage me and this house. She says great, it looks like this is Mumbai’s magic. He says yes, it made me romantic.

She smiles and opens the door. Kumud smiles goes seeing the webs. She tells it to Saras. He looks at the spider webs and says it was not here when we came here before. What to do now. She says we have to clean the house. He says fine, tomorrow, as its Sunday. She says its unlucky to have spider webs at home. He takes her to the bedroom. Anushka sees the window closed and thinks how did it close. The lights flicker and she gets tensed.

The door opens and she gets on the bed asking who is it. Kabir enters wearing a bad horrible mask. She puts the torch on him and asks him not to come closer. Kabir scares her. She says what did I do to you, go back to your haveli. She hides her face and sees him in the mirror. She sees his legs and identifies him. She thinks now the real ghost will come. Kumud and Saras come in the bedroom and find it very dusty. Saras says it was good yesterday, how did it become so bad today. He makes Kumud go out of the room.

Anushka starts acting. Kabir thinks what is she doing. He laughs. Anushka lights a candle. Kabir asks her to go else he will not leave her alive. She recites a mantra. He thinks what is this madness. Anushka smiles and says I can feel Titla Titla. She says so when are you a ghost, since when? Kabir says 5000 years. She says then you will know Akbar. Kabir says who Akbar. She says you don’t know Akbar, the Moghal King. Kabir thinks what is this nonsense. She asks where do you live. He says don’t make me angry.

She asks do you get scared of ghosts. He says why, how can ghosts be scared of ghosts. She says why not, if a human get scared of human. She says wait, there is another ghost here, my grandma, see that ghost and talk to him. Kabir says whats happening. Anushka says I know he is a coward ghost, no Dadimaa don’t do anything, what, I should hit him with this vase. Kabir leaves thinking she is mad. Anushka laughs and says I made you leave from my room, how will you make me leave this house.

Saras brings Kumud inside closing her eyes. He says this is our royal suite for tonight. He brings her in the balcony and she says will we sleep here. He says yes. She says will we sleep in balcony, no, lets go inside. He says please, lets sleep here. She says people will see us from that building. He says everyone are busy in themselves. She says no, it would have been better if we stayed in hotel. Saras says only we are here, and they won’t see us. She agrees. Saras smiles. They lie on the ground looking at the stars. She says thank you, its beautiful.

She says the city is strange, runs whole day, but this sky is same for everyone, peaceful. Saras says I was thinking when we are becomes happy, the stars come to us. He says like they want to fulfill our every wish and when we are sad, they go far. She says then it means the stars are with me, I wish to catch it and keep it with me. Mann ke dor………….plays……… They look at each other holding hands. Kumud says she is tried. Saras sees she slept and looks at her. Its morning, Kabir talks to Mehra and says Danny and I are coming. Everyone are having breakfast. Kabir asks Danny to come. Guniyal says then you should have come for breakfast early. Danny says I will eat on the way.

Guniyal asks what about Kabir. He says I m getting late. She says have this in the way. Danny says selfie to Yash’s mum and they smile. Yash’s mum says great, come home soon and I will take out my new saree. They leave. Anushka thinks Mr Ghost, I will show you.

Kumud asks Saras what to do about food. She calls Saras and he comes from behind her. She gets scared seeing him. They argue. He brings food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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