Saraswatichandra 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum telling Kumud that the Lord has chosen for Saras, how could I think Saras would be mine, I m your shadow and should be the witness of your love, but I became the enemy of your love, I was blind and selfish. She says is this the punishment for me, why did the Lord not kill me. Kumud says don’t say this. Kusum says why did you agree to my terms when I asked for Saras. She sits in Kumud’s feet and apologizes to her for everything she did. She says I could not think you have to do all this for me, I can’t never forgive myself, how will you forgive me. Kumud pacifies her. Kusum tells Saras I don’t deserve your love, I had some space in your heart which I lost today. You were right about me, I don’t deserve anyone, punish me more.

Saras holds

her hand and says Kusum, now its not needed, everything is fine now. Kumud and everyone smile. Kumud says no one is annoyed with you. Kusum says there is someone who should have been annoyed with me always, but he did not, I have to apologize to him. She goes to Danny and says I should have known whats love seeing you, I have hurt you a lot, but you have always taken care of my wounds, I m unlucky that I was getting a lovely husband in my friend but I did not value you and wasted time in hatred, I m sorry. Danny says maybe for this day, when you should tell me what I m to you, He hugs Kusum.

Kumud looks at Saras and smiles. Badimaa says today hatred failed and love won. Kusum hugs her parents. Vidyahchatur is very happy. Kusum says whatever happened, the result is still pending. She takes Kumud’s hand and gives it to Saras. She says I m happy today and I want to tell you to hold my Didi’s hand forever. Saras and Kumud look at each other and smile. Everyone are happy. Mora piya……………….. plays……………. Kusum says no one is there between you two, no Pramad and no Kusum, before going to Dubai, fulfill the promise which you did to my sister. She says marry my Didi. Everyone smile.

Saras gives a cute smile and looks at Kumud. Guniyal says this is my Kusum and says the Lord has sent my both daughters back and hugs them. Kalika thinks they need a reason to forgive each other. Dada ji says great, now we will make Saras and Kumud marry. Badimaa comes with the sweets and makes everyone have it. Dada ji says see, they are looking so good together. Badimaa asks them to take Dada ji’s blessings. They greet Dada ji and he blesses everyone. Yash’s mum talks about Yash and Kalika. She is annoyed as Kalika and Yash don’t get any importance. Kalika says leave it, its fine, our number won’t come.

Kusum taunts Kalika. Kalika acts sweet and says I m hearing the wedding sound, we will wiat for the day when you sisters go from this house happily and go to your husband’s house. Kusum says we will be together forever. Kusum hugs Kumud. Kumud says I thought I lost my Kusum. Kusum says how can it be, your shadow will be always with you, it can never leave you. Danny says Saras, did you officially propose her. Dada ji asks Saras to propose Kumud, lets see what she says. Saras says you all know everything. Vidyachatur says we don’t know anything. Everyone encourage Saras to propose Kumud. Badimaa takes Saras’s side and says he is a prince. She says ask for Kumud’s hand, lets fix the marriage today.

Saras says fine and goes to Kumud. He says Kumud, will you marry me? Everyone say its looking like a business deal. Everyone tease Saras and asks Saras to say it perfectly. Yash shows some flowers and says this is not done without any flowers and chocolates and also not on your knees. Saras sits on his knees and takes the flowers and chocolates from Yash and Danny and proposes to Kumud. He says since I saw you, you come in my dreams daily, will you marry me and come to my house forever, will you?

Kumud smiles. Everyone looks on. Kusum asks Kumud not to say yes so soon. O piya…………….. plays………………. Kumud accepts the chocolates and flowers and makes Saras get up. She says no. Saras asks why no. Kumud says because I get so much love here, why should I go there. Dada ji says Saras loves you a lot. Kumud says I will have to cook there, here I don’t have anything here. Badimaa says come on say yes. Yash says Didi, say yes, he proposed so well. Danny says Saras can propose only you, say yes. Dada ji says say yes, we will keep your engagement after Sankranti.

Kumud says if he can prove he loves me more than my family on Sankranti, then I will see. Kusum and Badimaa says we are from Saras’s side. Kumud says I will do the engagement with you if you can love me more than they do. Saras asks what would I have to do. She says you have to win over me in flying kites. Saras says what. Kumud says if you defeat me, I m yours, else you keep coming here. Saras says give any other competition. Badimaa says don’t request to her. Danny says accept the challenge. Saras agrees and says whats the big deal, its simple.

Danny says I m with you. Kusum says even I m with you, Badimaa says me too. Dada ji says so it will be decided on Sankranti. Saras says Miss Kumud, I will definitely make you Mrs. Saraswtichandra. She says will see and smiles. They form groups. Kumud and Saras look at each other and smile.

Kalika comes to Yash’s mum and cares for her knee pain. She says you are so unwell and no one cares. She fills her ears and says even when you told everyone about us, no one gave us importance, they are playing a game, and no one invited us. Yash’s mum is annoyed. Kalika says you have a son and a bahu, I will make you get your right. Yash’s mum asks why. Kalika says they won’t be able to rule over law, is there any will. Yash’s mum says yes. Kalika says then bring it to me, I will name everything on my name, I mean on yours and Yash’s name. Bring it to me once, then everyone will listen to you. Kalika smiles.

Saras and Kumud have a romantic moment. Mora piya…………. plays as they get closer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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