Saraswatichandra 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud taking out water from the well and crying. She hurts herself. Badimaa and Guniyal see her and asks her to stop it. They run to Kumud and stops her. Badimaa says what are you doing, why are you punishing yourself. Kumud says I want Mukti from every feeling. Badimaa says this can’t happen, you know it. Kumud says its not happening by me. Guniyal says try. Kumud says he is everywhere, even when I breathe, even when I see. Badimaa says then why did you punish yourself and Saras. Kumud says I did not do this, it was the fate. Guniyal says don’t do this. Kumud says no mum, when Saras came back, I took Pramad’s responsibility, and now when Saras is with Kusum, I m still with Pramad’s responsibility. She says I m tired Badimaa, what should I do.


comes to Pramad and says I showed pity on you and permitted you to stay here, bt you made my daughter kidnapped, I can’t let you stay here. I know Saras does not have anything to do with this, you are the reason behind everything. Yash asks Kalika do you love me. Kalika fools him in her words and says i love you a lot. He says then you can do anything for me right. She says what. he says there is someone who has sent the MMS, I have to find out, I need your support. Kalika says I m with you, don’t worry. She hugs Yash and thinks even she has to find it about it.

Kusum is sitting on the bed and waiting for her husband to come to her. Kusum smiles and walks towards the wall and sees Saras’s photo. She talks to it and says I have seen your love for Didi and maybe thats why I fell in love with you, I hope you will fulfill this relation with honesty. She hears footsteps and closes her eyes. Its Saras in the hall. he thinks of talking to Danny, maybe he will take him wrong, but before that he will also have to talk to Kumud.

Pramad gets ready and takes his bag to leave from Desai house. He walks out at night and sees Kumud… Kumud comes to him and he says let me go Kumud, it would be good for everyone, see I have snatched Saras from you. Kumud says Saras did his duty by marrying Kusum, now its my turn, I will go with you to America for your treatment. Pramad is shocked. Kusum is still waiting for Saras in her room and thinks how will I go infront of him. Someone comes and she gets nervous. She closes her eyes and says I would not be able to tell you looking in your eyes that you have given me life holding my hand. Its Danny. He says I knew this, you are the only one in my life.

Kusum is shocked looking at Danny. Danny smiles. Pramad says no Kumud, don’t say this, don’t give me any hope to live. He says I don’t have any right on you now. He says see, I will be feeling to ask you something again. He gives her the mangalsutra and says its my wish to see you wearing this. Kumud looks at him. Kumud says the mangalsutra broke twice, once to save your life and once my life. Pramad says because that time, I did not know its significance, but now I know it. Saras comes there and throws the mangalsutra. Kumud and Pramad are shocked to see him.

Pramad picks the mangalsutra and …… says atleast respect this, if not me. Saras says everyone know how much you respect it. Kumud says why did you come here now. Saras says for you and for sending Pramad out of here forever. Kumud says you should be with Kusum now. Saras says we should be with the one whom we love and Kusum is with the one who loves her by heart.

Kumud says what are you saying, Kusum is waiting for you. Saras says you know it very well, I can’t live without you. Kumud says Kusum is your wife now. Saras says she is not my wife, Kusum is Danny’s wife. Kumud and Pramad are shocked. Danny tells Kusum that he is her husband and thanks her for coming in his life. Kusum is speechless and looks at him. Danny hugs her. Kusum says does Diid know that i married you. Danny says ofcourse. Saras says Danny was in the mandap, I was not with her. He says Danny did all the rituals with her. Pramad says but Kusum loves you, don’t you know. Saras looks at him angrily.

Pramad leaves from there. Kumud cannot believe this and says you are lying, I saw the smiley on your hand. Saras says yes, you would have seen, but it was Danny’s hand. He says I made it. The scene shows Saras talking to Danny and asking him to trust him. He says I did not know I would get you married like this. Danny says its great, i would need your blessings. Saras has then drawn the smiley on his hand. Kumud says does Danny know what you did. Kumud says you are her love. Saras shouts I m not her love.

Saras says you told that your sister does not get the fate like you. Kumud argues with him. He says I could not ruined four loves for one. He says even if I married Kusum, what about Danny, he would have broken up and we would have died. He says would Kusum live happy with me, she would have died like my mum. He says I made one decision, and for that…. Kumud says for that you ruined my sister’s life. Saras says Danny will give her much love and she will forget me. Kumud says you have cheated me, Kusum and Danny. Saras is shocked.

Pramad tells Kumud that Danny called and told that Kusum……

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. thank god tat saras made a nice decision………….

  2. I thnk danny nd khusum got married it was wonderful twist…

  3. it is a very nice twist in kusum’s marriage:) but how will kusum & kumud take it is also a big twist:(

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