Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri and Mausi comes to table which had been divided too. Dadi tells her to eat at their own side, and the Ramdeen will serve them. Bittu cheers when KT comes and stands up happily to go to him. Mausi stands up to stop him but Gaytri holds her hand. Dadi tells Bittu that there is also the same food as here’s. KT keeps hand on Dadi’s and she allows Bittu.

Gunjan brings Gajar ka Halwa for Mayank. He denies taking it, she asks him why he didn’t tell her he is going for a conference; Mayank looks at her skeptically. She tells him that mummy ji just told her about it. He says ‘very funny’ and leave.

Gunjan looks at her mobile and is shocked to see Mayank’s missed calls and messages.
Mausi see a stairs stand in the lounge. She gets an idea and calls Bittu. She tells him that she brought it so that Bittu goes up on it and looks at the whole house. He heads to play with it, while she leaves for an urgent work. Bittu fells down in the quest to ride it, and shouts with a bruise on his forehead. KT looks at him and runs towards his direction. He was about to cross the line when Dadi holds his hand back and calls Raam Deen to get the first aid box.

Gunjan says sorry to Mayank telling him she was busy and just looked at her phone. Mayank says that she consider only her work as work and goes to sleep.
Dadi tells KT that love should be done to limits. He says that Bittu fall by his head, they must take him to doctor in the morning. She agrees.

In the morning Gunjan asks had everyone done the breakfast, I thought I will make the breakfast today. Seema tells her that only Mayank has done it, as he had to leave. Gunjan wonders why he didn’t wake her up. She tries his number but it was switched off. ‘

KT tries to convince Bittu, telling them that he will consult the best doctor for him. Mausi and Gayatri were worried. Rachna calls KT to ask about Bittu’s shout, he tells her he will call her in the evening and promises Bittu his favorite ice-cream.

Mayank was worried that he forgot his shirt. Gunjan calls her, she asks him did he reach in time. He tells her that she should have worried yesterday for him, so that he wouldn’t have forgotten his shirt. She tells him to relax, asks him to go to his bag and take his shirts. He finds one, and relaxes.

Bittu hides under the table, insisting he won’t come out to doctor. Mausi asks Gayatri to stop them, else they will know that Bittu’s condition is because of their carelessness. Gayatri asks Dadi that she knows Bittu, he won’t agree. KT asks Bittu to go. Bittu looks at Rachna, and exclaims his name. They tell her he denied taking the tests. Rachna asks her best friend to come out to the doctor, giving him her hand. He smiles looking at him and stands up. Rachna cheers his mood up, and he agrees on getting the treatment.

Rachna tells the doctor to take all the tests of Bittu, she will just keep holding her hand. The doctor sends him for CT Scan.

Gunjan takes Golu to the site, he says there is nothing to be enjoyed. She asks him to close his eyes and imaging that there are a lot of colours in the shape of handi-crafts. He asks it is beautiful, was it your mother’s dream, he had heard everyone talking. She resolves that she will work very hard to make her dream true.

The doctor looks at the reports, and asks he ever had an accident. Dadi asks Gayatri, but she says she had to leave Bittu at places to earn for his food. She cries that she didn’t know what happened to him.

KT asks the doctor that his nervous system has been damaged. There are two methods of treatment, the surgical method is dangerous but the medicinal method thought time-consuming. KT thanks Rachna but she asks isn’t he her responsibility as well.

PRECAP: Bittu and Rachna were together in a celebration. Gayatri says that she would make her weep as much as her mother made her to cry. She will not know when KT has left her life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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