Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th January 2014 Written Update

Charu serves tea to Bua, Bua asks when did she ask for tea? She had asked for water. Bua tells Vikram that his Mithu is really something! She had asked for water but Mithu brought ea!
Charu tells Bua that she asked for tea not water. Bua says it seems u have forgotten everything with the delight of having ur marriage date fixed! My throat is dry from blowing up all these balloons, and u cant bring me water?
Bua’s balloon pops, everyone laughs, Charu tells Bua she will bring water after serving tea to everyone.
Charu makes faces at Bua and thinks she feels like pouring cold water on this Fatty’s head!
Meanwhile Gunjan had realized that was actual Charu, she signaled to Rachna and went to get fake Mithu, she tells her not to be afraid

and do her job. Fake Mithu goes inside the kitchen, Shail and Seema are cooking in the kitchen. Fake Mithu goes and tells them Bua wants Turmeric milk.
Shail tells her milk is already boiling so she can put amba haldi in it and take it. Fake Mithu wonders what is amba haldi (turmeric)? Where is it kept?
She goes to the kitchen cabinets and stops, doesn’t know where haldi is, Seema asks her what is she doing? Get the haldi !
Gunjan is watching all this from the door, she sees fake Mithu in trouble and goes in, tells Seema, Mummy ji why are u making poor Mithu work from morning? Mithu u go, I will do it, Vikram is calling u anyway!
Gunjan makes haldi milk and gives it to fake Mithu, then waits behind a pillar to see whats going on in the courtyard.
Mithu/Charu serves tea to Vikram, then to Rachna then she leaves. Gunjan comes out of hiding and signals fake Mithu to go, who goes to Bua wth the haldi milk and says, Bua , your haldi milk! Bua is so surprised her balloon pops again. She stands up and says, Haldi milk? Whats happened to u, Mithu? First I asked for water and u brought me tea and now haldi milk? Whats wrong with you?
Fake Mithu says, Bua, u asked for this. Bua says, when did I ask for it? Do u think Im mad? If u don’t want to give me water, then don’t! I can go get water myself! Get out of my way!
Gunjan comes and says, doesn’t matter Buaji, sometimes these things happen! Just see, shes not yet this family’s official bahu and already everyone is ordering her around! You go, Mithu!
Bua tells Mithu to get water for her. Gunjan signals to Rachna. Meanwhile Charu/Mithu goes to kitchen, Shail tells her to go to Vikram as hes calling her, they can manage in the kitchen.
Charu is puzzled, she asks when did Vikram ask for me? Seema asks Charu if Gunjan gave haldi milk to Bua? Charu says, But I just served tea to Bua! Shail says but u said Jiji wanted haldi milk?
Charu thinks, when did I say that? Looks like all these women are getting old! Seema says, Mithu beta, today theres a party, very soon a wedding will take place, theres so much to do! If u spend so much time in just one errand, then how will all the work get done? It seems ur brain has frozen due to the cold!
Charu comes out of the kitchen, thinking, Your brain is frozen, not mine! Giving me 10 things to do at a time! Don’t even have time to breathe! On top of that they are giving me order after order!
Dayal comes and tells Charu/Mithu to get his shawl from his room as its too freezing!
Charu asks Dayal if he just wants his shawl or something else too? Dayal asks, what do u mean? Charu quickly says, its nothing, I will get ur shawl right now!
Dayal sits down to read newspaper, fake Mithu comes into the room and gives Dayal a glass of water. Dayal asks Water? I asked for my shawl, not water. Bua comes there and overhears, she says, Look at this! I asked for water and shes giving it to Dayal! Whats happened to u, Mithu? Now give me water at last!
Fake mithu gives water to Bua. She sits down and tells Dayal, don’t know whats wrong with this girl. Fake M leaves. Charu/ Mithu gets the shawl for Dayal. He smiles and puts in on. He tells Charu/Mithu that shes been busy all days, so why doesn’t she go and rest?
Charu thinks, one is telling me to rest, the other is telling me to pay attention to work! Seems all of them are high on drugs!
Dayal asks, why are u hesitating? Go and rest for a while. Charu says yes and leaves. Bua tells Dayal that Mithu already had the disease of sleep walking now she has the disease of forgetfulness also! Don’t know what will happen with this girl!
Gunjan sees Vikram putting up decorations and she tells Rachna she has an awesome idea! She tells Rachna her idea (in mute)
Gunjan goes to Vikram and tells him something (in mute)

KT’s home studio
KT is looking at his mannequins. He says, everything is still incomplete! India is a great country! So much unemployment still people are avoiding work! Look at this Ms Garg! Highly unprofessional!
He takes out his mobile and calls Rachna. Meanwhile Rachna takes fake Mithu to her room and tells her to stay there quietly and not come out. She gets KT’s phone call and answers it. KT tells her, Ms Garg, have u seen the Punjabi bride? There are some additions here, and also the Kashmiri bride.
Rachna says, Yes KT, I remember! KT says, just remembering it wont work! Come here and finish ur work! Understood?
Rachna says, KT, its impossible for me to go there now! I will make everything ready by tomorrow! Right now Im very busy!
KT says, Oh I see! But what can be more important that this work? You know how important this order is for us?
Rachna says, Yes, I know KT how important this is for you! Please have trust in me, I will get everything ready by tomorrow morning! Definitely!
KT says, The work must be finished by tomorrow morning! Alright?
He hangs up and says, Let alone work, she doesn’t even have time to talk now! Useless girl!

Garg House:
Gunjan and Vikram return with gift bags. Garg house is totally decorated with balloons, streamers etc.
Gunjan says, Wow! Looks like full on party mood! Vikram says, Yes Gunjan bhabhi, Mithu loves all this! And she will be so happy to get this sari! And all this is because of you! The idea you gave and also chose the sari alongwith me, I will just go and give her the gift.
Gunjan smiles, Vikram says, One minute, lets show this to Rachna also, we have to know her opinion too! Shes my sister after all.
Gunjan gets tense and tries to stop him but he barges in to Rachna’s room and announces, Look I brought something for Mithu!
Rachna is shocked. Fake Mithu who was hiding in her room quickly covers her face with the veil.
Vikram sees her and says, Mithu ur are here? He gives fake Mithu the sari box, saying, Take this Mithu, this is ur New Year gift! It’s a sari and u have to wear it tonight at the party! U will look even more beautiful in this!
Rachna and Gunjan are all tensed up and look at each other. Vikram gives the sari to fake Mithu, thanks Gunjan and leaves.
Rachna says, Vikram just ruined all our plan! Gunjan says, it doesn’t matter, I bought a duplicate sari. We just have to bring this to Charu somehow! Rachna says, Good Idea!
Vikram stops in the passage and says hes feeling thirsty after shopping. He goes to the table and drinks water. Charu comes there, Vikram asks her where is the sari? Shes surprised, asks, what sari are u talking abt? Vikram says, I just gave it to you!
She says, I don’t understand what ur saying? What sari? When did u give me a sari?
Vikram tells her, Mithu now don’t joke around, just listen to my request. Go and wear the sari.
Charu says, But u didn’t give me any sari! Vikram tells her she must have left it in her room! Go and see!
Charu tells him, then u come with me and show me the sari.
Vikram says okay and both go to her room. He says, look at whats on the bed!
The sari box is on the bed. Charu is surprised, she thinks, whats happening to me? How come my memory is failing me suddenly? It must be Gunjan’s tricks! Are they trying to make a fool out of me? Whatever it is, Charu now u have to be careful!
Gunjan is peeping thru the window and watching. Vikram takes out the sari box and tells her to wear the sari and get ready! She agrees, he leaves the room.
Gunjan watches from the window and thinks, now we have to be careful, if Charu starts suspecting then our plan will fail!
Fake Mithu puts on the new red and purple sari. Rachna is also dressed up in a white and pink salwar suit. Fake mithu asks Rachna if she has put on the sari correctly? Rachna tells her its alright, she looks exactly like the other Mithu.
Rachna says, Gunjan did a great thing by taking Vikram Bhaiya shopping! What an idea! Buying the same sari!
She tells fake Mithu to listen carefully and that whatever happens she shd not come in front of Charu! Until I or Gunjan tell you to..understood?
Rachna covers fake one’s face.

KT’s house:
Hes looking at a chocolate cake with 2014 written on it. He says, Dadi’s favorite cake! Chocolate truffle cake! She can have at least one piece! After all its New Year’s Eve!
He cuts a piece of cake and takes it to Dadi’s room but shes not there! KT wonders where did Dadi go and that too without telling him?
He sees a note on the bedside table, he picks it up, Dadi has written, You celebrate the new year with ur lifeless mannequins, I am going to celebrate with real human beings! Happy new Year!
KT looks frustrated and calls Dadi. Her mobile rings on the bedside table as she didn’t take it with her.
KT says, she even left her phone here! Where did she go to celebrate New Year? Im sure she went to Garg House!

Party at Garg House
A big decorative sign says Happy New Year 2014
Dayal and Prabhu greeting guests at the door. Shail and Charu arranging food on the table.
Gunjan comes out in a white dress, holding a tray of soft drinks. Shail asks Charu/Mithu to bring the chips from the kitchen. Charu goes, Gunjan looks at her. Bua comes and calls Shail to meet some ladies.
Charu comes out with the chips and looks at Gunjan suspiciously. Gunjan smiles and thinks, Now that rascal is caught in her own trap! She will see all this and think Gunjan did everything, Gunjan the Villain!
Charu sees Gunjan and thinks, Witch! Shes moving everything from here to there and Im getting blamed! As it is, in the process of being Mithu, everyone is making me work, on top of that shes giving me so much trouble! God knows how Mayank ji fell in love with this girl! But I wont do anything now! when the right time comes, then I will get my revenge! That too with interest!
Shail comes back to the table and says, I told Mithu to bring chips and she brought cold drinks? This girl is too much!
Bua tells her, be grateful she didn’t bring water instead! Do u know from this morning, Mithu’s brian is not working!
Gunjan and Rachna bring fake Mithu out into the passage. Gunjan asks her if she remembers the plan and the plan shd not fail! Fake mithu says she remembers everything. But shes very nervous, what if somebody catches her?
Gunjan says, forget abt others, just be careful abt Charu! She shd not spot u, if she does then our whole plan will be ruined.
Dadi comes into the party. Shail sees her and smiles, Mausi has come! She greets dadi, tells her its very good she came! Its very cold outside, right?
Dadi says, don’t even ask! In two minutes, my bones were frozen! But after looking at the warmth in ur party, everything is fit again!
Gunjan and Rachna see Dadi, Gunjan tells Fake Mithu to stand right there and not go anywhere else.
She and Rachna go to greet Dadi.
Dadi asks Shail if theres a dance program for tonight. Rachna and Gunjan greet Dadi with excited smiles.
Rachna tells her, Dadi theres fresh hot soup ready for you!
Dadi says, What a great thing! This is called taking care of guests!
Shail tells Rachna to take Dadi inside.
Vikram is talking to Charu/Mithu who is dressed in identical sari while fake mithu watches from behind a pillar. Lots of guests everywhere talking and mingling.
Dayal’s youngest brother comes and sees fake Mithu. He asks her, why are u standing here alone? Come to the party!
Fake mithu gets scared, she says No Im alright here!
He says, don’t be shy! These are all our own people! Come, I will introduce u to everyone! If everyone doesn’t participate then it cant be a party!
Fake mithu still protests but he doesn’t listen and takes her outside to meet the guests.
He takes her around the courtyard introducing her to the guests while Charu/Mithu is standing a little away, talking to Vikram.
Fake Mithu is very scared as she does Namaste to the guests.
Gunjan comes where she had left Fake Mithu and shes surprised to see shes gone, she says, Oh God! Where did she go?
She looks around and sees her in the party, in the midst of guests being introduced. Shes getting closer to where Charu is standing. Gunjan is tensed.

PRECAP: Gunjan goes to Charu and thinks shes Fake Mithu, she says in low voice, what are u doing here? I don’t want any problems between u two! Go quickly from here so that when the bomb goes off theres an explosion!
Shail calls Gunjan for some important work. Charu raises her veil and looks after her suspiciously

Update Credit to: pallavi

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