Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema tells excitedly to Shayl that she found the kit in Gunjan’s room. They all look at Gunjan questioningly. Gunjan blushes then she say I am pregnant. They all celebrate and get excited. Shayl comes to Gunjan saying she doesn’t believe in it. Gunjan gets teary. Seema asks what happened. Gunjan was nervous and says she doesn’t know. Seema says one shouldn’t be afraid, and why she hid it. She asks if, like in the past, Gunjan isn’t ready to be a mummy. Gunjan says it is nothing like that, she wanted to tell Mayank first. Seema says she is sorry, but she got so excited. Prabhu asks Seema for sweet. Gunjan hugs Seema, and asks if she will help her in that. Seema and Shayl comfort her. Gunjan says she will face everything until the family is together. Shayl says nothing is like this nine months time, and she has a big responsibility. Shayl says had Sneha been here, she must have celebrated it so much. Dayal stops Shayl and asks Gopal to bring sweet.
In bed room, Mayank and Gunjan sit together. Mayank says he is so happy about the new coming. Gunjan says that looking at the strip, she also thought about it but still she is afraid. Mayank assures her that everything will be alright.
Bindia is being black mailed, and thinks she can’t live this cheap actess’s life anymore. She looks at her poster.
Gunjan goes to finish her food. Mayank stops her, but she says she isn’t ill and doctors say one must remain active. Mayank agrees and asks her to get juice for him.
Rachna comes to Gunjan on terrace. They remember their past times, and celebrate the excitement of the new coming. Rachna tells her not to scold the baby. Gunjan says their lives have moved forward so much. Gunjan thanks God for everything.
Bindia tears the poster and throw it out of her room, into the corridor. Gunjan passes by the corridor then,

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She bends to pick up the paper. Bindia calls from inside, and tells her not to bend. Gunjan smiles why are they all getting so hyper, she picks the paper up. She asks about Bindia’s stomach pain. Bindia says it comes back when the medicine is over. She thinks if Gunjan watches the photo in the poster, she will be gone. Gunjan opens the poster, then looks at Bindia. She says what is this Bindia. Bindia says I am sorry Gunjan, Gunjan says how such a cheap film poster came in their house. Gunjan shows her the poster, Bindia thanks her photo isn’t there. Gunjan says who would make such cheap posters. Bindia thinks where her photo must have gone, and asks Gunjan that she will throw the piece. Bindia comes to the room, and thinks where her face’s part went. She finds it on the floor and burns it. She says no one will be bad for Gunjan, than her; she will plant a net for Gunjan and she wont know about it.
Bindia watches Seema coming, and poses to talk to someone on phone. She says to her brother that he must forget his wife’s affair as she is pregnant. She asks whose child is her, what is he talking about. She says that the house she is staying, she has learnt that affairs mean a lot in front of love. He must consider that he loves his wife too. Seema wonders what she is saying. Bindia notices Seema stand up. She tells her brother not to leave her, he must watch the mother in law who didn’t suspect her bahu for once even. She hangs up and turns to see Seema, she asks she didn’t know when she came and tells her it was her cousin who wanted some advice. Seema was lost, Bindia asks she was going to make ladoo.
Seema asks if her cousin is in problem. She says her bhabi left her brother with her boy friend, who wasn’t a bad man. Now she wants to come back, as she is pregnant now. Her brother says this isn’t his child. Seema again recalls Aadi.

PRECAP: Seema asks Aadi what he has to take from Gunjan, Aadi says he spent a few nights with Gunjan, why can’t the child be his.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hate where this is going , I’m not to watch it , until Kt come back into the show

  2. princess akeela

    seema is a fool, ass and a jackass to think so low about gunjun and be thinking that gunjun would allow adi to touch her

  3. Seema is a big fool

  4. this soap is also a whole lot of crap I would not waste my time to make a comment on it

  5. Yes Seema should realize what Mayank went through to get gunjan back. Hate this track with Bindia and Adi, how many tests must Matank and Gunjan go through as happiness does exist in India. Why not portray this in soaps

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