Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna comes to meet Mayank, he is happy to see her. She asks are you alright, he says he is finer watching her. She tells him she came here to tie him Raakhi. He asks is she alone, she says she came with KT who brought a lawyer. She asks the inspector who permits her to tie the Raakhi. She performs the rituals and assures him everything will be alright. He says that a sister’s Raakhi will work and pray for her that everything get well in her and KT’s relation.
Sangeeta’s son asks her about Rachna to get tied the Raakhi. She tells him to go to room; she will send Rachna as soon as he comes there. Someone rings the bell; everyone is shocked to see its Charu.
KT introduces Mayank to Vishnu. He tells him he wants to know what he has to say. Mayank tells him everything. He says that he recalls there was no fire, he doesn’t know what Charu said but she was there. KT says Gunjan went to her, she is coming. The lawyer says they must get the bail first, and collect evidence as soon as possible before he goes to judicial council.
Charu thinks everyone here is so worried, it cooled my heart. Charu says she want to say something important about Mayank. She says she won’t leave Mayank, he helped me and now it’s my turn. She says to Gunjan that this is all I wanted to say. Gunjan says I was coming to meet you as you are the only evident; else they can keep Mayank in the judicial custody for a longer period of time. Charu thinks this is what I want. Seema asks Charu that she really wants her help this time. Gunjan asks her to come in, she asks are you sure and recalls what had happened in the past. Charu comes in and assures her she will help Mayank. Gunjan asks her to come to police station and give the evidence for Mayank. Charu thinks my enemies will give the evidence. She poses of getting a head ache and faints falling on the floor. They all come to help her. She wakes up and recalls they had to go to police station.
KT and Rachna come home then. Gunjan asks did the bail take place. KT says that proofs against him are solid. Gunjan says Charu is ready to give evidence for Mayank. The lawyer says that is a great news. Charu thinks it is good there has been no evidence, now she should leave before they really take the evidence.
KT tells Gunjan that Mayank says there was no fire and GS died of fire. She says there is a burn mark on Charu’s hand. She says she thinks there is a relation between this all and she doesn’t trust her. KT says she is the only evident, and we must keep an eye on her. Gunjan says for that we must keep her in the house but how. Charu takes a leave from Sangeeta and Seema that she must fulfill the rights of a wife and light the candle on his photo. She smiles while leaving.
As Charu comes out of the house, Gunjan brings umbrella for her and asks her to stay here. Charu says she will manage it. She asks what exactly happened at mill, how GS died. She says I know I want you to repeat that incident. She walks with her to the slippery soil and watches Charu slip over it.
The doctor treats Charu and tells them she will be fine with the medicines. Everyone was angry with Gunjan, Rachna takes her out. She asks why she did this all; Gunjan says she wanted to distract her. Gunjan says she must keep an eye on Charu as Sangeeta comes to call her out. Shayl asks what is this all, Seema also says that that lady must be in jail than her son. Gunjan says that she wants to help Mayank, she tells them that GS died of fire and Mayank denies that there was any fire and there is a burn mark on Charu’s arm. She wants to know the answers and she want to keep Charu in her front.
Rachna checks Charu’s cell phone in her purse. A message says they need the money as soon as possible. Rachna reads a letter when Charu comes to consciousness.

PRECAP: Rachna tells Gunjan Charu is behind GS insurance. Mayank denies the postmortem report saying the weight of GS mentioned here is far more that his real weight. The police asks Charu it is possible she might have killed GS.

Update Credit to: Sona

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