Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema tells Mayank not to joke with her, and looks out herself to find Gunjan. Mayank explains them everything. Seema asks why she didn’t come. Prabhu says why had she come there, if her mind was changed. Shayl asks did he call her. He tells her she has changed her number, but is sure that she will contact him. Mayank says he is happy that atleast she came there. Seema cries, while everyone leaves.

Shayl brings tea for Seema, to relieve headache. Seema says she is just cursing the day, Rachna and Gunjan left; she could stop Gunjan atleast and fears what if Gunjan has changed her mind. Shayl assures her that Gunjan will return.

Mayank looks for something in his room, and thinks where that pendant can go. Gunjan picks the pendant, and thinks how this locket came here. Mayank looks into the car, for the pendant. He fears he has lost it. Golu comes into the car, and asks him to leave for school. Mayank tells him he has lost something, Golu tells him to ask God truly about it, he will find it. He smiles and leaves.

In the school, Golu tells Mayank that he will go to school himself and prays he gets what he has lost. Golu watches Gunjan in her car, and runs after her calling her. Gunjan watches in the mirror but doesn’t stop the car. Golu hits a bike. Gunjan notices something wrong behind and runs to the crowd. The biker tells Gunjan that this kid is injured and is bleeding; she offers lift in her car. She can’t see Golu’s face. In the way, she prays to save them from any serious problem.

In the hospital, she heads to fill the form and is still unable to see his face. The doctors provide first aid to Golu. The biker asks him to call the child’s home. Gunjan reads the number skeptically, and calls Mayank. She is quiet, as she listens to Mayank’s voice. Mayank smiles, listening to her voice.

Mayank says he knew she would definitely call him. She tells him to talk to the biker. The biker tells him that their child had an accident, and they are in city hospital. Mayank calls his mom, and says he will reach there soon. Gunjan waits there. The biker tells her that she doesn’t have enough money for the medicine list the nurse had given them. Gunjan gives him the money, and in the quest she drops the pendant from the bag. Gunjan goes to meet Golu, but nurse tells her to let him sleep. Gunjan goes out.

Mayank reach the hospital, and find the pendant on the floor. Gunjan passes by him, he looks back to see her back. She peeks back, looking for Mayank, then goes away.
Mayank asks the nurse how Golu is, and introduces him. The nurse tells him to meet doctor for family history. Shayl comes to hospital, with Seema and Gopal. Mayank also comes there. The receptionist comes to ask them to fill the papers. Mayank sees Gunjan’s name there.

He thinks Gunjan came here, how is this possible. Seema asks him what happened; he tells them that Gunjan brought Golu to the hospital. Mayank asks the nurses for her, but they tell her she has left. The biker tells them that she went towards Central Market. They all force him to go there.

Gunjan was addressing a crowd about women empowerment. She looks at Mayank, then completes her addressing, and goes to a side. Mayank keeps hand on her shoulder. He says he miss her so much, and hugs her. She gets rid of him, and slaps him. She says how can he hug her, and tells him to go miss someone else and leaves.

PRECAP: Mayank follows Gunjan, and comes to her room. Akaash comes there, Gunjan tells him to call police and make Mayank go away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I have this strong feeling they are heading towards a story line where Gunjan somehow lost her memory…

  2. I’m wondering what is going to happen to gunjan

  3. I’m wondering what will happen to Gunjan

  4. Rabirian Fans

    Rabir bina sslk boring hein.

  5. From past 4 episodes their s no rabir at all …..
    i would suggest to better change the montage and replace with new one which shows Ly mayan .
    kill both rabir so that there s no necessary for rabir fans to wait for there appearance……

  6. Maybe there was an accident while working on Banaras project that resulted in her memory loss. However why didn’t her father alert Mayank and his family? Seems like the father is in favor of her putting her past behind her. Mayank will have to woo her all over again and help her regain her memory. I wonder if the family would reach out to Rachna for help since she close to Gunjan which would bring Rachna back into her home. Maybe then the truth would unravel about Kt’s mother and Aunt?

  7. God!!! Whrs rachna nd kt widout dem d show is so borin

  8. Pls don’t tell me she got a split personality. Pls don’t do this to Gunjan. Mayank will have to win her love again.

  9. Pls tell us in one of the episodes if she got a split personality.

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