Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Gunjan talking to Shalini Pandey over phone about giving her a high ranking post in her party instead of the proof she got against Shalini. She says she wants everything written and signed by Shalini. Shalini says to Gunjan that she will send a blank paper signed by her and Gunjan can write whatever she wants. She also asks Gunjan to send back the proof (some kind of recording) . Gunjan says ” What would you send it by someone, why won’t you come yourself? Do you trust your security-men? Have you ever thought because of them I could escape from there? You shouldn’t let them have this confidential proof.” Gunjan convinces Shalini to come and meet her.

Mayank says he’ll make all the arrangements. Family members warn them that this might be dangerous. But Gunjan says she’ll have to do this so that they don’t repeat it with someone else. After much argument and discussion in the family, Mayank Gunjan decide to go. Shail does their tika and aarti saying you are going for a big mission. Aakash and Prabhu say they will go with them too.

Near the ghat some men(sting operation journalists) are hiding cameras everywhere. Mayank and others reach there by a car. Mayank asks them if they have put cameras properly. Aakash says Gunjan that we are nearby so if you feel something is not right just call us. After 2 hrs a boy comes and gives Gunjan an envelope. Gunjan opens it and reads the letter which says “We can’t do this in open so come inside my car. Don’t try to act smart while doing this”. Gunjan shows the letter to Mayank. He tells Gunjan not to take the risk since in this short time camera’s can’t be shifted to there. Gunjan says she has a plan and tells everybody her plan. Mayank and Gunjan hug each other.

A jeep arrives. Gunjan gets inside it. It takes her to where Shalini is waiting. Shalini says there is somebody unfaithful in our party who is helping Gunjan. She looks at Bachchan and says I have full trust on you. There shouldn’t be any mistakes before the election tomorrow. Gunjan arrives. Shailni says to Gunjan that she is smarter than Shalini thought her. Gunjan also says her that she didn’t think she would turn out like this. Shalini says she’ll give her a written document for a good position in her party and asks her to give the recording (the proof). Gunjan takes out her cellphone, stealthily turns on the recorder of her cellphone, and acts as if she is giving it to Shalini. Then she tells Shalini that before giving this to you I would like to ask you one thing that why did you do this to me? Shalini says “I had become fan of your leadership qualities. To gain youth votes (which counts to 50% of total) I had offered you a position in the party. But you rejected it and I felt very bad. But then I thought why not take advantage of this situation and so I got you kidnapped and blamed all this to the opposition.” Shalini then asks Gunjan to give the recording, but realized something is wrong. She snatches the cellphone from Gunjans’ hand and asks Jagan (her assistant) to check if there is any recording. Gunjan says there is no recording in her phone as it is with Mayank. Shalini asks Jagan to kill her as she has got no recording. Shalini pushes Gunjan in front of the speeding car (driven by Jagan) and says that people will think Gunjan had an accident and Shalini, her wellwisher, took her to the hospital. Mayank jumps out of somewhere and saves Gunjan. Police arrives there too.

precap: Mishraji(Shalini’s assistant) says Police do you know whom are you arresting? Shalini says “The game is still on. I’m not the one to get defeated easily.”

Update Credit to: kuin

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