Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank says that today will either be the happeist or the saddest day of his life. Golu comes with the handicam and makes video for Gunjan. He makes the documentary telling her how much Mayank has been waiting for him. Mayank thinks about saying something for Gunjan, then sends her away. Outside Shayl and Seema sends Mayank joyously, they were all hopeful. Prabhu says that the value of the thing we get, after losing, increases. Seema is hopeful that Gunjan must also be watitng and equally eager to meet them.
Mayank feels Gunjan’s persence in the car, he looks back but she wasnt there. A girl stops him in the way, he pulls the car and comes out but no one was there. He buys a bouquette in the way. He looks for a pendant with M and G for them, and Gunjan comes there asking him to make her wear this but she wasnt there. He leaves the jeweller.
A lady comes to the jewelller for the replacement of her old one, she was Gunjan. SHe gets a call,and promises to reach in time as this is the much awaited day for her.
Mayank comes to a shrine, with the bouquette and the pendant in hands. He comes to the back of a lady and pats her back, she comes out to be someone else; he apologizes.
Gunjan comes to the shrine too, she was nervous. Mayank drops the pendant, and Gunjan crosses him. She looks for him in the whole shrine and drops the pendanct unknowingly. Gunjan finds it, Mayank looks at her talking to someone but Gunjan leaves worried. He goes behind her, but Gunjan gets into the car and leaves. Mayank says that she say him, but didnt stop at his voice either. Gunjan comes home crying. She looks at the pendant. She tells Akaash that she didnt find anything except hopelessness, though she wanted this day happy. He asks her to smile as God might have planned something better for her. The bell rings, these are some girls. Her dad says that he knew about her bad mood, so called them to cheer her up. They play the music and ask her to dance. Her dad is happy that she has forgotten the past and has moved forward in life, now her life will be full of happiness.
Prabhu comes to tell Shayl and Seema that Mayank has arrived. Mayank comes alone, and tells the family that Gunjan didnt come.

PRECAP: Mayank meets Gunjan in the market, says I miss you so much and hugs her. She slaps him and leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. this is stupid

    1. where is rachna guys

  2. Dumb episode. Must be 6 additional months before they reunite and we see Rachna.

  3. Where is rachna and kabir

  4. I don’t understand wat madness goin on wit this series, where is rachana n kt, we wan rachana n kt

  5. marygloria kiwango

    what nonsense

  6. I think Gunjan’s got a split personality. Pls don’t do this to her. Take out her mad wig out. Make her wear nice dresses like what she was wearing today.

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