Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rachana telling Gunjan its a challenege to work with Kabir. Gunjan tells her to listen to her heart and all will be fine. They meet Kabir’s grandmother on the way and she says she bought some snacks and has to rush home before Kabit gets angry. She reaches home and Kabir scolds her for going out and buying such unhealthy food and that she is forbidden from doing so. She says life is meant to be enjoyed. He fights with her and she says that he also is stubborn and hasn’t gotten married and that his father at his age was already sending him to school. She says since he has no children for her to help to send to school she’ll indulge in food instead. She starts feeling dizzy and Kabir is worried. Rachana arrives where Nitya is supervising

delivery of some KT’s creations. Rachana says she has come to join and Nithya tells her to learn about the industry and if she has an attitude then she shouldn’t work. Rachana says she is ready to work. Nithya says to follow her to Kabir’s house as his grandmother is unwell. Kabir tells his grandmother to lie on the bed but she refuses too and runs to get her snack while he’s talking on the phone and she bumps into Rachana. Rachana says she’s come to work with KT. She pities Rachana for having to work with him. Nitya asks her if she’s feeling ok and she said she’s perfectly fine and is even more so after seeing Rachana. Rachana thinks to herself that Kabir wasn’t very nice to say his grandmother was ill just so he could work from home. He tells Nithya and Rachana to start work when Rachana and Kabir again realise that Kabir’s grandmother is losing her balance.

Kabir then insists that she take rest and lie down. He tells Rachana to get to work. Rachana feels bad for thinking his grandmother was well when she wasn’t. Nithya tells Rachana to sort the clothes according to the colours and material and tells her to also create new combinations that will be approved by Kabir later. Nithya tells Rachana she didn’t know that Rachana knew Kabir’s grandmother earlier. Kabir’s grandmother tells him she is fine and he says that she has never been good at lying. She says her time is near and that she wants to die happily. He says its not true and she tells him that he loves her so much. Rachana is standing at the door and is crying. Kabir sees this and is angry and tells her to leave. He scolds her saying that she came to work. She asks what’s wrong with her but he refuses to tell. Rachana offers to help make tea but he refuses at first but then lets her. The electricity goes off and Kabir tells Rachana and Nithya they can leave for now but Rachana wants to me his grandmother but he doesn’t allow.

Mayank comes home and finds the house is in darkness. He then sees Bitoo coming down and asks who is she. Vickram comes and hugs him saying that Mayank has been so busy with his work he’s only able to meet him now. He tells Mayank he wants to introduce his fiancee to him. Vickram calls Bitoo and she comes and touches Mayank’s feet but Mayank stops her saying its not necessary. Vickram says that Mayank is older so that’s why she did it. Mayank says he’s only a year older to Vickram and not to make him so old and laughs. Mayank then notices light coming from the upstair room and wonders from where. He and Gunjan go up and see that their room is on fire. They wonder how it could have caught fire and realise the door is jammed. The whole family comes and the men manage to break the door open. Seema notices that Gunjan’s wedding attire is on fire. They go and get water and start putting out the fire. Gunjan is upset seeing her wedding attire on fire. Once the fire is out Gunjan just stares at her wedding attire completely burnt sadly. Mayank tells her to relax and hugs her. Gunjan wonders how her wedding attire was out. She mentions having brought it out yesterday but remembers putting it back. Prabhu tells Gunjan is alright but Seema and Bua think its not good that her wedding attire was burnt. Shail is grateful that no one was hurt. Rachana notices a piece of remaining and candle and says that was the cause of it.

Episode Ends

Seema is scolding Bitto for burning Gunjan’s wedding attire and Vickram says that she hasn’t done it on purpose and looks like he’s going into a fit. He then collapses..

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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