Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna gets a text message from KT that he wants to meet her so as to say something important. Shayl comes there and asks isn’t she done with the Prasad yet? She asks Shayl can she go to meet KT, as he wants to talk to him. Shayl allows and says that she just fears that Gayatri doesn’t behave badly to her. She takes the Prasad along her.

Gunjan talks to Rachna and tells her that she must now say whatever she wish to. The presentation begin, Gunjan shows the model while her father heads to give the details about the project but he gets cough while presenting. Gunjan gets worried and says that she will take over. She gives the rest of the presentation; she says that Banaras is famous for handicrafts but either they get expensive, late or doesn’t remain genuine till they reach the consumer. After her presentation she assures that they will get more export orders. He asks what is important in this project so that it can be sanctioned.

Rachna enters KT’s house, Bittu hides from the sofa and makes a Boo for Rachna. He tells Rachna that he is more that fine now, as his brother brought him home. He insists that Rachna meets his mom, he calls them and his Mausi and Gayatri comes there. Gayatri thinks that this is Shayl’s daughter; I won’t let you into KT’s house. She comes to Rachna, she touches her feet but she tells her not to as daughters don’t touch feet and caresse her hair. KT comes there, Gayatri gives her her ring, Rachna says he can’t take it but she says she just has this right now; she should be given a gift as she is his KT’s wife-to-be. Rachna takes it. Bittu calls KT, and tells him that Bittu’s princess has come home to meet him. Mausi calls Bittu to rest, KT tells her. KT calls Rachna into the studio, Bittu says that princess is so nice.

Mausi asks Gayatri that is she mad that she lost her gold ring for Shayl’s daughter. Gayatri whispers that she just invested it in return of something really valuable.
Rachna compliments KT that he resembles his mother. He says that he thought she won’t come to meet him. She says that she came to meet Dadi. He smiles, looks at her and says he missed her. She taunts that she saw his missed calls. He explains that he feels distorted. She says that everything will be alright. He asks what her parents say about his mom. She tells him that they say they can’t get married until his mom leaves. KT says how can they let them go, looking at Bittu. She assures him that she is sure he will take care of both the families, and she will wait.

Gunjan assures the officer that this project is her mother’s dream, and her dad wants to fulfil the dream of such a lady who thought about the workers of Banaras. The officer signs the project and tells Gunjan that this is for her determination. Gunjan hugs her dad. He begins to cough again. She calls Mayank to get the doctor home as her papa isn’t well. The doctor tells them that he isn’t well, he must leave all his work and take rest for a few weeks. He argues that the project will be delayed, everyone tries to convince him to rest. Gunjan tells them that the project is in its crucial steps. Prabhu suggest why can’t Gunjan look after it.

Shayl says that when Rachna started the handicraft work how everyone helped, now we will support Gunjan too. Gunjan looks at Seema and takes her permission. She says that they are all with her, she must ask Mayank once. Gunjan says that Mayank always support her, Mayank comes there and is silent. Gunjan says that she is nervous, while Seema say that why should she be nervous, she always do what she wants to. Mayank leaves while Gunjan notices it.

In the room, Mayank comes from shower. Gunjan pampers him. He asks what does she want. She asks Mayank should she do this project, as this project was her mother’s dream and her dad will do it anyway. Mayank says that he could have asked him too for the project. Gunjan offers to talk to her dad, but he stops her. She asks for his support and he promises her. They hug.

Rachna asks Gayatri does she still make the KT’s favorite Maudak. She looks at Dadi and says she can’t do it now, here. Rachna request Dadi to let her, for KT’s happiness. Dadi allows. Gayatri comes into the kitchen and thinks KT’s heart is lead through his stomach.

PRECAP: Rachna helps Gayatri prepare the Maudak. She says that she must take some for home too. Bittu tells Gayatri that Shayl will marry KT and Rachna only when they will leave the house. Gayatri comes to inform Shayl that she is leaving forever.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Note to persons updating: male = him, he; female = her, she

  2. Come on people be thankful for whatever is written because you can at least follow the storyline. Please do not be so arrogant to correct someone. Appreciate what you are given.

    1. Miss Nia I hope you weren’t referring to me with you arrogant statement. Sometimes I do get confused trying to understand the flow. And I only mentioned it because I didn’t know if they were aware since I see the same mistakes on the subtitles when I watch it on zeetvusa. So it is you who took it somewhere else smh

  3. I Don’t know how long they will drag the story line with Kt Mom , I feel like it’s going forever for the truth to come out , hope it’s not too late for Kt and rachna

  4. Kt’s mom realize that she can use Rachna to win over Kt so she will now convince Shail that she is leaving so they can get marry. Next she will seek revenge on Shail by hurting Rachna. I hope this story doesn’t drag on for months.

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