Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with, Mayank requesting police to trace out the Black color vehicle which he has seen just passed. The police officer gives instructions in wireless to trace out the car.

Car which kidnapped gunjan enters into Shalini Pandey’s house.. the goons take gunjan inside the building.

Mayank and police come outside.. Police assures mayank that we have come so near to the goons.. we will catch them very soon. Mayank got confused that how the information was trapped … whom to trust and not to trust and thinks to meet shalini .

Shalini Pandey home. His manager suggests her to think once again.By the time mayank enters shalini home, the kidnappers van leaves the place. Gunjan is being taken inside home forcefully. Shalini says to mishra ji, that police will not come here. Meantime Mayank enters inside. Shalini is surprised to see him there. Mishraji is almost shocked..

In carridor, Gunjan and goons still walking..

Mayank explains shalini, that we have got information about goons, before we reach the kidnappers places, they have escaped. And also says, someone is there who is passing our information to kidnappers time to time. Shalini and rest are speechless … shalini turns window side, there gunjan and goons are clearly visible. But mayank doesn’t observe it. He continues to say, that what should he do. Shalini almost tries to divert mayank attention and makes him turn to another side so that he cant see Gunjan, and says him that she will inform to police commissioner. Mayank back side its clearly visible that gunjan trying to escape from goons and they are forcefully taking her.

Mayank turns back side.. by the time gunjan and goons disappeared.. Mayank smwhere feels that gunjan is there meantime shalini diverts him saying that.. leave whole responsibility on her . Mayank leaves from there. Shalini appears to be tensed.

Gunjan is taken into a room .. she shouts and cries that where she was brought down .. she is frightened and starts crying.

Shalini says to mishraji, this time we have got escaped but be alert until elections over.

Mishraji says, “yes madam”

Shalini, “what about tomrrow’s preparations”?

Mishra ji turns on tv a polictical leader be shown praising Shalini pandey and reporter says about survey of how things are favourable to shalini .

Shalini is happy and says, tht gunjan is like a trump card to her.

A goon comes to shalini and says, gunjan is disappeared. All got tensed and reaches the place where she was locked. . Gunjan is hiding behind a wall and smiles thinking that Shalini has come there to rescue her. She comes out of wall but suddenly hides back seeing upon the goons also reaching the place.

Gunjan gets doubt. Goons says that they coulnd find gunjan anwyere. Shalini slaps him. Gunajn almost shockd seeing upon true colors of Shalini Pandey. She gets flashes of Shalini pandey where she behaved so nicely to gunjan. Goons elave the place. Gunjan starts to think how to escape from the place. Meantime she gets dizzy and falls on ground. Goons will bring infront of shalini. Gunjan still acting as she is unconscious. Shalini careess gunjan hair and says “gunjan wait for one more day, tomrow I will present you infront of whole media ” and then she leaves the place with her goon assistants.

Gunjan opens her eyes realizing Shalini’s trues colors and repents that why did she supported her.

Mayank stops bike on road thinking about gunjan.

A lady brings food asks gunjan to eat and also says, Karwachaut is tommorow if you want to fast now onwards we don’t hv problem.

Gunjan is disheartened that she is not with mayank on her first karwachaut.

Mayank sitting on bike, gets flashes of their sweet moments.

Next morning @ Mayank’s home ,All ladies sitting on dining table and upset. Seema says she doesn’t want to eat and not to pressurize her then drinks water.

Mayank enters dining room and says he wants to do vrat for gunjan. All are shockd to hear that. Seema asks vrat usually performed by wife for husband. Mayank explains, that he wants to do vrat for gunjan safety. He will leave fasting after seeing gunjan . Where ever she is he will definitely find her today.

Shalini’s house. Mishraji explaning the schedule. Mayank enters the place and greets Shalini. Shalini explains why she called mayank and tells about her plan of press conference to bring out grunjan from underground. Mayank worries that where the kindappers will hurt gunjan. Shalini assures him nothing will happen like that and not to worry. Shalini asks mishra to bring something to eat for mayank. Mayank denies to eat and tells her about his karwa chaut vrat.

Gunjan in dark room, thinks to escape from place and explores the whole room.

Shalini asks mayank to sit there only, when press conference starts she will introduce him.

Gunjan in dark room finds a cupboard and lights coming inside room from above the cup board.

Precap: waaaw atlast mayank reached gunjan in the dark room. Both try to escape Hope they will.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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