Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan is frustrated and goes in the corridor of her house wondering what has happened to mummy ji. She feels someone hidden in the garden seeing her. She calls who is there, someone runs from there. the lights goes off, Bauji comes and ask her what happened and why is there light in the neighborhood. He sees the meter, the wire was cut off. There was a letter saying ‘You should live in the dark’. Bauji goes to bring electrician. Seema listens this and gets worried.
KT comes to Rachna in tea break and apologizes her for being rude in the morning. She puts her hand in his mouth and says there is nothing like that. He says had she not been here what would happen to all the work. She promises it will never happen. The waiter brings food for them; Rachna puts spoonfuls in KT’s mouth. The model calls KT back from his lost state of mind and asks is it all ok for you. He sees Rachna still busy with the work. Rajiv brings plate of food for her, but she says she is busy with the work right now. He says you can do your work while I can do mine, as you took so much care for me. He puts spoons in Rachna’s mouth. KT leaves the hall.
Bauji says its good of electrician to come at this time. Gunjan says she will help them arrange the table. Seema sees her pulling a chair for her and tells her to bring bowls for kheer. Seema reads something from a paper near Gunjan’s chair which shayl also notice. Gunjan come and asks what you are reading. The paper falls from her hand, which she grabs before Gunjan can. Seema scolds her not to poke in other’s issue. Seema says everything is Mayank’s favorite today. Gunjan begins to serve food in Mayank’s plate but Seema tells her to bring the glasses while she will serve him herself. Gunjan goes inside. As soon as Gunjan brings water and is about to sit in the chair besides Mayank Seema slips into it. She asks if she could sit with Mayank today, Gunjan says off course she can.
KT thinks about Rachna and Rajiv, sitting in his room. Someone places hand on his shoulder. It was Rajiv who asks if he can give company to him. Rajiv asks if he can say something to him. He says he has noticed he forgets about everything during work, eating, sleeping and even his girl-friend. KT asks who girl-friend? He says you told Rachna to let her meet his girl-friend, now he has forgotten her. KT says he forgot and takes a leave to sleep as it is late.
Rachna tells Gunjan how KT behaved today with her and she is telling her to say her heart out to him. Gunjan says she suspects KT is jealous of Rajiv. Rachna says being with Rajiv sir! it is impossible. Gunjan says KT doesn’t know about it. Mayank comes in to ask Gunjan that she must prepare his dress earlier tomorrow as he has to leave for office early. Gunjan tells Rachna that she hardly got to spend time with Mayank today because of mummy’s awkward behavior. She tells her she has planned Mayank’s favorite movie and ice-cream as surprise for tonight. Seema hears this.
KT is worried in his room thinking about Rajiv and Rachna together. He walks in his room and says he must know today what is going on between Rajiv and Miss Garg. He comes out of the room and finds Rajiv asleep. He comes forward but says he should talk to him later. Rajiv was awake and looks at KT leaving. He recalls Rachna’s laughter and smiles.
Gunjan hears Seema saying something to Mayank. She has ice-cream in her hand. She asks if everything is alright. Seema says it is that they both will have to sleep in separate rooms for the next week. Gunjan asks but why. Seema says is it necessary to ask question in everything, cant you listen to your elders quietly. Mayank asks why, Seema thinks he wont believe her reasons and says you must agree. Mayank says no, we will not do it. Gunjan asks what was in that paper that you hid from me. Seema says to Gunjan that she can sleep here in the room but if Mayank care for his mother he will come to her room. Gunjan says she will go somewhere else to sleep. She tells Seema to think with a cool mind what she will get through all this instead of complicating her own life. Bauji comes there and asks what is happening here.

PRECAP: Rajiv tells KT that he is getting sleep-less for some nights and feels about Rachna. He asks KT is he jealous seeing Rachna and him together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Why is Rajiv in the picture now? So much has happened. Isn’t it time to let Rachna and KT have some good times? They just went through “bratz-doll-gone-wrong” Sonal and now Rajiv. What gives? Get out of the pic Rajiv. If you are so busy following Rachana everywhere then you can go home. You have overstayed your welcome

  2. Hope that asshole Rajiv don’t start liking Rachna now……

  3. Why is Rajiv not in his own home. Gosh stop stretching the show pleaseeee…get on with the real thing, kt and Rachna..

  4. I could not agree more – why is this idiot still at KT home. Does he not have a life to get back to, a business to run. Most frustrating to watch and those day dream scenes is just too annoying.

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