Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th June 2013 Written Update

Seema is complaining to Maasi that she does not like Mandy bhendi and wants to wring her neck maasi tells her to relax. Sangeeta is till upset with Gopal for dancing with the ‘nachaniya’ as she taunts him. Shayl tells Mandy to eat and Seema , maasi get upset and Sangeeta tells Shayl how can girls side eat before boys side. Mandy sees rachna who is carrying a plate of food takes the plate and eats it and says this is how it can be done. maasi get s upset and says she wont eat and Shayl has to apologize. rachna does not like it and says it s chachis house as well if she is hungry she will eat. Maasi get s more irritated that rachna is supporting her mom. Shayl scolds rachna and the bell rings she tells her to open the door. Rachna opens and vihaan is standing in a sardarji

avatar he says he has come to give her dresses rachna des not recogize him

Vihaan introduces him as sunny from patiala and rachna takes him inside as he says that pammi ji has sent him fr the fittings. He shows her the dresses and insists she try a blue one in a punjabi accent which rachna does not like. Rachna ends up holding it in front of the mirror and likes it. Vihaan says she looks like a pari for him in his normal tone Rachna is shocked before she can do anything Mayank comes in and does not recognize Vihaan either. He is happy Rachna s dresses have come. Vihaan says that Pammi ji has told him to be there the whole time rachna says there is no need but Mayank agrees.

Mayank leaves and Rachna tells Vihaan to leave as he will be caught there will be a problem as her family will hand him over to the police. Vihaan wants her to confess her love but Rachna does not he tells her to just say what is visible in her eyes. Gunjan comes in and ishappy to see the dresses . Rachna signals with her eye and Gunjan looks at the designer and is shocked to see Vihaan. Vihaan says that he has come for her wedding and since this is the first love marriage in the house second might follow. Gunjan is pleased listening to this Vihaan still says to confess and Mandy walks in and says I love you cute sardar Vihaan says thank you Aunty and leaves.

Seema Sangeeta Maasi applying facepack and order Shayl for hot water then besan. Maasi s bahu is with Shayl who is on the stool searching for besan and slips. Everyone is worried for Shayl and Dholu says that it was his mom and Seema who were ordering Shayl Prabhu is furious and scolds Seema in front of everyone. Akash and Dayal want shayl to go to a docter but she refuse while mandy bandaged her foot.

Vihaan is standing and staring at Rachna who is dancing inside Gunjan s room along with other girls and Shayl is shocked to see him and says tum??

PRECAP: Sangeeta Seema maasi are brainwashing Mayank that Gunjan has crossed all limits this timeMayank looks shocked while Seema announces she wont be a part of the celebrations

Update Credit to: vibz88

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