Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank nods at Gunjan and asks the pandit to make the preparations. Rachna ties the knot happily. Gunjan keeps looking at Mayank, in disbelief. Mayank says that person who did this, has no humanity. He takes the first round to tell the world, he trusts his Gunjan. They take the round. He announces that this is the second round, that Gunjan will be his in all his seven lives. They take the second round. He announces that there third round is, his and Gunjan’s pure relation can’t be broken by showing the false photos. He won’t accept even if Gods come to ruin Gunjan’s reputation. He heads to begin the fourth round, promising he will always support his wife. He prays for the courage to always support her. Announcing the fifth round, he says his enemy can’t do anything as his family is all with him and he has to support his family. He announces the sixth round saying Gunjan won’t take any tests, as he knows the truth in her heart. Gunjan stops Mayank and takes her hand off his, as the sixth round completes. She comes forward and announces that this last round is hers, he gives her whole self to Mayank, for this and the coming lifetimes. They both complete the rituals.
Mayank and Gunjan come to take Seema’s blessings. Seema had been angry throughout the wedding. Mayank says that today, they are getting the fruit of what they have strived for in months. They bend, but Seema doesn’t keep her hand on their heads. Shayl insists upon her, and she keeps the hand on their heads finally.
At night, Seema leaves the hall to make tea for her. Bindia was eating sweet in the kitchen. She was sad that all her dreams just got ruined. Seema comes to the kitchen, and heads to make tea. Bindia asks if she is alright. Seema nods. Bindia says she must really be happy as everything went well, as all is well that ends well. She says she has a big heart, Seeta even had to give the test but she apologized Gunjan anyway. Shayl comes to the kitchen, and asks what is she talking about. Bindia says she appreciated Seema to be a great mother in law, Shayl says she expected this from Seema as she believes in Gunjan. She was Mayank’s wife, and we trust her. Seema says maybe she is right, she wishes Gunjan keeps her trust always. Shayl assures that hopefully it will always be. Shayl says to Bindia, that she will miss her when he has left. Bindia gets a call from Narayan, and gets lost. She disconnects it.

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Bindia says it wasn’t an important call and takes a leave to do packing. She comes out cursing the problem. The calls comes again, the man says why she disconnected his call. She say she was busy. He asks what she was upto. He says he needs to meet her right now. She says she can’t come, but the man warns her.
Gunjan waits for Mayank on Saij. She thinks about the photos. Rachna stops Mayank’s way, he hands Rachna his whole wallet. Golu comes to ask his watch, Mayank says he is too young but Golu says he will wear it when young. Mayank rushes inside, and sits on the bed. He asks Gunjan to go to sleep, as he is really tired. She asks him to switch the lights off, Gunjan lie down in a bad mood. She wakes up, Mayank wasn’t there. There was a wall sticker, I love you Gunjan. He comes and apologizes saying he couldn’t bring stars in the room. Gunjan keeps hand on his face, and says what he has done for her can’t be compared to the stars and the moon. They hug. Gunjan says I love you Mayank, he says I love you too.

PRECAP: Seema asks Gunjan was she out somewhere. Gunjan thinks she must not tell her to truth and says she was on the roof. Mayank asks Seema is Gunjan back from shopping. Seema thinks why she lied to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Their basically repeating the same damn story line again, except in this case, Bindia is Charu… it’s so stupid and annoying. Why don’t the writers let other characters have a story line for a change. It’s not all about stupid Gunjan!

    1. Honestly I am tired of the same foolishness all the time.

  2. same old same old storyline writer why cant you allow the love ones to unite and not have all these interuptions all the time must it always have a third party. it is about time that this bindi adi storyline come to an end it is becoming tooooooooooooo monotonous now so end all the bull shitting around and allow mayank and gunjan to unite as one as they were before.

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