Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th April 2014 Written Update

Rachna was dressed up in the newly created design of KT. Sonal was worried to see as necklace from KT’s hands dropped. Sonal wants to divert her attention, saying they can see it later on. KT says she has specially worn this for him to do corrections. He comes forward.
Pihu and Vicky were in the restaurant. Pihu gets angry at whatever Vicky has said. She tells him to remain in limits as she was married. She tells him that she got only a little frank. He tells him that he is firm in his rules and his mind his clear, so he said what he felt. He apologizes if she disliked.
Sonal is continuously trying to interrupt KT. He tells her he wanted to see someone wearing it live, and Rachna made his work easy for her.
There in the restaurant a poor man was asking

for food. Manager scolded him but Vicky comes forward and tells him he will pay his bill. Manager apologizes. He comes back and tells Pihu that they must leave now. Pihu thinks she broke a good man’s heart. Gunjan thinks now she will have to do something about saving Pihu’s marriage.
KT adjusts the fitting. KT thinks that Rachna would never wear such a dress; she did it for him only. He thinks why he does like her so much; he’ll have to jerk her out of his thoughts. KT adjusts the strips around her neck. His cuff-links get stick in her strip. They try to lose it. Sonal is worried seeing this all. Rachna says Sonal has come to a point that if she only kicks her a bit, she will spit out all the truth herself. Sonal thinks that after doing so much effort she won’t allow her to win the game. As she sees them together, she shouts that she will not allow this all. KT asks what? She says how cans this happen after she did all this? KT asks what she was talking about. Sonal thinks what she was doing. She says that she was just saying that she won’t allow Rachna to destroy the dress. Rachna understands her. kt says that Rachna was ever more worried about the dress. Sonal thinks that it seems KT has forgiven her. Rachna asks forgiveness from God that she did this all only to uncover Sonal. Bauji arrives at KTs house. There they loosen the buttons; Rachna sees her Bau ji standing behind KT. KT tells Rachna that she can leave. Sonal thinks that soon Rachna will have to say goodbye. KT was disturbed by continuosly thinking about her, he sees Bau ji. KT greets him. He tells he had come to give her lunch. KT says he will give it to her. Bau ji leaves. KT says he will have to keep Rachna’s thoughts out of mind.
Rachna thinks that can she go so down only to uncover that Sonal’s real face. What if Bau ji has seen her today?. She calls Gunjan who was waiting for rickshaw.
Rachna tells her she doesn’t feel anything right. She asks isn’t there any other way to expose Sonal? She tells him how bau ji had seen her in that dress. She says she also feels odd to make Sonal jealous. Gunjan tells her that she must stop worrying about the possibilities, and focus on her bigger goal – fashion show. So that if she comes out of the office, she will be taken as high. Rachna says that she will make the fashion show a success and will tell KT the truth before leaving.
Vicky cheers everyone at the acting school. Pihu thinks that what will be her future with a boring husband. Vicky comes to her and thanks her for staying till late. He gets a call. It displayed Shayl Aunty. Pihu was shocked to see this.

PRECAP: KT remembers how dadi says to him that Rachna cares about his small things and problems. She suggests that one should take the right decision about who should be there at the enterance and closing gates of life.

Update Credit to:Sona

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