Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th April 2013 Written Update

Chaaru kept Shail’s bag under the table and Dholu finds it and keeps it inside Shail’s amlirah. Door bell rings and buaji opens the door and finds police on the door gate. On asking, buaji was told by Shail that they are here to inform about the dowry and to check out the whole house according to Chaaru. Prabhu tries to call Chaaru’s father but the call was unreachable. Suddenly one of the cop comes and tells that one of the bag has been found and some jewellery boxes. Seema tells everyone that Chaaru herself has given the boxes to take them back afterwards. But chaaru’s mother told that why she’ll give the boxes as she herself has her own almirah. The other cop founds a briefcase Sangeeta told that its key is with Chaaru only she don’t knows anything about it. The box when opened the cops got some silk sarees worth Rs. 10000. The head of the police gave instructions to check it properly the every corner of the house. The cops asks the family about the notes also as the notes were found in Shail’s almirah kept by Dholu which was earlier kept by Chaaru under the table.
Prabhu tells everyone that the bundle of notes were kept by him in Shail’s almirah as he was not able to find his own almirah key’s. Police asks Prabhu to enquire about the notes that from which account they have been withdrawn. Police tells that those notes were withdrawn from Chaaru’s account and were deposited to Mayank’s account worth amount 5 lakhs.
Prabhu requests the cops that he don’t wants the family to be disturbed so three of them were arrested including Mayank, Seema and Prabhu, while Gunjan was requesting cops to give them a chance to prove them right. The whole family got a sudden dileama. Gunjan remembers what Mayank had said about Chaaru. Shail goes inside crying.
Gunjan trying to console everyone that they can’t do anyhting as they are right. they all will be brought all with respect.
Chaaru’s mother telling her all what had happened at Garg’s house. Chaaru gave a devil’s look. She also awares her mom that dowry’s case is not so easy to handel.
Shail asking evryone to save them by hook or crrok. Sangeets says that she had done the big mistake of her liofe to bring Chaaru as Mayank’s wife. Dayal telling that he’ll go to advocate and he will free all from prison. and all were told that it’s not easy.
Rachna goes in her room crying. Vihaan calls her and she cuts the call. he again calls and founds Rachna crying and got worried and pray.
In the jail, Seema was apolozising both for her deeds. Mayank asks her mom that what she got after spoiling her son’s life. They lost all their respect. Seema tells that she doesn’t wants to spoil his life, no mother thinks even. Mayank tells that but she had spolied her life.

Chaaru tells Mayank he will suffer for next 3 years so better to take her in. Mayank tells that what she was trying to do with Rachna all are aware of that and he’ll be out of the jail anyhow..

Update Credit to: Ipshita_friends

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