Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi sitting on the sofa, thinks about what KT had said. KT on the lights and holds Dadi’s hand. She says that he was ten when she left him, it was then that she thought about bringing him up into a good man; but I had forgotten I am not your mother, what right do I have on you. KT says that it is because of your brought up that I thought about my brother today, I did not care about who was with him. He says that she always wanted I am not related to my mom but he couldn’t leave Bittu on road. He asks has Bittu always been the same. Dadi says I don’t know what Gayatri did to Bittu, she says he is putting his future in danger keeping his mother nearer.
Mausi tears Gayatri’s saree, to soften KT’s heart towards her. Gayatri thinks she must get a single meeting with her.

Gunjan’s father comes home. She hugs him and goes to call Shayl and Dayal. Seema invites him in, he hands her sweet. She says what this isfor, as that was a misunderstanding. He says it is for Rachna’s engagement, what you thought. Seema says I thought it was for becoming a grand-dad.

Gayatri was going into the kitchen. Dadi stops her, and asks if she is hungry. She says no, she thought of cooking. Dadi tells her to stay as guest and she will send her breakfast into her room. Bittu comes and shows his mother how much food is available there. His maa says that we will eat inside our room. He asks why would we eat in our room, Dadi explains that he isn’t well. KT comes there, he asks Bittu to go rest in his room. Bittu says that he is alright now, and is hungry. KT invites him on the table with him. Gayatri says that we will eat upstairs. Bittu says he will eat here. KT says if Bittu wants to stay, let him. Mausi also comes downstairs. Bittu eats fast. KT stands up and tells Dadi to ask them do the breakfast here, as he has something important to do.

Rachna complains Gunjan’s dad why he didn’t come for her engagement. He promises he will stay for longer here. He tells them he is here to make a Banaras Hut. Gunjan promises that it was her mother’s dream and she will fulfil it.

KT was in the workshop. He thinks everything must have settled there. Someone comes there. KT asks him to leave him alone for some time. Gayatri says she will be here later. He asks mom, why here; asks about Bittu. She says the doctor says that he is weak. KT says he will stay here until he isn’t alright. She comes nearer and asks why you hate me, your dadi… He forbids her to bring his Dadi inside. Gayatri says that she just want him to listen to her once.

Gunjan wish her father luck for presentation. As he was stepping towards the outdoor, he feels dizzy and fell on the ground. Rachna and Gunjan help him, making him sit on the chair. Gunjan says you don’t take care of him, he says nothing is wrong with me, it happens after a long travel. He says I have to go, I might not get the next appointment till late. She asks what if he feels dizzy again, he says he has the car and the driver. Gunjan says she will also go with him. Seema comes to ask they have to buy the Prasad. Gunjan was upset.

KT says what good will it do about knowing it. Gayatri says that me and Shayl were best friends at school, I was friend with a boy at school. Shayl thought we had an affair, I tried to tell her but she didn’t listen to me. KT says that Shayl aunty is a sensible lady, this misunderstanding must have some root. Gayatri says that I broke friendship with him, but Shayl told everything to his dad. KT says that Shayl aunty can’t lie. Gayatri says had she left everything for someone, shouldn’t we be in a good form? We are even deprived of a roof, do you think looking at me that I did something wrong. She cries in front of KT.

Gunjan asks can’t I go with her after the appointment. Prabhu says I will go with you, Seema says anyone can go. Gunjan goes with her father praying to get the project.

KT gives Gayatri a tissue. Mausi comes and asks Gayatri to bring the medicine. She says sorry, I came without the permission. He asks for the prescription as he will get the medicine. Gayatri turns to her sister, and holds her ear saying you are a good spy. Mausi says that you are a genius at acting. Gaytri says its prize will be when KT will ask us to stay here forever. She asks did my tearing of your dress work? She says if he gets them new dresses, it worked.

PRECAP: Rachna comes home to meet them, Gayatri gifts her her gold ring. KT watches. Mausi asks why she gave it to the daughter of that Shayl? She says she invested it to get good return.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kt Mom put the blame on rachna Mom to cause problem between Kt
    And Rachna , I hope Kt find out the true about her before it’s too late

  2. they take too long to find out things in this picture. KT is supposed to be a sensible business man but he is in the show very stupid. and as for Rachna she seems to have some blithe maybe she should remain single. these indian soaps make indian people appear stupid, greedy, cunning and weak. wish somebody could write a story that shows how sensible they really are not for doing bad but good.

    1. Rosheena Singh

      You are absolutely correct!!!!!

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