Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl says that she is also of the view that they should get separated, but this doesn’t mean she agree with their decision or taking side on any one. She loves both of them, but right now this decision of their’s is the right choice. She gives them the advice to stay away from each other for six months, neither meet each other nor talk; then decide whether they have taken the right decision or not.
They both look into each other’s eyes painfully. Mayank says he accepts Shayl’s decision. Gunjan also says the same. They both walk in opposite directions.
Mayank comes to his room, distorted. He feels Gunjan’s presence in his room. She keeps hand on his shoulder and holds her ears. He smiles. She smiles too, he stretches his hands to hug her but she isn’t there.
Gunjan comes to the room for packing her belongings. Mayank helps her take the bag off the cupboard. He holds his ears, they both smile; She was imagining this.
She leaves the room, tear eyed, recalling all their good times together. Gunjan comes dressed up, with her bag packed. She takes blessings from all the family members- hugs Shayl and cries hard while touching Seema’s feet. She places hands on her head, they hug.
She heads to the outdoor, thinking about the times she entered the house as Mayank’s bride. It was raining outside. Mayank was disturbed in his room. Gunjan steps out, while Shayl, Seema and everyone else cry. Mayank thinks about Gunjan, feeling like dancing with her. Gunjan sits in the car, her dad holding the umbrella. Mayank comes running to the door, but realizes he was late.
Shayl looks at the moon in the sky. Seema comes to her, she says that she never thought she would have to send Gunjan away from her home, and from her Mayank. She fears what if Mayank and Gunjan don’t change their decision after six months. Shayl says that she must look at the dark night, our children’s life is just like that; when this darkness will shed there will be happiness around.
Seema says they will all pray for the return of happiness in their house, and her Mayank and Gunjan reunite again. Shayl hugs Seema.
Both ladies recall their days with Gunjan, and stand there till morning.
6 months later, Mayank finds it difficult to choose shirt for office. Seema shows him a set for Gunjan, and Shayl comes to show the saree she has bought for Gunjan. Seema says that the day has come, when Gunjan will again be with them. She thinks and asks Shayl what if Gunjan doesn’t return? Mayank gets worried too. Shayl asks Seema not to say so, she knows Gunjan well. They leave, while Mayank keep his glasses on, and says to the mirror that he must look perfect today and he does; so that when she looks at him she must say… he fell in fear that whether she will come or not.

PRECAP: Shayal and Seema were in Mandir with Mayank. Prabhu also tells Mayank that this time will make you both valuable for each other, and they send him to bring Gunjan. Mayank goes happily, and finds a girl signaling at him to stop. It is Gunjan, laughing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Update fast plz

  2. Confusing episode… made no mention about Rachna!

  3. 6 months passed, did Mayank not realize that his boss was using him by putting him in charge of the project?
    Whatever happened to Rachna?Thought there would have some drama between Kt and Dadi? I guess all the actors needed a break that’s why Rachna wedding was ruined.
    If Mayank haven’t changed what difference would it make to reunite him with Gunjan?

  4. This is dumber than a bag of nails. SO STUPID and boring. Writers do not fry your brains I think you can do better.

  5. 6 months passed
    Wat happenedd to rachana
    Y is gunjan laughing
    Wat happened to the banaras hut project

  6. marygloria kiwango

    i really dont understand

  7. What about rachna!???
    what happened to her and the dumbo bittu, *signs* he is so irritating..amd KT acting STUPID to please a MAD MAN!!!!

  8. Such a confusing episode
    Still don’t get y gunjan is laughing

  9. Omg I hope Gunjan has not gone crazy after the separation. What have the writers done to this show?

  10. Omg dis is so confusing….where s bittu,kt, kt’s mom, dadi, n others…..wht happened 2 banaras hut project???? Wht happened 2 rachanna’s wedding with kt….GOD……dis serial is becoming like pavitra rishta…..

  11. jo do u watch ja

  12. sorrry dear wrong place cmmt di

  13. Why there are no updates for all the other shows for today?

  14. Its too much late….
    can anyone tell me what happened today??

    1. does it matter

      pretty much nothing Mayank looking for Gunjan, Gunjan looking for Mayan. Gunjans friends try to cheer up Gunjan. Mayank gets Slapped by Gunjan

  15. This is the first leap of the show !!!!

  16. this is show is realy melodramatic,unmeaning full leap is showing in recent episode

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