Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Gunjan saying she has to go and Mayank and Gunjan turn away from each other and walk away. Rachana comes to Mayank and smiles and Mayank looks sad. She then sees Gunjan walking away and understands what happen. Mayank walks away. Gunjan is looking around the house sadly. Shail comes and asks her why is she up so early. Gunjan says simply to see the house and the smell and the noise of the house. She says she can’t imagine this was the same house she disliked and wanted to run away from. Gunjan says she will miss all of them every moment. Shail says all girls have to go away even she and Sneha did it and now its Gunjan’s turn. Shail says if Sneha was alive she would be excited about Gunjan’s wedding. Gunjan says she misses

Sneha a lot but Shail never let her miss her presence. Shail tells Gunjan that women were taught since small to put one’s mind, body and soul into one’s family and that’s what she (Shail) has always done and will do so till she dies but she says times have changed and that girls these days don’t think this way. She tells Gunjan with all the household work not to forget her dreams. She says to fulfil both her without a compromise. Gunjan says Shail is awesome and that she loves her and hugs Shail. Gunjan thinks to herself that she will always remember this and will never compromise and this is a promise.

Part 2

Gunjan in her room is getting ready. Pihu comes and says why is it taking long and tells the hairdresser to be quick as the good time waits for no one. Rachana comes in and looks angry at Gunjan. Pihu then tells Rachana to be with Gunjan ask Shail asked her to but since she has a lot of work is unable to. Rachana says she also has lot of work to do. Pihu asks why is she in a bad mood and that if she has fought with Gunjan. Rachana leaves the room. Pihu tells Gunjan she must be dreaming of Australia and what is Australia compared to the small lanes of Benaras. She tells Gunjan that she striked a lottery and starts singing. Adi comes in and says he’s here to present the whole world to her. He shows her a map and says will take her anywhere for their honeymoon. He suggests London, Paris or Switzerland. Pihu thinks that she is unlucky not to have got all this. Bua comes and tells Adi this is all not allowed. Adi says to allow him to have a bit of romance before the wedding. Bua says to romance after the wedding and chases him off. She then asks where did Rachana go. Gunjan looks upset. Rachana is in Shail’s room and Shail asked if she needed anything and she says no. Shail says she should be with Gunjan at this time. Shail says by tomorrow she will be gone. Rachana says what can be done if she is going. Shail says she understands that Rachana feels bad as Gunjan is going away. Shail says she doesn’t feel good to but right now Gunjan needs Rachana and tells her to increase Gunjan’s confidence and that these will be all the sweet memories that Gunjan takes away. Shail then gives Rachana Gunjan’s bridal outfit to give Gunjan. Rachana starts crying and Shail tells her not to cry and that Gunjan is starting her life anew and that they should be happy and hugs Rachana. Adi is talking on the phone about arrangements and decorations to make Gunjan happy. He says to put all kinds of flowers as he is not sure of Gunjan’s favourite. Mayank comes and says red roses are her favourite. Adi tells the decorater and then thanks Mayank. He tells Mayank that Gunjan is emotional leaving all of them and hence he thought of gifting her something to cheer her up and thanks Mayank again. Mayank tells him to let him know if he needs anything. Rachana comes into the room and angrily puts the bridal outfit on the bed. Gunjan asks why is she taking out her anger on the outfit. Gunjan asks if Rachana will send her off like that. Gunjan says who will Rachana get angry once she is gone and Gunjan says all this will be memories. Gunjan asks if Rachana will remember her. Rachana says no why would she since Gunjan took such a decision and asks why did Gunjan say no to Mayank.

Part 3

Rachana says Gunjan knows she will be happy with Mayank. Rachana asks Gunjan why is she running from true love. Gunjan says this is not the time to talk about it and that she wants to take only the good memories away. Gunjan hugs Rachana. Dholu comes and says he brought her a gift. Gunjan asks to see it. He gives her and tells her to open it herself. Its a frame of a collage of pictures. Gunjan says its beautiful and doesn’t know which memories to remember as she is taking away so many. She kisses Dholu on the forehead and tells him she loves him and he tells her she will miss him so she has to call him everyday. Gunjan says they will video chat so that despite being far away she can still be in the house. Gunjan hugs Dholu and even Rachana joins and hugs them. Gunjan is dressed up in the bridal outfit and all ready. Shail covers Gunjan’s head. Pihu says its getting late. Shail says wait that the groom is not running anywhere. Shail wards the evil eye off Gunjan. Akash comes and tells Gunjan he never realized how time flew by and its time to go. He says he regrets missing her best years. He says its too late now because his daughter is becoming someone’s wife. Everyone is sad and crying. Shail says its time to leave. Gunjan asks Rachana for a glass of water. Rachana nods and goes. Gunjan looks at Sneha’s photo and says she’s just missing her mother on her most important day the most important person and she wished Sneha was there and says she doesn’t know if what she is doing is right. Gunjan walks to the dinning and thinks of all the good times and everyone being happy. She then walks to the awning and runs to the terrace and thinks of the time with Mayank. She falls down and cries. Mayank comes and puts out his hand.

Part 4

Gunjan takes his hand and says Mayank. Mayank smiles slightly and she gets up. Mayank tells Gunjan she is starting a new life and wishes her all the best. He says Adi is a good guy and that he wishes he keeps her happy. Mayank then says even her could have kept Gunjan happy but maybe it was not in their destiny to be together in this lifetime but their love is for 7 lifetimes. He looks to the sky and says that in this lifetime he is letting Gunjan be with someone else but in the next lifetime and thereafter Gunjan will be his and only his. He says no matter anyone comes or even Adi comes in between them he will take his right. He then tells GunjanGod has agreed and that he wants no problems in the next lifetime. He says he will live with Gunjan memories in this lifetime. Rachana is there hearing to all of this. Mayank holds Gunjan’s face and tells her not to cry and he starts crying. Mayank then tells Gunjan to come as everyone is waiting for her. He holds out his hand and she takes his hand and they walk hand in hand.Rachana says she cannot see Gunjan and Mayank apart. She says something has to be done. She says she will do something and that she will tell Aditya. She says that Mayank will get his love in this time and marry Gunjan in this lifetime not the next lifetime.


Adi-Gunjan’s wedding taking place. Mayank and Rachana look sad…

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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