Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Vickram asking Mithu for the necklace and says that he will give Shail to keep it safely. Mithu hesitates and says she will give it to him upstairs. Mayank tells Vickram not to worry about the necklace and to rest first. Mayank then asks Gunjan if she finally was able to see Mithu’s face. Gunjan says that she will tell him all about it at night. Dadi takes leave from Shail who tells her to take care of her health. Kabir tells Rachana that he won’t accept any excuses and tells her to fulfil her commitments. Rachana nods her head in agreement. Charu comes into the room and tells the actress that was pretending to be Mithu that she shouldn’t be seen by anyone since they’ve already seen her face and tells her

to cover her face. Charu demands to get her necklace back and all the money she got from relatives. The girl wants to keep the money but Charu says she will get her payment later and takes her out of the room. Seema is complaining her back is hurting with all the work. Charu and the girl are stealthily walking avoiding Seema.

Part 2

Rachana calls out to Mithu and asks her if Vickram is sleeping and Mithu replies yes and then she notices Rachana is cleaning and offers to clean near the front of the house. She then takes the girl and brings her to the door and tells her to go. Gunjan sees Mithu and tells her that its her special day and she shouldn’t clean and that to let her do it. Charu is happy that she managed to get rid of the girl but think she needs to get rid of the photo that Dholu had taken too. She enter the kitchen and tells Shail that she will give Dholu his milk. Shail is impressed and gives it to her. She goes into his room and searches for the camera. Gunjan and Dholu are walking towards his room and Gunjan is telling Dholu she wants the camera to show Mayank the picture. They enter the room and Dholu gives her the camera. Charu is hiding. Mayank is wondering where Gunjan is and she enters. He asks her where she was and she shows him the camera and says this is the surprise. She tells him that they took a family photo with Mithu and she on’s the camera but there is no memory card. She wonders who could have removed it and Mayank says that maybe Dholu didn’t even insert it and Gunjan says that her efforts have gone to waste. Charu has the memory card with her and puts it in the box. She then says to herself how she easily fooled the Garg’s and they saw someone else’s face instead.

Part 3

Charu comes to Vickram’s room and returns the necklace. He then tells her he will talk to Shail about finding and auspicious day for their wedding. Charu is unhappy hearing this. Her phone rings but she cuts the call. Vickram wonders who is calling her at this time. She says its not important. Mayank and Gunjan are getting ready. Gunjan is thinking of the time when Mithu (the actress) was not sure of Vickram’s room to get the medicines. Mayank sees Gunjan and asks her what thoughts is she lost in. She says nothing and he tells her to help him to tie his tie. Gunjan does so and he asks her to skip college while he skips work. Gunjan says no and he agrees. They then talk about the time they first fell in love. Mayank is about to hug Gunjan but she says they will really end up not going to work and college and pulls him by his tie. Dadi brings Kabir breakfast and he asks her what is the reason behind her doing this. She says that she did it without any interest and then asks him to dance with her. She then asks him where was the smiling guy in him who had time for her and himself. She tells him to find those days again for her again. He says that he will do as she pleases and says that he loves her.

Part 4

The phone rings and Seema picks it up. No one is on the other line and Dayal asks who is it and Seema says its no one. A call is coming on Charu’s mobile but her battery dies. The house phone rings again and she rushes to picks it up and tells Seema not to worry and she will find out whose call it is. She picks up and asks who is it and the voice says your mother. Charu is shocked. Her mother asks what is she still doing at the Garg’s house and said she told her not to stay there for long and that if she doesn’t leave she is coming to get her. Charu then says no very loudly which is heard by Seema, Gunjan and Dayal. Gunjan appears suspicious.

Episode Ends


Gunjan decides to hear Charu’s conversation on the phone using another phone.

Update Credit to: Happygirl123

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  1. When is Charu’s charade gonna end?? The Garg’s are being made into fools by her

  2. karmina Heeralall

    ttSeems like its not ending just wish it comes to an end

  3. Kunal shergill

    Why have you any problem in seeing it????

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