Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan asks Bindia what is the CD for, Bindia says Rachna has planned a surprise for her. Rachna asks why she disclosed the surprise. Gunjan insists upon knowing, but Rachna tells her not to think about it. Bindia says she must keep the CD to her, as Rachna has kept it as secret from everyone. She heads to leave with the CD, but Rachna stops her and says she must leave the CD with her. Bindia smiles and gives the CD back. She leaves thinking that all what she has done must not be ruined.
Seema says to Mayank that she has been dreaming about it for months, now everything will be fine. Mayank says it sure will be, and it wasn’t possible without her blessings and support. Prabhu asks them to go.
Rachna opens the laptop to watch the CD. Golu comes there and calls her downstairs. Rachna says she will just be there, be he says they have to take Gunjan down so she must come right now. Rachna opens the folders and is shocked to see Gunjan and Aadi’s photos. Bindia is worried looking at this, outside the room.
Rachna runs to lock the door, Seema was there on the door to call her. She watches the laptop and asks was she preparing the presentation and heads to see. Rachna stops her and says it is special she must go downstairs and promises to be there soon.
Rachna is worried, in the room. She says this has been done by Aadi, she won’t leave him. She takes the CD off the Rom, and breaks it. Bindia watches this open mouthed. Rachna says no one can come between Gunjan and Mayank when she is alive. Bindia tells Aadi that everything has been finished, as Rachna has broken the CD. Aadi says he has a back up but no time. Bindia watches Rachna and keeps the phone, saying nothing can happen now.
Shayl brings Gunjan down, and calls Rachna to take her. Rachna was worried. Gunjan asks why she is so nervous. Rachna says when Mayank is so nervous, her sister will side her. Gunjan holds Mayank’s hand and says she is with him. Mayank says he is also with him.
Rachna welcomes them to watch the photos of Mayank and Gunjan through the course of the relationship. The photos presentation begin with the countdown, they were Gunjan and Aadi’s photos. Everyone is shocked to see them; Mayank looks at Gunjan while Seema is curt. Rachna switch the presentation off. Bindia gets a text if she liked his program. She looks around to find Aadi. Seema asks Gunjan what is this. Gunjan says this is all fabricated, she isn’t there. The ladies ask who this is with Gunjan. Gunjan says there is no one. She tells Mayank that she lost her memory, but this isn’t her. She can’t let anyone near her, ever. Seema recalls Aadi asking Mayank about lipstick stains or what Aadi had said. Gunjan says she lost her memory, but can’t lose her faith. She doesn’t know who did it, and why.
Seema asks is she sure, she isn’t there in the photos. Shayl asks what she is saying. Seema says they can all say that, as proof; isn’t it Gunjan there. Rachna says this is Gunjan’s face, but one can stick someone else’s face on Gunjan’s on computer. One must think before believing such thing. Dayal asks who can do so. Gunjan says, to stop this wedding and separate her and Mayank. Shayl says she accepts that this isn’t her. Prabhu asks Seema that she must not believe in it. Seema says she has to confirm it, Bindia appreciates herself. Shayl says she must not say so on the stage, Seema says she just want to confirm. Seema says to Mayank that it is her right to think about his happiness and future. Gunjan says she can just say, this isn’t her.
Mayank removes Seema’s hand off his arm and takes Gunjan’s hand.

PRECAP: Mayank says if even God blames Gunjan he won’t accept it, and heads to take the rounds. Gunjan stops halfway.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The truth have to comes out about Aadi and Bindia now , leave mayank and gunjan alone !

  2. How many times will these two get married, crap, crap ,crap, writers and producers, you all just love to show evil things, come on show something good! In all the soaps the bad takes precedence over the good. You make indian people look like they have no brains, just pure bull shit!

  3. Exactly, please have these two come together at once so tired of this drama

  4. why mayank and gunjan do not stop their childish behavious they are already married I did not know that when a couple separated and unites they must get married again utter nonsense and bull shit with their childish behavior and now this stupid girl bindia causing a lot of mischief and that old ugly face monster adi they are causing toooooooooo much trouble what they do not know is that mayank and gunjan love is sooooooooooo strong no one can come between them

  5. full of craps…………….so boring…….

  6. Their basically repeating the same damn story line again, except in this case, Bindia is Charu… it’s so stupid and annoying. Why don’t the writers let other characters have a story line for a change. It’s not all about stupid Gunjan!

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