Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank asks Gunjan if she likes that Adi. Gunjan says that she used to have a dream, and now everything fits in like a puzzle. The police man comes there to ask them to leave the place. Mayank makes fun, that the dreamer must be the police officer. Gunjan is annoyed and runs after Mayank. She is about to fell when Mayank holds her in his arms. He removes hair from her face.
Seema waits for Mayank. Prabhu asks her to sleep as Mayank isnt a child. Seema says today she wants to know all about their date. She thinks about calling. Prabhu says why she wants to interrupt them, and tells her to go to sleep. The bell rings.
At home, Gunjan opens the door and asks who is there. She is shocked to see Adi, and asks what is he doing here.

Adi says that whenever he looks at her he forgets to breathe. She takes the bouquette from him, and is elated. She comes to her room while Adi comes inside with a red teddy. Gunjan is happy and tells him he loves it. She had a lot of teddy bears and stuffed toys in childhood. He says he wants to make her eat the chocolate with his own hands. Akaash watches them together, and scold Gunjan. He asks who is he. Adi introduces himself. Akaash is angry and tells him to leave. Adi begins to explain, but Akaash shouts and pushes him out of his house.
GUnjan asks him doesnt he trust her. Akaash says that good people arent like this, and this isnt a time for a boy to be at her home. She argues she is an adult. He says he can’t even explain to her about it. He spits that she is married. Then explains that he has fixed her marriage and she is going to get married. Akaash leaves, while Gunjan shouts calling his name.
Next morning, Gunjan wakes up and knocks Akaash’s door. He doesnt open it.
She meets Adi and apologizes, saying he isnt like this. Adi says that fathers are always villians in love stories. Gunjan argues. Adi says she wont think that she would go against him. He can’t disrespect him. Gunjan says that she couldnt convince her dad yesterday that he is a good girl, but he will do something. Adi asks what will she do, go against her dad. Gunjan says she can do anything if needed. Adi laughs, evily.

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The buttler watches Rachna as she comes home and is making notes about the house repairings. She is afraid, gets Mayank’s call. He says he couldnt meet Gunjan and he couldnt call to her as well. Rachna tells him not to worry, she will call her.
Gunjan thinks about Akaash asking her to marry. Gunjan thinks about telling it to Mayank. Rachna calls her, Gunjan says that her father doesnt understand her at all. Rachna says he always think about her better future, she won’t take any strong step against him. Gunjan promises. Her phone battery just go dead, then.
Akaash come to meet Mayank, he is worried about Gunjan. Akaash informs him that Gunjan has left a house. Mayank reads her letter saying, she is leaving the house as he can’t keep her close in a house. He must not find her. Mayank promises Akaash that he will find his wife, no matter he has to work so hard for it.
Adi watches Gunjan’s photos and says he is so sure Gunjan must have left her house. She will be her golden sparrow, and Akaash must now see his real face.
Shayl and Seema are worried where Gunjan has gone. Shayl tries Mayank’s number and prays everything is alright. Seema prays for the safety of her children. The door bell rings, Shayl opens the door. She is shocked to see Gunjan and calls her inside the house. Gunjan enters the house, Seema is happy to see her and asks how she is. Gunjan asks them if she can stay here for a few days. They both are elated.

PRECAP: Akaash tells Shayl and Seema that the guy Gunjan was going to love, was a cheat. He accepts his mistake.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So glad Gunjan returned home though in her mind its only short term.
    Why doesn’t anyone understand that Rachna is a different person from Lalit brother wife.?

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