Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan comes to the room, sad that whatever it is, it’s just for today. After Rachna’s wedding everything is going to change. She picks Mayank’s pillow, he takes it from her and says that it is their last night; he will have to do it himself from tomorrow. She keeps hand on his, and says that it is their last night and she wants to do it for him tonight. She wipes her tears while making his bed. She tells Mayank that Rachna is nervous. He tells her to go, as she is expert is giving lectures. She says this is what she is going to do, with a hope that everything ends well. She thinks that still the things can be made better. Mayank thinks what he might do when she has taken the decision. Seema comes to ask Mayank to let their aunt sleep downstairs as she suffers from arthritis.

KT does the boxing, vigorously thinking about Rachna. Their Rachna and Gunjan enjoy together, while when Rachna has fallen asleep Mayank and Gunjan both are disturbed. Mayank thinks that everything will happen after tomorrows wedding. KT thinks what will happen tomorrow, will Bittu let him wear the wedding crown. Gayatri hears him.
Dadi asks Gayatri how is Bittu. She tells her that he is alright, Anita is taking his breakfast while she knows that KT will get disturbed. Dadi says that Bittu needs her more at the time. Gayatri says that she is worried, but is divided among her sons. KT comes to listen to her. Gayatri tells Dadi that today, she will stay with KT as he is getting married. KT thinks he must talk to Rachna.

KT comes to Rachna’s home, Peehu comes there and all the girls tease him for asking to talk to Rachna. Rachna is in her room, crying as she tries to join the torn snap of her engagement. Golu informs her about KT’s arrival. Downstairs, KT asks Chaya that it is urgent. Shayl comes there, and says to KT that he can’t meet the bride before the wedding rituals. Anita was there, listening to all this. KT takes a leave, but he looks back to find Rachna there. KT thinks that he won’t be able to talk to Rachna now, and goes away. Rachna thinks what can it be, that KT came here?

Bittu was in his room. Mausi tells Gayatri that KT is coming there. Gayatri tells Bittu that he can’t marry Rachna. Bittu says that she loves KT more than him, he complains Mausi that she said he will marry Rachna. Maui takes her ears, and cries that she is the bad one. KT comes in and asks Bittu to listen to him, but Bittu leaves the room. Gayatri asks where he has been. KT says he went to meet Rachna, but couldn’t. Mausi calls Bittu, while Gayatri goes to see him. KT thinks what he must do.
unjan was struggling with her blouse laces when Mayank comes there. She stops, but Mayank says he is sorry he came to change. Gunjan says this is his room, and tells him he took his dress he may wear if he likes. She struggles again with the blouse, he asks for help. She gives up, while he ties the laces. Peehu comes into the room, and laughs. She tells her that mummy is calling her, then teases that they don’t leave a single opportunity of romance. Gunjan leaves with Peehu, while Mayank thinks doesn’t Gunjan think about changing this all.

KT writes the letters for Rachna, and keeps throwing them in frustration. Gayatri watches them. KT thinks that he can’t ask this from Rachna, she isn’t a puppet for him to sacrifice her love for him. He can’t even think about this. Gayatri picks up all the letters and reads KT had written asking her to marry Bittu. She thinks that before KT changes his mind, she should take this letter to Rachna.

PRECAP: KT gives Golu a letter. He tells Gayatri that he wrote his heart out to Rachna. She changes the letter from Golu. KT says that he will have what is in his luck. She asks what if she doesn’t accept his decision.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Rabirian Fans

    Poor kabir.i m very very scared.rachna n kt ki shaddi hogi ya nehi

  2. This is utter rubbish. Why cant there be any happiness? If this serial continues the way it isa going and let Rachna marry this sorry excuse of a brother then then end for this show is near. It happened in EMA and the serial came to an end as the fans could not tolerate the stupidity that the writer and producers have allowed. We are not illiterate people. When two people have fallen in love and consent is given for marriage why are outsiders allowed to but in. If KT steps aside Rachna must go to a convent and live out her days without love as this is the third strike for her.

    Why isn’t KT remembering the sl*t he has for a mother who used the marriage bed as a whorehouse and was kicked out for her behaviour. Where is the anger gone? Has he forgotten the goodness of his grandmother all of a sudden. Why cant anyone hear all their plotting?

    Wake up people. This stupidity must end or the serial must end. IT one or the other

  3. Rachna must not see the letter she should only marry kt not bittu then it is not interested to watch

  4. How culd KT even think of writing such a letter to Rachna in da 1st place….Rachna isn’t a property dat can b tossed from one bro to another…Is KT blind or crazy,how can he even think abt marrying Rachna off to his mad bro,I want Rachna to find da 1st letter n from there I want to see how she will react.KT doesn’t deserve Rachna at ol.Writers stop exaggerating no guy in his ryt senses will do wat KT is doing…..

  5. Complete nonsense…if Rachna unknowingly marries Bittu, this show will end.
    Is there no happiness in India? What kind of rubbish are writers portraying to the all ages watching? b*t*h Gayatri and her twisted face sister need to be exposed at once.

  6. This used to be my favorite show on Zee Tv, but the constant shit the writers are coming up with these days, completely underestimating everyone’s intelligence with illogical nonsense has made me stop watching it….bye bye quirky Gunjan, pathetic little boy Mayank, stupid Rachna for not seeing Bittu’s idiotic infatuation, etc etc

  7. And if KT is such a lily livered coward to give his bride to his brother, then Rachna’s father was right about him all along….he cannot be trusted after all!!

  8. divya rampaul

    Wow what does KT think that Rachna is his property to just give to his brother because he asked. And Rachna’s role just does not suit her i mean in their effort to show her being innocent they are just making her look STUPID

  9. I was so in love with kt, but I think he is blind, all along I taught he will never let go of his love but he did, I can’t believe he wan his mad bro to marry his love, plz this can’t be happening, rach need some happiness, plz don’t let her get that letter, n let rach n kt get marry n let the his mom be expose, else everyone will loose interest in watching the series, tu

  10. Rubbish, How KT can ask rachana to sacrifice. She should not get married to any one even KT

  11. This is all crap,i’m starting to dislike this show,why can’t they just let Rachna and kt get married without any problems,and why the hell kt have to fulfill all of Bittu demands,why?just because he is mentally unstable ,can’t kt see what his so call mother and aunt is doing,i think if kt wants Rachna to marry Bittu Dayal should call off the wedding, why the hell will Rachna marry bittu because kt asked her to,thats crap,just let the two people be happy for god sake!!!!!!!

  12. When I look back on this serial I am more convinced that Gunjan should never have married Mayank. He is a spineless idiot. She should have moved on from he chose Charu over her. His constant spoilt child routine has gotten unbearable. He is indeed his mother’s son. He pouts when things do not go his way. Hello!!! Women have brains and can think past the kitchen. He needs a “housekeeper with benefits” not a wife. Move on Gunjan

  13. Ht is helemaal niet mooi
    nooit kunnen jullie een koppel by elkaar houden
    in gern enkele series

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