Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th September 2013 Written Update

*The show open with Rachna running on stage to accept the title of one of the five finalists. One girl calls her a ‘behenji’, but a fellow male finalist congratulates her. The announcer says all finalists have 2 days to come up with a mind-blowing design for the final round and all will be assigned models. There’s a fifteen minute break and Rachna calls Gunjan to tell her the news. Dayal is happy and says out loud, if you were here Shail, you’d be so proud of Rachna.

*Gunjan is explaining the Joy of Giving Week to Dholu. She shows him the posterboard with the donation slips and selects a slip. She says she will donate pencil boxes to needy kids and everyone should help out. Gunjan gets Rachna’s call and congratulates her and encourages her.

She goes to share the news of Rachna making it to the final round with Shail who is sitting in the drawing room with a group of ladies. They recognize Gunjan from the tv report and criticize her clothes. Gunjan fires back that girls in suits or sarees are not any safer or more protected than girls who dress like her. She says the fault lies with boys and today’s society who doesn’t even bother to try to understand girls. She asks them to look back on their own lives and see if they were never harassed. Sangeeta and Seema are watching and are surprised and uncomfortable at all that Gunjan is saying. A soft spoken lady in red saree says, I wish I was as brave as you Gunjan. Bua ji intervenes and nervously says, we were talking about Navratri preps lets get back to do doing that. She calls them away from the room. Seema and Shail are left in the room with Gunjan and Seema scolds Gunjan. Shail defends Gunjan’s actions saying it took guts to answer back to those ladies and what use is all the education that Gunjan and Rachna are getting if they don’t progress forward in life and learn to defend themselves? Seema storms out of the room.

*Dayal goes to keep the luggage back in the hotel room and order food for himself and Rachna. A model coordinator comes and announces which models will be matched with which finalists. Rachna is excited. Rachna gets matched with a model named Nidhi Malhotra. She seems to be a bigger name compared to the other models because her introduction is longer and more detailed. Nidhi saunters onto the stage. She thinks she’s all that and God’s answer to beauty and grace (Oh please…Rachna and Gunjan are both much more beautiful inside and out than this girl! ) Nidhi is horrified at seeing Rachna. She’s very mean to Rachna and calls her a “behenji” and joker and publicly says, I would never wear any designs created by this girl. She tugs on Rachna’s braid, flings it back, and tells Rachna to get lost. She threatens to withdraw as a model and the guys in the crowd protest.

*Dayal is pacing the room wondering what’s taking Rachna so long. He prays that all goes well. Rachna thinks aloud to herself that Mayank bhaiya was right…these big city people think they know it all. But I will not back down. She marches up to the b*t*hy model and the announcer and says I may be from a small town but my abilities are definitely not small. The announcer agrees and says Rachna is talented and her designs were the best among all the finalists. The b*t*hy model and another finalist try to persuade the announcer to remove Rachna from the contest but the announcer says it’s up to the jury and she alone cannot decide anything. She tells them all to go to their rooms and she will get back to them with a decision. Rachna comes back to her room and Dayal notices that she’s upset but she doesn’t tell him anything, she just says she’s tired. Rachna remembers the rude comments Nidhi made to her and looks sad and worried.

Precap: Nidhi is apologizing to Rachna and saying she realizes how well Rachna designs and is lucky to work with her. Rachna reciprocates. But it’s all a trick. Nidhi vows to humiliate Rachna.

Update Credit to: Naivedya

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