Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky’s father comes closer to Rachna and asks how dare she came back to his home, does she like being insulted. She says she has done a contract, and will finish her work. He says she has given for money, he won’t give her a penny. She says she will take what is liable of her on them. He was leaving, when Rachna says don’t think I will be afraid of you and will come here tomorrow. Lalit comes and takes him away. Rachna wonders why he hates her so much, why this door always keep locked?
Mayank looks at an old shirt, and recalls an incident how much Gunjan loved this.

He ignores the spot of ink stain, that it had got, and selects it. Gunjan and Mayank arrive together to the Indigo Bistro. Gunjan looks at him, and smiles waving him. He waves back. They come closer, Gunjan notices the spot on shirt and asks how this ink. Mayank says someone gifted it with much love. She says it must be someone very special. She holds his arm to go inside. They move inside happily.

Mayank points a seat, and says lets go to sit there. Gunjan resists there, and waves Adi. Mayank was annoyed, that if he was here why she brought him and he is leaving. Gunjan promises to explain, and takes him aside. Adi welcomes her. Gunjan asks Mayank to sit, so Adi goes to arrange for it. Gunjan explains that Adi called her on date, she likes him but doesn’t trust him as much as to go alone. Mayank asks that their friendship is also new, does she trust him. Gunjan says it is strange, but she does. Mayank holds her hand, and asks why? Adi brings the chair, and asks did he miss something. Gunjan denies. Mayank thinks that he knows she loves him, still.

Seema and Shayl discussed the reaction of neighborhood people about Rachna’s job. Rachna comes there, and thinks if she tells them the truth about the job, they won’t let her go there. Shayl calls her in, and asks how the day was. Rachna says it was good, and it is the best job she could get. Shayl asks how the people there are. Rachna stammers while saying they are really good.
She asks about Mayank, then recalls that he had to go on date today.
At the restaurant, Adi asks is she ok, and did she like the place. She says it is nice. Adi keeps his hand, on hers. She sit straight for a while. Mayank deliberately throws water glass on him, Mayank says sorry and offers to help him. Gunjan suggests he must use a hand-wash drier. Mayank apologizes Gunjan, for spoiling her date but she says it is ok. Adi bribes a waiter for something, and asks them to place an order.

Mayank says Gunjan will take cheese mushroom pasta, with double cheese. Gunjan asks how he knows, Mayank jerks. Adi says their choices meet so much. They laugh, Adi asks for Mayank’s order. He says club-sandwiches. Gunjan qualifies, that they must be without bell peppers. She wonders why she said this. Mayank says how she knows about it, Rachna might have told her. Mayank says he is allergic to bell papers, Gunjan tells the waiter to avoid them. The waiter smiles, and nods at Adi before leaving.
A lady comes to the basement hall, takes the scrap of dupatta of the basement door bolt, then moves towards a room where Lucky’s father was working. She crosses his room, and enters another roon when someone follows her. It was Lalit, he was in shock and asks she?

Lalit asks she was to come yesterday. She says which girl came here, after she had left, and shows her the scrap of dupatta. Lalit says he will tell her everything that happened here in the last two days.

Gunjan says the food looks inviting. Mayank gets a cough after a single bite, and makes him drink water. Adi says he must leave urgently, for not taking risk. Adi says he can take a rickshaw, but Gunjan says she will drop him and takes him out along. Adi is left, regretting. On a bench outside, Gunjan helps Mayank with water, and asks is he feeling better now. Mayank apologizes, that he spoiled it all. Gunjan says she must be sorry to him, but Adi let her go; that is so sweet of him. Mayank asks does she like Adi? Gunjan smiles recalling all about Adi.

PRECAP: Akaash catches Adi with Gunjan at home. He pushes Adi out of home. Gunjan asks what wrong she did. He says she won’t understand, that she is married. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Finally akaash wants gunjan to stay with mayank…!

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