Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The head of the village deters Chiraya’s dad that it will cost you high and begin to leave. Her father begs them not to go but Vikram also says that there is no marriage going on now. Rameshwar and Chiraya’s mom keep on crying while the guests leave. They were all broken. Gunjan comes to comfort Rameshwar but he scolds her. The grandma also says to her that you came for two days and ruined it all. I told Chiraya to stay away from this city girl. Gunjan begins to explain herself, Seema supports her but Rameshwar says that do us one more favour and leave tomorrow morning.
In the morning, Gunjan sees Chiraya crying from the window as they leave. In the car, Mayank gets a call and cheers up. He says he will surely be there and announces he has an interview tomorrow; for a job he always wished for. Gunjan thinks about Chiraya, she thinks where will Chiraya go and how will she fight those villager. She asks the driver to stop the car, she says she has to go back. Prabhu tells her to stop now, but Gunjan says what Chiraya will do alone. Seema cries that she has pain in stomach. Gunjan says that this all is because of drinking less water and not going to toilet.
Everyone discussed that who will now marry Chiraya, she comes to her mom and asks an apology for her. She says she did this all because she didn’t want any other Divya in the village. Rameshwar comes and holds hands on her. Her mother stops him and says they must ask apology from the head. Chiraya denies but her mother takes her forcibly.
KT was working, Rachna brings the design. He asks why it hasn’t got any accessories and colors. He takes the pencils and begins the corrections. KT wipes her hair from the face and holds it. She smiles; KT sees her smiling, eyes closed and calls her name. She opens eyes, and says nothing. KT says you must concentrate Rachna, this contract in important for me.
Vikram and his dad were angry while Chiraya comes there. Her dad says that if she wants another chance, she must say sorry. She turns to look at her mother, her dad holds hands to hit her and tells her to say sorry. She bends down, but before she could touch her feet, Gunjan gets hold of them.
KT tells the staff to remember coming early tomorrow. He turns around to see Rachna busy with her work. He leaves the workshop.
Gunjan says to the head, that force doesn’t get you love, nor respect. Chiraya will not marry this way. He asks who let this girl in. Gunjan says that now she is here to live, and change the things. Their money will get them nothing. Vikram comes forward and says that no one talked to his dad like this, he comes forward and holds his hand which she stops forcibly. She says you are crossing the limits and I am not the one to be deterred.
KT gets coffee for Rachna. He says he wants her to know that she is very talented, that is why he wants her to concentrate on work. She thinks that I work here, but he has no time to look at me. KT says that you should never mix your professional life with the personal life; he needs the contract anyway so they must work for it hard.
Chiraya hugs Gunjan and says that she knew she will not leave her alone. Gunjan assures we will fight this life together. Chiraya says that I don’t want to marry Vikram, and wants a life of respect. She is afraid that her step will go invain. Chiraya’s parents come and say that Chiraya can leave this house and asks Gunjan if she can take her with her. They ask Gunjan to leave, and calls for them to be thrown out.
Vikram drinks and is frustrated. He says that this is enough, she doesn’t know me now. I will not leave her. Rameshwar takes Gunjan by hand and throws her out, closing the door. He says this girl is a danger for the whole village, she will leave when she doesn’t get anywhere to go.

PRECAP: Gunjan hides from the guys at night as they follow her. Someone puts hand on her mouth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ye ka ho raha hai?? :/ gunjun ab kis chakkar me phass gai… boring lag rahe hai mujhe kt aur rachna ki romance jari rakho sirf… hamesha gunjun kissi na kissi me phass jata hai uff achaa nehi lagta 🙁

    1. Mujhe laga ke productors don’t want to put too much romance between KT and Rachna now.
      Soccho yaar, Piyush Sahdev is 32 and Mahima Makwana is only 19…..
      It’s disturbing for them…
      Aur Mahima (I really love her) looks like a child ! aisa lagta hai ki voh 15 ki umar hai…. bacchi hai voh

  2. I think Kt might lose the contract and take it out on rachna because she is not concentrate on her work

  3. Why is gunjan always like a b*t*h I hate her in this seri

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