Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with gunjan telling charu that she had signed on the divorce papers and not on the delivery slip and she is officially divorced to mayank and the original papers are with her. Charu gets hell shocked and says that she won’t leave anyone and says that she will destroy everything and won’t leave anyone. A vase falls down and everyone turn to see who it is and it’s none other than vikram who is shocked to hear charu’s truth. He comes ahead and she asks him not to listen to these people and says that they are trying to frame her and says that she is innocent and mayank and gunjan are behind her from when she has entered the house and keeps on trying to brainwash his mind. Vikram hears and slaps charu and she gets shocked. She says that he slapped

his mitthu and how can he slap his mitthu. He gets angry and says that she can never be his mitthu and she is charu, mayank’s first wife and he says that he is feeling ashamed that he loved a girl like her and she betrayed him. She gets angry and says that she just used him so that she could get through her target and she would have never married a mad boy like and says that he was never important in his life and he is mad and will always remain mad and she is not mad to marry a boy like him who is mentally unstable. Vikram gets hurt and others get angry. Shail goes to her and slaps her hard and says that she does not deserve to stay in this house so she better get lost from the house. Shail catches her hand and drags her outside the house and throws her out and says that again if she tries to come back in the house so she will herself put her in jail. Shail goes inside and hugs vikram and asks him to calm down. Charu gets up and says to herself that the game is not over yet and she will get mayank back and return again and she leaves from there.

Vikram apologizes to everyone for not listening to them and if he would have not been blindly in love with her this wouldn’t have happened. He goes to gunjan and apologizes to her and says that all this happened because of him and he always blamed her and shouted at her and says that he is her “gunegaar”. She asks vikram not to apologize as it’s not his mistake and she wanted his good to happen so she did this and it’s not his mistake so he shouldn’t apologize. Then shail comes to gunjan and apologizes to her and says that she should have listened to her and so she is sorry for not listening to her. Gunjan asks her not to apologize. Shail says that gunjan is not their D-I-L but she is their protection and till she is there in their house nothing bad can happen. Dayal comes and asks them to stop this here and now cause charu and mayank are officially divorced so the mandap is also there and they should get gunjan and mayank married again. Then gunjan and mayank marry again and sapne suhane plays in the background.

Gunjan and mayank outside their room keep on looking at each other and dholu’s father comes and asks them not to look at each other and go in the room. Then they are forced byt dholu’s father and mom and gujan and mayank enter the room. Then as they enter the door is closed and mayank and gunjan look at the decorations and mayank is happy but gunjan sad, mayank says that it will be so cool to do another suhaag raat with his same dear wife. Gunjan says that it is not that point but till now she was his wife illegally and she blames him that couldn’t he look and do the divorce, mayank tells that he had done the signature properly and then charu also did it but what did he know about that that the signs were fake, then he says that now at least the divorce has been done so what’s there to be tensed of, gunjan tells him that he does not know how it feels to be someone’s illegal wife, mayank tells he understands but it was not his mistake and tells her that lets forget it and do some romance, gunjan tells that he does not understand, mayank then tells that it is worthless talking to you and he sleeps and gunjan also.

Next day morning, everyone get up and gunjan comes out at the breakfast table, seema is sprinkling holy water everywhere in the house and prabhu comes between while walking when water comes on him and he tells her to stop this as holi has still not com, seema tells it’s not anything useless but she is making the house pure from the evilness of charu. Bua is going and she slips and prabhu asks seema not sprinkle more water or bua would have fallen down. Seema takes bua and makes her sit. Mayank comes with a rose and gives it to gunjan and asks her to spit her anger. Shail asks what has happened and mayank tells her. Shail tells gunjan that this time it was not mayank’s mistake so she should be fair on her part. Then vikram comes and tells everyone that he wants to return back and he has work also so he should return back and he will come again. Seema and shail ask him to stop but dayal says that he can do what he wants and he should go if he is happy in this. Mayank hugs him and wishes him best of luck for his future life.

In KT’s office, nitya comes and wishes her colleague good morning. She sees two passes of fashion show and says to herself that KT will go in one pass and she will go in the other pass. She then says that now she will show rachna her place. The screen freezes on nitya’s face.

Precap : – Kt and rachna are going in the car and from the opposite side a truck comes and KT doesn’t notice this and they meet with an accident and dash the tree. KT bangs his head on the steering wheel and rachna falls from the car outside.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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  1. Bibi Ameena Rafiek

    God I’m so happy Chaur is out of the house God Is gooddDd O

  2. Nice end to charu…..

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