Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Seema is in the kitchen, Rachna says she will look after the work. Seema tells her to prepare the salad. Seema thinks everyone is happy because of Pihu else she must have talked to shayl about Rachna and KT. Seema tells her to search for a job somewhere else. She says she must not go to KT frequently as she no more works at his place. Rachna thinks about how KT said why she left him and he said about sonal. Gunjan comes and asks has she seen her cell-phone. She sees and asks her why she was crying, she says she is just cutting the onion. Gunjan takes Rachna’s cell phone and gives ring to her cell phone. Seema sees Rachna had chopped all the onion instead of cutting it for the salad. She tells her to go.
Gunjan hears her cell phone ringing in Pihu’s room. Pihu was not inside. she thinks she was packing for tomorrow but there is no bag. She sees a letter, it said Pihu is going with Vicky to meet his mother, it is very important for her to go with him now for her and for their family, she will return in 2 hours. Shayl keeps a hand on Gunjan’s shoulder and asks if everything is ok. She takes the letter and reads it. She sits on the bed while Gunjan was speechless. She asks what this all was happening. Gunjan says they can’t lose hopes at this moment, she tells her to look after the home for two hours while she will go to see Vicky’s mom. His mom was holding broken glass pieces saying Vicky had never been this irritated. Gunjan asks that if they don’t get them, her whole family can get defamed along with Pihu. Gunjan checks Vicky’s room and gets pictures of Pihu and him together.
She thinks Vicky must have the soft-copies of the pictures. She takes an envelope of a film production house. She asks his mother to call Vicky and tell him that she found a letter of Film Company, where he is. Vicky says rudely to stop worrying about him as he is going Mumbai to meet that producer. Gunjan is worried. Bauji calls shayl from dinner table. He asks Rachna where Pihu and Gunjan were. Shayl comes and says they have gone for some interrogation about the vacation. She assures they will be back in an hour. Shayl goes inside saying she will be back. Bauji is worried.
Gunjan is in the rickshaw thinking Pihu is still with Vicky, what will happen next. She calls Murli and asks him to take Pihu after two days as she has got a play in acting school in Allahabad for two days and she had to go. Murli asks how this can happen so soon. She should have informed him at least before going. Gunjan says she left her cell phone here; he can give any message for her. He says she should tell her all the best.
Gunjan comes home, Mayank asks where Pihu is. She says happily that they won’t believe when she will tell them and says they are going to Simla on vacations today. They all become happy. Gunjan comes in the room, Shayl follows and asks her to tell the truth where Pihu is. Gunjan shows her the pictures and says she is sure Pihu has gone to Mumbai with him. Shayl faints while Rachna brings water for her. Gunjan says she has decided she is going Mumbai tomorrow, she knows a lot of people. Shayl insists she wont let her go alone, but Gunjan insists.

PRECAP: Gunjan goes Mumbai and meets Gamla’s family. Will she be able to find Vicky with the help of that family.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. zee tv over doing it with these soaps, they spoiling all the story

  2. Chi chi chi!

  3. Love Rachna and KT ….. But the directors making the serial go BORING…….

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