Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the function, Rachna arrives. KT looks at her adorably; Bittu says that fairy is looking as if she came from a different world. Golu says that fairy always comes from different world. Everyone laughs, Mausi tells Bittu not to get angry. Dadi looks at Rachna’s henna colour and looks how much her son loves her. Bittu says he loves her a lot. Gayatri asks Mausi to take Bittu away; she takes Bittu for dance practice. Gunjan asks them all to seat down. She and Mayank perform on KT and Rachna’s love story.

Gunjan says who would have thought one day they will be waiting to take the seven circles of marriage. Shayl stands up to say that, you two also started your love life with fighting, so you must have thought about it. Gunjan gets a flashback of that time while Mayank says that we must think about KT and Rachna now. They perform on the song, everyone watching intently. At the end of performance, all the family come on stage while Mayank and Gunjan stand apart, Gunjan tear-eyed.

Gunjan and Mayank recollect their old memories. Mayank puts his hands forward to call Gunjan, when a girl takes Gunjan down the stage to bring KT and Rachna up.

KT and Rachna start their performance. Bittu watches them dance together and is upset. He thinks about his and Rachna’s dance together. KT and Rachna get a shield on which their names are written. Mausi and Gayatri are worried to see Bittu’s reaction. He runs out of the function, Gayatri and Mausi following him.

Gayatri comes inside to see the family celebrating. She smiles, then goes to KT with a crying face. Gayatri takes him to a side, and tells him that Bittu has run away. Rachna notices this. Mausi points at Bittu running away, Gayatri sends KT after him who saves him from an approaching train. Bittu fights with him to leave him. Bittu says everyone lied to him, no one loves him and tells everyone to leave. KT holds Bittu’s face and promises him anything he wants. Mausi asks Bittu to tell him what he wants. Bittu says he wants ‘Rachna’, he wants to marry fairy. KT leaves hold on him, and closes his fist. Gayatri smiles victoriously looking at Mausi. KT is silent.

Gunjan comes to Rachna, Rachna says she is afraid and is feeling worried. She says that watching she and Mayank happy, she felt better. Gunjan gets tears in eyes, and says that KT is a good man and will keep her happy. Rachna says she only wants as much happiness as her and Mayank. Gunjan hugs her, and says that all the ups and downs in a relationship can always be solved. She thinks tonight is the last night with Mayank. Rachna asks her to sleep with her, as they used to sleep before her wedding. Gunjan is quiet, Rachna asks doesn’t she want to sleep away from Mayank. Gunjan says it is nothing like that, and goes to get a surprise for Rachna.

Gayatri was crying, KT tells her he will find a solution. Mausi comes to tell her Bittu will wake up, but Gayatri says that Bittu has woken up, and knows we are making fool of him. Mausi says that Bittu loves Rachna, they both keep happy. KT is a sensible man, and may hundreds of girls. Gayatri slaps Anita, and asks how she thought about it. Anita says that Bittu is her life, Gayatri cries how can she destroy the life of one son to make up the others. KT thinks about Bittu’s wish and leaves. Mausi says they are successful, Gayatri says they cannot let KT reach the stage.

PRECAP: Gunjan tells Mayank that this is their last night together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. you lie Mayank and Gunjan over

  2. Mayank is an idiot… He’s very selfish and should see through that the work of Gunjan is not about the material profit but about the dreams of her mother. Thought he would respect that more than anything else and even supported her. Urf!

  3. I hope KT doesn’t even consider Bittu’s request as this is completely ridiculous. Rachna is not a toy that can be passed from one brother to another. KT should realize that Rachna loves him not Bittu. Please writers have Gayatri and her sister exposed already, it’s long overdue.
    Mayank is acting like an ass.

  4. If Kt break rachna heart and have to marry his brother , that’s is the last day I’m watch show

  5. Rachna deserves to be happy hope KT n her don’t decide for her to marry bittu n pls. Change the damn track its boring

  6. This is so stupid! What makes them think Rachna and her parents would even consider marrying her and Bittu!?!?! Nanhe could decide whether or not he wants to marry Rachna (he better!) but he still can’t give Bittu what he wants! And Mayank and Hunjan better stop with their miscommunications and get their act together!

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