Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th April 2013 Written Update

Shayl wants to get a picture clicked with Gunjan and she makes an excuse of headache and leaves the hall to go back to her room. Gunajn look at her ring and remembers her conversation with Rachna removes her chunari and bangles. She finds Mayank and her torn photo in drawer and looks at it lovingly.

Charu comes and tells her why she is looking at her ex-lover s photo now that she is engaged.
Charu reminds her of the deal and accuses gunjan of calling her.

Charu throws Mayank s torn photo on the floor and tells Gunjan to listen to her and if she forgot the deal. rachna overhears and comes Charu lies that Gunjan is leaving in a few days so it s about family s happiness..

Charu leaves Rachna sees Mayank s torn photo on floor picks it up. She questions Gunjan again, who lies that she is tired and not to ask her questions. Rachna asks her if she still does loves Mayank or not. Gunjan says it s all over and picks the torn pieces and throws it in the dustbin and says she is really happy now.

There is a knock and Gunjan thinks its Rachna and says she is very lucky to marry Addy and is very happy. Addy is on the door ,he asks her why she is unhappy.

Gunjan smartly says Rachna is behaving emotional and is tensed about her life. Addy says before the wedding he will convince Rachna.

Addy s parents finally arrived. The family is very happy and everyone is very cheerful.

Rachna tells Mayank about the conversation which she overheard between Gunjan Charu. Mayank says he knows Charu must be involved. Rachna tells that Gunjan is still is in love with him.

Mayank says it is too late now and this will be Charu s last day at home.

Charu talking to her mom on the phone soaking her feet in a bucket of water. Charu says her plan will be a hit like the dowry case . She says she will find the person who is torturing her and finish the game. Charu s mom does not want her to go alone and wants to take her dad. Charu says that she will manage everything and her phone falls in the tub and is not working.

Shayl comes to gunjan s room and teases her that she is looking like a pari. Shayl is all emotional and says she cant believe that Gunjan will leave her mausi s angan and go. Gunjan says smile and see me off. they hug

PRECAP: Arjun- Purvi on Badtameez dil. Rachna shocked Charu s phone is not working. She dances on jawani janeman and slyly asks Charu to hold Sangeet a s phone as she calls her on dance floor. Rachna then calls her and tells Charu to scream loudly that she will be there in an hour which Charu does and the family is shocked

Update Credit to: vibz88

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