Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna gets a call from Lalit. He stood behind her. She asks how he know she is here, and where he got her number. Isnt he ashamed that he contacted her and then insulted her. He says that right now he can just ask her to come back to her work. She says he will find many better that her. He says she must think about Lucky as well, he hasn’t seen him happy for years. Lucky watches her from the car, and comes to her calling maa; and hugs her. She says his eler brother dettered her. Lalit says he guarantee her that he won’t come near to him.

Adi comes to Mayank, and says he looked good in Romeo’s role, uncle! Mayank says that age is just a number that one can think about. Adi takes Gunjan for partying. Mayank says that people like Adi can’t take his Gunjan away from her.

Rachna thinks about Lucky, and calls Lalit to confirm she is coming. Lucky is excited, and was crying. She talks to him, and tells him not to cry, she will come to him tomorrow. Rachna promises him. Lucky jumps on the bed. Lalit says this is secret between them, which they don’t have to tell his father.

Gunjan was in front of the mirror, when she hears a noise. She stands up and asks who is there. The lights turn off, a man stood behind her. She picks a lying stick, the man holds her hand. She was about to scream but he stops her.

Shayl and Seema looked for Mayank and Rachna. Rachna tells them she got the job. They congratulate her about the job and asks Mayank. Mayank says she is in the changing room.

Adi lights the lighter, and says to Gunjan that he has lost his sleeps since he has seen her, can she tell what has happened to her. Gunjan says she doesn’t know. Adi leaves for her to change. Gunjan cheers. Gunjan and Adi come out together. Mayank and Rachna stood there. Adi asks Gunjan what has happened to her. Gunjan says he must consult a doctor. He says that the doctor must be of heart. Rachna hears, and goes to take Gunjan. She introduces her to Adi as her best friend and takes a leave. Adi makes fun of Mayank, looking at him, and leaves.

Seema appreciates their performance. Gunjan thanks them. Mayank asks Gunjan what that Jhaipu was saying. Gunjan says he is so sweet, and asked about him too. Mayank thinks that he looks quite cunning. Seema asks Gunjan to have a little party, as Rachna has got a new job too. Gunjan says that today her dad has cooked for her. Rachna says that it is ok, had they planned it before Gunjan couldn’t have gone with Mausa ji, they all realize but Rachna. Akaash comes to pick Gunjan, and she leaves. Shayl tells Seema not to be worried, but she was. Rachna tells Mayank that they have to move fast, and he must take Gunjan out for dinner.

Gunjan was in his bed, she calls him and says she knows he is angry. He talked about Adi that way, but Mayank stops her to talk about Jhaipu. Mayank tells her that she was the best Juliet, but the ending must have been happy. Gunjan says this is life, where two people live together. She says she wants to fell in love with someone too. She looks at Adi coming to her terrace, and calls You! Mayank thinks it was for him, and is elated.

She asks what are you doing here. Mayank says he is about to sleep, and asks what happened. Gunjan comes to Adi and says what he is doing here. Gunjan also talked to Mayank, while Adi says there were a few things missing in the conversation. Mayank says he wants to say something. Gunjan asks what is it about, and leave, to Adi. She also asks Mayank to say it soon. Mayank says he wants to take her to a date, there Mayank was saying he wants them to go on date 12 noon in canteen. Adi says he wants to take her to date, 7 pm. He hands her a balloon. Gunjan smiles at Adi, while confirming Mayank about the date. She says she can’t believe the dream boy has asked her for date.

Rachna comes to the house, calling Lucky. His father comes to her, and scolds her how dare she came here. She wakes from a bad dream, lights the lamp and says this was fearing. She can’t forget that face. She can’t tell anyone, did she do right by saying yes to the job. She calls Gunjan who was asleep. Rachna tells Gunjan that she and her brother looked perfect couple, Gunjan says everyone said this. Rachna says real life isn’t much different. Gunjan says she needs to sleep well now, as tomorrow life is going to do something. Rachna wishes her luck.

Lucky’s dad thinks about Rachna, and says he won’t let that girl come into his life.

PRECAP: Mayank waits for Gunjan, but she arrives late and meets Adi first. She calls Mayank and finds him sitting on a nearby table.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I can’t believe they butchered my show!!!! I do not watch it since the stupid turns but I do miss watching it (when the story line was acceptable)….sigh writers….get it together.

  2. Why fix what’s not broken? Why did they have to introduce a new family when one was already in place? I do hope KT returns as him and Rachna were great together. Let’s hope this new character reunite with his wife so Rachna can be with KT once he returns. Please writers remember what happened to EK Mutti Aasaam when new characters were introduced.

  3. the real rachna i think is dead

  4. i like new rachna

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